6 Things Your VAWA Attorney Provides for You

Living in the United States is a dream come true for anybody, and it’s easy to see why.  Some immigration routes allow you access to the United States simply because of your close family relationship with a U.S. citizen. But what happens when your close family relation, which is supposed to be an escape route to a better life, becomes an abuser? What happens when they become the person limiting your chances of surviving a new country? This is when a VAWA attorney can be very useful to you and your case.

The VAWA immigration law is complex- even more complex than many other areas of immigration law. Thus, you’ll want an expert who can interpret the law, among many other things, to help you win your case. This article explains all the exciting reasons you’ll want a VAWA attorney that can stand with you throughout the process. 

What is VAWA Immigration?

VAWA stands for Violence Against Women Act. As its name signifies, this act, signed into law in 1994, offers relief to victims of violence and abuse. That is, victims of abuse whose abusers are U.S. permanent residents can gain U.S. green cards through this route. Despite its name, this law does not target only women. Instead, it targets all victims of domestic abuse, irrespective of gender or age. So, if you’re suffering any kind of abuse from your U.S. host, you should consider applying for a Visa under this act. But of course, you’ll want an experienced VAWA attorney to help you through it. Here at the Coleman Law Group, we have a team that is experienced in this practice area. Simply contact us, and we will assure you that we have the answers to your questions. Still wondering why you should have an expert in your corner? The continuous rise in domestic violence cases is enough reason, but let’s tell you other reasons to hire us for expert representation. 

Why Should You Hire a VAWA Attorney?

So, you’ve petitioned for a green card under the VAWA route. But you’re stuck between hiring an experienced lawyer and pursuing the process yourself. Here are comprehensive reasons to hire a VAWA attorney from our firm. 

1. In-Depth Knowledge of This Practice Area

This part of immigration law is intricate and subject to frequent changes. Our experiences with immigration lawyers are invaluable in understanding what is essential for knowing what to do and how to go about it at each stage. We always stay on top of of recent developments and adjustments in this area. Thus, we can offer the right advice to empower you to make excellent decisions that will help you in your immigration pursuit.

2. Representation and Advocacy

As your representatives and advocates in all your dealings with organizations like the USCIS, Immigration Court, and DOS, you can rest assured that we’ll handle it well. Our lawyers will not only handle all the communications involved, we’ll also handle other tasks like: 

  • Attending interviews
  • Tackling requests for evidence
  • Providing representation in court. 

The comprehensive support we offer in everything can significantly boost your chances of immigration through this route. Besides, our VAWA attorneys are trained to be empathetic, so we can listen to your story and offer you comfort while representing you.  

3. We offer customized advice

Like most immigration cases, VAWA cases are different. Each case offers a different scenario, and you need to understand its uniqueness. The VAWA attorney at Coleman Law Group will first seek to understand the uniqueness of your case. It’s with this understanding that we offer personalized guidance that will help you with your case. We will also develop customized strategies that suit your unique problem. Our goal is to help you overcome any hurdle and guide you toward the most appropriate solution. In the end, you can know your options and make the best choice before court sittings. 

4. Comprehensive Procedural Support

As you probably already know by now, the VAWA immigration procedure features delicate paperwork, intricate documentation processes, and stringent deadlines. Thus, it’s hard to go through it without experienced backing. If you work with us, we will send you an experienced VAWA attorney to offer you the essential support you’ll need. We’ll help you prepare and submit all documentation, ensuring punctuality and precision. Our meticulous approach helps to significantly reduce the likelihood of delays and rejections due to missing information or mistakes.

5. Experience From Other Cases 

VAWA cases don’t come too often. So, if you’re in this case, you’re most likely pursuing it for the first time. We are aware of the many different pathways and scenarios involved in VAWA cases. This will benefit you as our lawyers have the experience needed to know which documentation is needed at each time. We also know which option will work best for you, as well as give you a glimpse of what you can expect at the end of the journey.

The Coleman Law Group Can Help You

We have all the experience, expertise, and reputation you need at Coleman Law Group. In addition, we care for the wellbeing and happiness of each of our clients. When you are with the Coleman Law Group, you become a part of our family, and we do everything in our power to get the best possible outcome for you. Contact us today for a trustworthy and experienced VAWA attorney for your case.

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