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Want to Win A Right Turn Accident? 3 Useful Tips

As much as nobody plans to be in an accident, we can’t write off the fact that these things do occur. These accidents usually happen at the most unexpected moments, and you can only react correctly if you know the right steps to take. Well, one accident that often occurs on the road is the right turn accident, one many people have experienced.

Right turn accidents can be terrible, causing injuries and property damage. In a nutshell, the expenses incurred after a right-turn accident can often be overwhelming. However, you can avoid these expenses by filing a claim for compensation from the at-fault driver. Luckily, this article will explain everything you need to know about right turn accidents and how to win the resulting lawsuit with the help of your accident attorney. So, ensure to read until you want to learn more about this subject. 


What Happens in a Right Turn Car Accident?

Right turn accidents are self-explanatory. It is an accident that occurs when a driver making a right turn gets crashed into. And like most other car accidents, right-turn collisions often occur due to negligence to laid down traffic rules. This type of accident happens at intersections and mainly involves collisions between two vehicles.

Thankfully, in this case, right-turn accidents are not the most occurring. Statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration show that over 60% of accidents at road intersections involve left-turn crashes, while only about 3% are right turn crashes. These statistics show that right-turn accidents are among the minor worries for drivers on the road. But then, the low occurrence of such accidents often makes drivers more careless about preparing for right turns. And this, in itself, can be dangerous too. 


1. Who is At Fault in a Right Turn Car Accident?

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Faults in a right turn accident are not necessarily always associated with one driver. So, while it may be typical to blame the driver initiating the collision, the other driver may also be responsible for the crash. In some such accidents, both drivers share the blame for the collision. However, it is essential to know just how fault is decided in these accidents in case you ever get involved.

The basic judgment for such a case is that the driver breaking a traffic law should be responsible. Thankfully, as it concerns right turns, the law is pretty straightforward. It requires the turning driver to yield the right of way to oncoming vehicles and demands that they come to a complete stop before initiating a right turn. 

When drivers fail to adhere to these simple traffic laws, they put themselves in danger and the lives of pedestrians, cyclists, and other road users. Therefore, they are typically to blame for whatever happens as a result.

But then, if a stop sign or a traffic light signals that you have the right of way at that point, you may not be at fault. If you have the right of way due to a traffic light signal and then get clattered into, the other driver will be held responsible. However, you are required to signal a turn using your vehicle’s traffic lights. This is to warn oncoming vehicles. So, if you fail to do so, you will be apportioned some of the blame.


2. When is The Fault Party Liable in a Right Turn Accident?

As previously mentioned, the driver turning right is almost always at fault in a right turn accident. The driver is expected to yield the right of way to other oncoming vehicles. Even if the oncoming vehicle exceeds its speed limit, you are still expected to surrender the right of way. And the only exception for this is when special circumstances explicitly give you the go-ahead to turn right.

Such circumstances may include a traffic light or an agent signaling the other driver to stop and you to move. If you get crashed into in this case, you can rest assured that you are not to blame. And then, you automatically become liable to claim compensation for any damages or injury inflicted on you in the right turn accident, and your car accident attorney can help you do so. 


3. Filing a Claim After a Right Turn Collision

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Naturally, if you get involved in a right turn accident in which you are declared not at fault, you become liable to file a claim for compensation from the at-fault driver. However, it is often more complex than it sounds, and there are a few steps to follow for your claim to be valid. However, this law may not apply everywhere because some states do not follow the fault rule. But if the right turn accident occurred in a fault state, here are the steps to follow in filing a claim.

  • Of course, the first step is to get yourself or anybody Injured in the accident to an emergency clinic.
  • Next, you are to compile evidence that shows that you are not at fault in the accident. You can either provide footage from your dash cam or any roadside camera. You can also bring in an eyewitness to testify on your behalf, among other things. 
  • The third step involves filing a claim with the related authorities. To adequately do this, you may need to hire an experienced and qualified personal injury attorney. 


Coleman Law Group Can Help You

Indeed, the expenses of treating injuries and tending to damages from an accident can sometimes become overwhelming, especially when you are not at fault. So, filing a compensation claim is often the best action to recover such expenses. However, these lawsuits, especially for right-turn accidents, can be complicated, and you should hire a car accident attorney.

When it comes to choosing your accident attorney; Coleman Law Group is your best bet. Not only are the lawyers here qualified, but they are also very experienced and always willing to help you get the best from your right turn accident case.

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