Is a VAWA Lawyer Necessary for Your Self Petition?

You’ve been in the United States for a while now, and you gained entry through your direct relationship with a U.S. citizen. But suddenly, this trusted relation has changed from the once loving person they were to an abuser. So you’re pursuing U.S. citizenship through the VAWA immigration route. However, one question that keeps coming to your mind as you go through the process is whether you should hire a VAWA lawyer. After all, VAWA immigration is achievable via self-petition, right? 

Well, we understand why you’re asking about the role of an immigration lawyer. Many people have asked the same question before, and we’ve always been consistent with our answer – yes, you will most likely want a VAWA lawyer. There are so many things an immigration lawyer will help you do as you move through the process. 

What is VAWA?

VAWA is an acronym that stands for Violence Against Women Act. As the name signifies, this historic piece of legislation was signed to protect abused victims. It addresses cases of sexual assault, domestic abuse, stalking, and other related issues. However, the unique feature of this act is that it targets direct relations of U.S citizens or permanent residents. To qualify for the compensation this act offers, your abuser must be a citizen of the United States. But beyond that, they must also be directly related to you and the way in which you migrated to the United States. 

The act was established to strengthen the criminal justice response to sexual assault and domestic violence. Additionally, it aims to encourage community-based initiatives, improve victim services, and raise public awareness. So, you’ll often see programs and services that are directly sponsored by this act. 

 This law has since become a viable platform for refugee seekers and people wanting immigration benefits. The act encourages self-petitioning, which means that you can apply for a visa without needing any legal help. But is it best to go on with the process by yourself? What can a VAWA lawyer offer you? We’ll find out.

Why You Should File a Petition With a VAWA Lawyer?

While it’s possible to file a self-petition without a VAWA lawyer, we often recommend having one in your corner. There are many advantages to having a VAWA lawyer in your corner. However, the most important benefit is that it increases your chances of being successful. Most people consider the self-petition process complicated because of the technicalities involved in the process. However, an experienced lawyer will help you interpret the most complicated law-related jargon. They’ll also help you through the application process to ensure you don’t make any unnecessary mistakes. 

That said, here are some of the benefits of hiring an experienced VAWA lawyer as you prepare to petition. 

Detailed explanation and interpretation

As we’ve stated earlier, some of the legal terms used are difficult to understand. This is where a qualified immigration attorney can help you. They understand even the most complicated legal terms and will break them down for you in a way you will understand. 

Be your guide as you prepare for the case

The VAWA judgment process is not as easy as it sounds. You’ll need to prove your case beyond reasonable doubt to win the case. This means you must present every available evidence and submit all required documents. You can leave the task of gathering required documents to your lawyer while you focus on getting comprehensive evidence for your case.

Help you stay updated with immigration laws 

Like most other laws, immigration laws are constantly changing. An expert VAWA lawyer updates themselves with the evolving rules and procedures involved. So, even when you’re unaware or confused about the new sections of the law, your lawyer can bring them to your notice. 

Offer emotional support when necessary

Beyond helping you handle legal proceedings, an experienced VAWA lawyer will also offer guidance and certainty throughout your trying moment. Their guidance will help you reduce the anxiety and emotional strain always involved in the self-petition process.

Advise you on the best strategy for your case 

We often talk about VAWA cases as if they were easy to win. But in reality, they’re not. If they were, the number of failed VAWA cases would not be as high as it is. An experienced VAWA lawyer knows different strategies and their unique advantages. They’ll advise you on which is best for your case and even help you implement parts of it.

The Coleman Law Group Can Help You

Remember that each case is unique, so applying another person’s template may be a surefire way to failure. The experienced attorneys at the Coleman Law Group will work to create the strategy that suits your case. Ready to talk? Contact us now!

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