When to Contact Your Immigration Lawyer

Whether you are a first-time applicant or not, the visa application and subsequent immigration process can prove very challenging. This is why you need to be fully prepared before starting anything. One way to limit surprise and endure your readiness is to hire an expert to help out. Here, this article will show you why you need to have your immigration lawyer’s number on speed dial.

Should I Have An Immigration Lawyer?

The simple answer is yes. Hiring an immigration lawyer is s no-brainer, but it is also only the first step to securing a stress-free immigration process. Next, you have to allow your lawyer to be as effective as possible by involving them in the entire process. It’s certainly no good to hire an expert and then leave them out of the important decision-making process. Of course, they can still help bail you out if you make some mistakes. However, it is better to avoid these mistakes altogether by using your attorney and involving them in every step.

Surely, the best time to partner up with your lawyer is as soon as you make the decision to move. You also want to stay in contact with them for at least a few months after the process is complete. This way, you can avoid any surprises and be almost guaranteed a hassle-free immigration process.

What Can an Immigration Lawyer Do For You?

Of course, immigration lawyers are not just hired for their fancy companionship. Instead, they are proactive and should be able to help you get on top of the immigration process by offering the following services.

  • Consultancy: With countless immigration laws to understand, it is normal to have questions about the process. These laws can sometimes be confusing for seasoned travelers, never mind first-time immigrants. Now, this is where having an immigration lawyer can be very useful because they are often well-equipped to answer every question you may have. They can also provide clarity on complex issues to help you ensure a straightforward process.
  • Expert Opinion: Have you ever been caught up between two great options that you don’t know which one to go with? Perhaps, you have less experience with both and don’t know which will be more beneficial in the long run. Well, this is almost a normal occurrence in the visa processing stage, and it can even get frustrating sometimes. However, an experienced immigration lawyer can help you out here too by offering expert opinions on significant matters.
  • Documentation: Of the many steps involved in the immigration process, visa documentation can be among the most overwhelming. This is because there are usually several forms to complete and many more documents to submit. Now, imagine you have to go about submitting each one individually instead of together. Well, these are the kinds of back-and-forth you can avoid with an immigration lawyer on your side. Since they are experienced, they know all the documents required, and they can help you put them together expertly.
  • Representation: Except for the visa interview that usually involves a face-to-face meeting with the potential immigrants, your lawyer can stand in for you in almost every other aspect. This will save you a lot of trouble while leaving you with ample time to prepare for your interview. As a bonus task, your lawyer can also help prepare you for the all-important interview.

When Is It Absolutely Necessary to Contact Your Immigration Lawyer?

Now, apart from the basic services that immigration lawyers offer, they can also help solve complicated problems. These are the times you’d be grateful you have their numbers on speed dial. Here are some of the situations that require you to call your attorney right away.

  • You Have a Criminal History: Criminal records are taken very seriously during immigration processing. That means the chances of getting your visa approved automatically become very low. If such is your case, then you absolutely need to contact your lawyer to help you manage potential damages. They might have to file for a waiver or Inadmissibility to increase your chances.
  • You Have Faced Prior Immigration Denials: Did you know that immigration denials occur for several different reasons? From incomplete documents to other related issues. Now, if you have been denied before, the chances are that you’ll be denied again unless you rectify the initial problems. Well, the best way to go about this is to employ the services of an expert immigration lawyer.
  • You Are Facing an imminent Deportation: if for any reason, a fault is found in your immigration profile after the process is already completed, then you stand the risk of getting deployed. However, you’ll first be invited to a hearing in the immigration court, and you definitely want an experienced immigration attorney representing you then.
  • If You are Living in the US Illegally: For people who entered and are living in the United States illegally, finally getting legalized can be more complicated. This situation is known as being out of status, and it is always a complex one to overturn. But then, you’ll increase your chances significantly if you have an immigration lawyer processing the permanent visa or green card with you.
  • You Want to Speed up the Process: If you have ever processed immigration, then you already have an idea of how slow it can be. On average, it takes between 3 – 6 months to get approval, but it can also be more in certain situations. Now, if you don’t have that much time because of an emergency you can speed up the process. This method is known as expediting, and it is best left to an experienced immigration lawyer to handle.

Coleman Law Group Can Help You

With all the reasons listed above, you already know getting a lawyer to handle your immigration is a wise choice. However, selecting the right immigration lawyer for your case can be another difficult task. Luckily, Coleman Law Group is your best choice for everything immigration-related. You can count on us to deliver with utmost expertise, and help you secure your immigration without any complications.

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