Hire a VAWA Lawyer- Here’s 4 Reasons Why

4 Reasons to Hire a VAWA Lawyer 

There’s hardly any amount of compensation that can make up for the trauma of suffering abuse. However, the U.S. humanitarian program helps provide help for foreign victims of abuse to escape such toxic environments. One of these is VAWA immigration, and it’s a valid option you can take advantage of with the aid of a VAWA lawyer. 

The VAWA Immigration is a compensation for abused persons that stems from the Violence Against Women Act of 1994. It has since been helpful in helping abuse victims move on from their abusive partners. It offers foreigners who have or are still suffering from abuse at the hands of lawful US citizens and permanent residents. This is a self-petitioned immigration option, but it can often be slightly more complicated than other immigration options. Hence, you might want to partner with an expert counsel or legal representative. This article will explain the importance of a VAWA lawyer and how they can help your VAWA immigration petition. 

Why You’ll Want a VAWA Lawyer 

Getting approved for VAWA immigration can usually be harder than you think. According to statistics, only about 25% of VAWA immigration applications get approved. However, you can shift the odds in your favor by partnering up with an experienced VAWA lawyer. Still not convinced? Here are 4 critical reasons to hire a VAWA lawyer to help with this process. 

  1. Consultation: The immigration sector is a pretty broad one with lots of complex branches, and the VAWA immigration may be one of the most complicated. It also goes without saying that you need to understand the entire process before applying. This is why you may want a consultation session, and there’s nobody better qualified than a VAWA lawyer.
  2. Expert Opinion: In VAWA immigration, as with other immigration options, mistakes can prove very costly. A VAWA lawyer can provide guidance and offer expert opinions every step of the way. 
  3. Emotional Support: The VAWA application process can often trigger traumatic memories and lead to overwhelming emotional moments. At times like this, you’ll want someone on your side to provide strong emotional support. Other times, you may want an expert to help you disconnect from your emotions and focus on seeing the petition through, and a VAWA lawyer can be really helpful in both cases. 
  4. Legal Advice: Sometimes, securing a successful petition without solid evidence can be almost impossible. However, it is not uncommon for applicants to lack such documentation to show. In most cases, a previously filed police report can help boost your chances. But in the absence of any such evidence, a VAWA lawyer can help you present an undeniable petition to secure your immigration. 

What Benefits Can VAWA Immigrants Expect? 

The United States is willing to help provide a safe space for people suffering from abuse. Hence, VAWA immigration provides such services. However, there are more underlying benefits put in place to help foreign abuse victims enjoy refuge in the U.S. Here are the benefits you stand to gain if your VAWA immigration application is approved. 

  •         Immunity from Deportation: Research shows that the fear of deportation is one of the main reasons why abuse victims remain in abusive relationships. The fear of deportation or detention can be daunting at times, and that’s understandable. This is why the NCIS and its humanitarian program offer immunity to VAWA immigrants. With this assurance, such persons can rest easy knowing that they won’t be deported for their immigration status. 
  •           Green Card and Citizenship: One of the most significant benefits of VAWA and the corresponding immigration is that it helps abuse victims obtain permanent residency of their own. Once your petition is approved, you qualify for a Green Card, which can be upgraded to citizenship after 3 years. However, beneficiaries must maintain a good record to qualify for such benefits. 
  •           Work and Travel Permit: It’s no news that Green Cards can take a while to process, and you may wonder what will become of you for the waiting period. Well, the VAWA immigration allows beneficiaries the opportunity to obtain work and travel permits pending when citizenship becomes permanent. This means that you’ll be able to apply for jobs and travel freely within the United States. 
  •           Allowance to Include Certain Family Members in the VAWA Petition: This is perhaps one of the least utilized benefits of VAWA immigration because of the complications involved. Nevertheless, the option allows beneficiaries to include a dependent family member in the petition. This means that you and your dependent will be granted residency if your petition gets accepted.

FAQs About VAWA immigration 

  • Is VAWA only available for women? 

No. Contrary to popular misconceptions, the VAWA benefits are not available for women alone, it is available to anyone, regardless of sex or gender.

  • Does abuse have to be physical? 

No. Victims of all kinds of abuse, including physical, emotional, sexual, or mental can all petition for VAWA immigration. 

  • Does the applicant need to file a police report?

It is not necessary for an applicant to file a police report, but submitting a previously filed police report can help strengthen the evidence behind an application. 

The Coleman Law Group Can Help You! 

The VAWA immigration is a viable pathway for abuse victims to escape the horrific reality of abusive relationships. It also comes with several benefits that ensure the safety and comfort of beneficiaries. However, for all its appeal, VAWA immigration may not be the easiest to process, especially since it is self-petitioned. This is why you’ll want an experienced VAWA lawyer to assist you with the entire process.

Luckily, the Coleman Law Group is always available at your disposal to help ensure you get the best from your VAWA immigration petition. From a comprehensive consultation to step-by-step assistance, you can count on our expert services to guide you through the complex immigration process. Reach out to us today to get started, we’d love to speak to you during a free consultation! 

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