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VAWA is a valid humanitarian concept in the United States that aims to help people escape abusive relationships. However, the VAWA application process can be quite complicated at times. Moreover, only about 25% of applications get approved by the USCIS. This is why you’ll want an expert like the Coleman Law Group on hand to help you with this process. 

Here, this article will explain everything you need to know about VAWA immigration and how we can help you with a successful application. 

What You Need to Know About the VAWA Application 

Information is power, and the first step to securing a successful VAWA application is to understand the entire concept. Firstly, VAWA is an acronym that stands for the Violence Against Women Act of ’94. It is a US federal law that offers a lifeline for people in abusive relationships to escape their oppressors. The act comes with several additional benefits to help abuse victim secure comfortable lives outside of their abusers. One of the benefits is VAWA immigration, and it is one of the most important incentives. 

VAWA immigration is a benefit that helps foreign abuse victims gain permanent residency in the United States. This basically applies to men, women, and children who have suffered abuse at the hands of lawful US citizens in the United States. 

Benefits of VAWA Immigration 

Immigration itself has several benefits of its own, including conveniences that allow for basic citizen rights. However, the most notable of these benefits is the pathway to Naturalization (citizenship) it offers. If your application is accepted, you become a legal permanent resident immediately. But that’s not all. After 3 years of getting your Green Card, you can apply again and stand a chance to become a US citizen. Other benefits of VAWA immigration include; 

  • It is Self-Petitioned: Unlike family-based immigration which requires a US-based partner or family member to petition on your behalf, VAWA allows you to complete this process by yourself. This means you do not have to depend on your abusive partner or family member to petition for you. 
  • Provides a Fresh Start: Next, the VAWA immigration grants an opportunity for a fresh start for abuse victims. This means you get to build a new life in us and build a secure future outside the abusive relationship. 
  • Protection From Deportation: VAWA recognizes that the fear of deportation can be the reason why abuse victims remain in abusive relationships. For this reason, they offer a comprehensive cover from deportation for applicants. If your application is approved, you can rest assured that you’ll not be deported or detained on account of your immigration status. 
  • Work Permit: Another benefit to expect after a successful application is a work permit. This means you’re cleared to get a job to support yourself and your family in the US. You’ll also be granted a travel permit that allows you to move freely as any US citizen would.

How We Can Help You Get the Best From your VAWA Application 

Note that the various VAWA benefits listed above are tied to a successful VAWA application. This means that you can only enjoy these benefits if your VAWA application is approved by the USCIS, and the process is usually not as easy as it sounds. Luckily, you can always partner with the Coleman Law Group for help with a successful application. Here are some of our services that can help you get the best from your application. 

  • VAWA Consultation: Firstly, it is common knowledge that immigration laws can be broad and difficult to understand. It even gets more complicated with certain options such as the application. This is why you’ll want a comprehensive consultation session where you can receive a full breakdown of the process and get answers to your questions. 
  • Proper Application Assessment: The application process itself can also be overwhelming, especially if you do not know how to go about it. Also, mistakes in this process can prove very costly to your entire claim. We do a comprehensive assessment to help you figure out how to go about your application the best way. These assessments can help you avoid costly mistakes. 
  • Evidence Organization: The VAWA application process requires you to submit several evidential documents that support your eligibility. An experienced lawyer can help you with this documentation and ensure you don’t come up short before the approval committee. Moreover, in other cases where it is hard to provide evidence of abuse, we can help you sort for new evidence and make a convincing case that can not be refused. 
  • Legal Support: Note that there’s a possibility that your VAWA application can be rejected, especially since you’re self-petitioning. As we stated earlier, only about 25% of VAWA applications get approved. However, a rejection does not necessarily have to be the end of your appeal. We can help you access your other options and appeal your rejection before the immigration board. 
  • Citizenship Application: Our partnership goes beyond helping you secure a successful VAWA application. We can also help you with your citizenship application afterward if you so choose. Now, going from residency to citizenship is not always the easiest process, but you can count on our experienced lawyers to help you achieve this goal.

The Coleman Law Group Can Help You 

At the Coleman Law Group, we not only understand the challenges of being in an abusive relationship, but we are also very sympathetic to the cause. This is why our team of expert lawyers is always eager to help our clients escape such toxic environments. 

And with experienced professionals who are dedicated to helping your case, you can rest assured that we will do everything in our power to help secure you a successful application.

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