The Benefits of Contacting an Immigration Lawyer Now

Most can agree – you’ll likely want an immigration lawyer when you’re moving to America. After all, the complex government laws relating to immigration are often so complicated to understand. At what point in your immigration journey should you find a lawyer? Some say you should get one before stepping on American soil, while others recommend waiting until you’re in the U.S. to find the perfect immigration lawyer. Confusing, right? Well, don’t worry; this article has all the information you need about when to find a lawyer for your immigration.

When Should You Hire an Immigration Lawyer?

There’s no set rule on when to hire an immigration lawyer. After all, you can get into the U.S. and settle down without one. Since you may not be experienced with immigration issues, don’t you think you should hire one? There are so many benefits to hiring a lawyer to help you through your immigration process. One of these benefits is the expertise and knowledge they bring to the mix. The United States immigration laws and regulations are constantly changing, and what you know to be correct yesterday may be wrong today. Therefore, you’ll want someone who’s constantly updating themselves on the changing laws and regulations. 

On whether you’ll want an immigration attorney before or after filing your immigration application, we’d say both. You’ll want a lawyer who can hold your hand and walk you through the application process to make it easier. You also want an immigration lawyer to help you settle into the United States without breaking any law. Here let’s review some of the reasons why you’ll want an immigration expert before and after your move. 

  1. Before Your Move

The sheer number of people who apply for American visas and fail is enough reason to have someone who understands the process. Many experts recommend that you find the right immigration lawyer from the moment you decide to travel. Such lawyers can offer you a lot of help that will make the application process easier and smoother. Some of the areas an immigration lawyer can help out before your move include: 

  • They can help you figure out your immigration options

The first thing to think about when planning your immigration to the United States is the options available to you. Immigration paths include:

  • Family immigration
  • Employment-based immigration 
  • Diversity immigration 
  • Special immigrant visas

Beyond helping you explore the available options, an immigration attorney can offer you tips to help you choose the best. Remember, your aim is to choose an action course that suits your goals and family needs. Communicate these goals to your attorney and have them work with you to find the best route. 

  • They can help answer specific legal questions

Everyone has a unique immigration journey, and with this unique immigration journey comes specific legal questions about rights and responsibilities. Often, these questions arise long before the start of your immigration process. When they arise, you’ll want an expert that can answer them, offer legal advice to suit your specific case and guide you through the process. These are all specific duties of an immigration attorney. 

  • If you get overwhelmed by the immigration paperwork

Even the easiest United States immigration application process involves filling out numerous forms and gathering documents. The U.S. embassy will typically require you to follow detailed instructions when filling out these forms and gathering your documents. If you make one mistake, your application may be declined. 

Immigration lawyers have handled similar situations several times. Thus, they know all the paperwork involved and can work with you to ensure a smooth application. So, hiring a lawyer before your move can be well worth it for ease and peace of mind.

2. After Your Move 

The desire for expert guidance doesn’t stop after your move. In fact, the need only skyrockets. No matter how much you know about the United States, there’s still always more to know, especially if you’re moving for the first time. An immigration lawyer can help make your settling in easier while offering tailored advice so you don’t break any rules. They can also help you with some or all of the following issues after your move. 

  • If you’re currently out of status in the United States

Many people do not realize that they’re missing one document or the other until they land in the United States. Some find out rather late that the family member they’re going to meet is out of status in the U.S. Whatever the case, an immigration attorney can help handle it. Staying in the U.S. without complete documents can add a layer of complexity to your case. However, immigration lawyers are trained in this area, so they can help handle it. 

  • They can offer legal representation

You’ve just landed in an unfamiliar territory, and you may unintentionally break one or two rules. If this ever happens, an immigration lawyer can advocate on your behalf. Your lawyer will get into action as soon as they notice your error. They’ll communicate with the immigration authorities to solve any issue. If the issue gets to court, they can also represent and argue your case to a logical conclusion.

  • Complex cases

If you have a unique case or complex circumstance, an immigration lawyer can help you out. Immigration lawyers have enough experience to predict potential challenges.

The Coleman Law Group Can Help You 

Now that you understand the reasons to hire an experienced immigration attorney before and after your immigration, you’re probably wondering where to find one. 

Don’t worry; the Coleman Law Group is the perfect answer. Our team of experienced immigration attorneys can help you handle anything that comes up during the application and relocation process.


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