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  • $135,000 - Hotel Slip and Fall Accident Settlement
  • $150,000 - Moped Accident Settlement
  • $160,000 - Rear End Car Accident Settlement

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Car Accidents

From cars, to SUVs, and even boats or planes. It doesn't matter the type of vehicular or car accident you've experienced, we'll secure the justice you deserve!

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Motorcycle Accidents

If you or a family member have been injured in a motorcycle accident, you can get a 100% free case evaluation - see how we can help you win and get a settlement.

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Truck Accidents

A commercial semi-truck accident lawyer is familiar with injury and negligence laws and can make sure you get a fair settlement, absolutely no fees until you get paid.

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Slip & Fall

Slips and falls can both cause major injuries including bone fractures. Don't wait after experiencing a slip and fall injury. Call us today for a free consultation!

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If you're reading this, you may be hurting. Whether your pain is a result of a slip and fall, vehicle accident or other unfortunate event, take heart: I am here to help. You'll find in me a compassionate, authoritative lawyer - one who sees it as her personal mission to assist those who have been injured. Yes, my passion is purposeful - and it's also personal. Eleven years ago, my brother died as a result of a motorcycle accident. I honor his memory by helping those who have been hurt. This resolve guides my extensive study of the law and my dedication to my personal injury clients. Let me help you begin the process of healing.

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In 2008, I lost my beloved brother in a fatal motorcycle accident. I understand that you were injured, I understand that you want to get better, and I understand that someone is responsible and should be held accountable. I am here to help you get through this and will represent you with compassion and understanding.

A Fight

I am not afraid to fight with you and for you. As an African American female, I know what it means to fight for something that you know is right. We will fight until we are victorious.


I always believe that honesty is the best policy. Myself and my staff will be available to answer your questions each step of the way and promise to answer each question with integrity and honesty.

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I appreciated two things... everyone in the office is very easy to talk to, and their ability to get things solved. At least go and talk to Ms. Coleman to see how you feel about her. I feel very comfortable with her.

Jesus Cannon

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The Coleman Law Group can be trusted with all your personal questions. What I most appreciated about doing business with them was the honesty of the outcome. Professionalism? 10. Knowledge and expertise? 10. Ability to acheive my desired outcome? 10.

Ruth Bell

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Wonderful office staff, very friendly and helpful, always have a smile. Miss Coleman I cant thank enough for all her help and support. She went above and beyond.

Sherrie Daniello

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  • Watch video to hear what client's say

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Personal Injury Attorney

Not all personal injury attorneys are created equal, and not all of them get results - Why choose us? It is likely that at least once while living in Florida you will be involved in an accident that results in a personal injury to you, a family member, or a close friend. Whether it's from a car accident resulting in a whiplash or something more serious, being injured can affect your work, your family, and your quality of life. After a personal injury, getting a good lawyer may be the last thing on your mind. But finding a personal injury who focuses on getting the best results in an accident and injury case early on can give you a crucial advantage over the other party's insurance company. Remember, insurance companies have teams of lawyers and analysts that start evaluating an accident right away. Hiring a good attorney for your negligence claim can help level the playing field and ensure that you are fairly compensated. You may be tempted to try to represent yourself or leave your claim in the hands of your own insurance company, but that can put you entirely at the mercy of their lawyers. Without the advantage of skilled knowledge of your legal rights and a good valuation of your claim, you can end up being stuck with a settlement that's thousands of dollars less than you deserve.

Many accident and injury lawyers are little more than settlement mills that depend on funneling clients through as fast as possible and taking a huge cut from the disbursement. At the Coleman Law Group, we treat our clients with the individual, caring service they deserve. And with our experienced personal injury attorneys serving St. Petersburg, Tampa, Sarasota, Land O' Lakes, Lakeland, and all of Florida, you will always find a personal, compassionate personal injury lawyer at the Coleman Law Group.

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