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Are you a VAWA applicant or a potential beneficiary in Florida looking for how to make the process simpler? Or maybe you want to increase your chances of getting approved? Then you most definitely want to partner up with a VAWA lawyer in Florida. 

Of course, the Violence Against Women Act has proven to be a stroke of genius since it was enacted in 1994. It has been instrumental in helping abuse victims escape abusive relationships, while also providing them with the opportunity for fresh starts. However, while the concept of VAWA is heartwarming, the process of securing it is quite the opposite. Here, this article will explain why you’ll want a VAWA lawyer, and how to secure the best VAWA lawyer for you in Florida. 

Why You Need a VAWA Lawyer 

Navigating the complexities and hassles involved in the VAWA application process can often be overwhelming. This is because it’s often a big ask for individuals to understand and rightly apply each step without sufficient knowledge of the legal proceedings. Of course, hiring a lawyer is not a legal requirement for VAWA cases. But here are some undeniable reasons you’ll want to hire a VAWA lawyer in Florida

  • Expert Advice and Consultation: Again, the VAWA laws are relatively broad, and can be slightly difficult to understand. Also, it will be self-destruction to venture into such complex tasks without fully understanding the entire process. For this reason, you may want to hire a VAWA lawyer to help you out. Not only will you have a comprehensive consultation with experts like this by your side, but you can also rest assured of a thorough consideration of your options. 
  • Evidence Documentation: Without proper and adequate evidence, your claim to VAWA and its benefits becomes illegitimate. So, you want to ensure you have all the necessary evidence required, and a VAWA lawyer can help you secure them. Additionally, a good lawyer will go above and beyond to ensure the evidence is well documented and presented professionally.
  • Legal Representation: Choosing not to partner up with a VAWA lawyer because you’re not legally required to is a big risk. Not only does it make your application a bit harder, but it also makes it less likely to be accepted. VAWA denials occur more often than expected, and in such cases, you’ll definitely want a legal representative. A VAWA lawyer can help you appeal a denial and even represent you in hearings and VAWA Court rulings. 

What Prompts VAWA Case Denials? 

Wondering why your VAWA application may be denied? Well, according to statistics, 25% of VAWA applicants get denied. Now, there are several reasons for such occurrences, but here are the most likely causes. 

  • Insufficient Evidence of Abuse: Since the VAWA benefits are only available for abuse victims, applicants are expected to provide proof of abuse during their application. But sometimes, it may not be possible or convenient for applicants to provide such evidence, thereby making the case more difficult to approve. 
  • Insufficient Evidence of Cohabitation: VAWA applicants are not required to still live with their abusive family members. However, they are expected to have lived with the abuser at some point to qualify for VAWA benefits. Failure to provide this proof of cohabitation can sometimes lead to a denial. 
  • Poor Criminal Record: One of the final requirements for VAWA applicants is proof of good behavior, which translates to a spotless criminal record. If applicants are found to have a sketchy record, then their VAWA application will most likely be denied. 

How to Find the Best VAWA Lawyer in Florida 

When it comes to finding the right VAWA lawyer, there are specific strategies you can apply. However, the best way to go about it is to consider their qualities to know their strengths. But before you can assess their qualities, you must first understand what to look for in your ideal attorney. That said, here are some of the qualities of a good VAWA lawyer. 

  • Experience: The experience factor helps ensure your lawyer knows what they are doing. Since the VAWA laws are quite complicated, it often takes time to master them all. A lawyer who has handled other VAWA cases before is in the best position to understand and interpret these laws perfectly. 
  • Excellent Communication: This quality is a must for any attorney, and even more so for VAWA lawyers. Your lawyer must be able to communicate clearly, to help you understand even the most complex laws. They should also be persuasive enough to convince the VAWA board that your claims are valid. 
  • Attention to Detail: In VAWA cases, the slightest of errors can lead to significant effects, such as denials. This is especially because the VAWA application process requires a lot of paperwork and evidence documentation. This is why your legal partner should have an eye for details so as to spot potential errors promptly. 
  • Empathy: VAWA cases are pretty sensitive and can get emotional really quickly. This is why empathy is a key factor to consider when choosing a VAWA lawyer to handle your case. A lawyer who cares about what happens to you and the outcome of your case will go the extra mile to ensure your application gets over the line, and that’s exactly what you need. 

The Coleman Law Group Can Help You 

The importance of having an experienced legal advisor on your side during your VAWA application can not be overemphasized. However, finding a quality VAWA lawyer in Florida can be equally challenging. Luckily, the Coleman Law Group is always available to help you out. Our excellent lawyers are vastly experienced in VAWA cases, and you can always count on us to help you get the best from your VAWA application.

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