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Christmas Town Tickets – Click here
Christmas Town Tickets – Click here
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Winter Village Tickets – Click here
Winter Village Tickets – Click here
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Festival of Lights Tickets – Click here
Festival of Lights Tickets – Click here


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Life is short, and the world is wide.

December is here! Let’s celebrate the Holiday Season!

Welcome to the last newsletter of the year! December has arrived, and with it, the magic of the holiday season. In this special time of reflection and celebration, we want to share exciting news, from the joy of Christmas to the anticipation of the New Year.

New practice area!

The New Era of Immigration with Coleman Law Group

We have expanded our commitment to provide comprehensive solutions in two key destinations: the United States and Spain.

How can we help?

in the u.s.

Family-Based Immigration: We facilitate the reunification of families, guiding them through the complex family-based immigration process.

Employment-Based Immigration: We support professionals and businesses in their efforts to contribute to the economic growth of the United States.

Humanitarian Relief: We are dedicated to helping those seeking refuge and humanitarian support on U.S. soil.

Citizenship and Naturalization: We guide permanent residents toward citizenship and naturalization.

Other Immigration Areas: We address various areas to meet your specific needs.


Digital Nomad Visa: the exciting Digital Nomad Visa in Spain is designed for those looking to work remotely while enjoying the rich culture and beauty of the country.

Coleman Law Group is your trusted partner in navigating these complex processes. With our experienced immigration attorneys, you can confidently navigate the complexities of immigration and look forward to a brighter future with your loved ones in the United States.


New Horizons in Immigration

A Gateway to New Horizons

Spain’s Digital Nomad Visa:

In the last few newsletters, we proudly introduced you to our new immigration area: Spain’s Digital Nomad Visa. In this section, we want to take a deeper dive into the incredible benefits this visa offers to U.S. citizens.

Spanish Experience: Can you imagine working from charming Barcelona, exploring history in Madrid, or enjoying the beaches of Valencia while keeping your job remotely?

Ease of Procedures: The Digital Nomad Visa simplifies working in Spain, providing U.S. citizens with a unique opportunity to combine work productivity with an enriching cultural experience.

Tax Advantages: Discover how this visa offers exceptional tax benefits, providing digital professionals with the flexibility they crave.

Get all the answers about the new visa offered by Spain

Click here to book a consultation with Constance today

December Events in Tampa Bay, FL


Nov. 11, 2023 – Jan. 7, 2024

Millions of twinkling lights illuminate the night at Busch Gardens®, Tampa Bay, during Christmas Town. Experience Florida’s most thrilling rides after dark, indulge in seasonal food and drink, and explore a world of fantastically festive live entertainment, including Christmas On Ice and a chance to meet the little one’s favorite Sesame Street characters!


Nov. 17 – Dec. 23

Outdoor ice skating – in Florida? Festive magic makes it possible at Curtis Hixon Park’s Winter Village. The picturesque waterfront park shines in Downtown Tampa for a jubilation and festive cheer celebration. Take to the ice, discover seasonal shopping, or hop aboard the Winter Village Express for a merry journey through downtown, complete with onboard cookies and milk!


Nov. 23, 2023 – Dec. 31, 2023

With presentations representing Christmas, Hannukah, and Kwanzaa, the Festival of Lights enchants visitors in its wintery wonderland of more than one million lights. It features a two-mile drive-thru of twinkling displays and fun Florida-themed shows. You can also experience Santa’s Village, filled with fun rides, a winter market, and the Hometown Hillsborough Historical Village.


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