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Why Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer

Why hire a personal injury lawyer? A personal injury lawyer is a lawyer or an attorney specializing in providing legal services to individuals who have experienced a personal injury. These events usually happen due to the negligence or ignorance of someone else, an organization, or any other entity. 


Car accidents

If you were involved in a car accident in Tampa, Florida, you should first call the police and report the accident. If you or the other person was injured, the next vital step is getting medical help. After the car has been towed and your injuries attended to, it’s a great idea to contact a Tampa personal injury lawyer so that your claim can be treated right from the beginning to the end. It doesn’t matter what accident you’ve been in; you can find a competent accident lawyer in Tampa who can help you process your claim. The lawyers that work with Coleman Law Group have an excellent track record and reputation. 

Motorcycle Accidents 

About eight thousand motorcyclists get seriously injured yearly due to accidents. A motorcycle accident can lead to severe injuries that might be fatal, with high and expensive medical bills that may be difficult to pay. If you, your family member, or a loved one was involved in a motorcycle accident, it is a good idea for you to hire the services of a motorcycle accident attorney In Tampa. After a motorcycle accident, you may need to handle a lot of legal documents alongside your substantial medical bills. A Tampa motorcycle accident lawyer will help you fight for your rights. These attorneys have an excellent knowledge of Tampa motorcycle law, with years and years of experience with motorcycle accident cases. 

Truck Accidents 

The trucking enterprise is a big one. It’s not unusual to see trucks when you drive, either early in the day or late at night. These truck drivers often do not get enough sleep and usually have a very tight schedule. Put them on the road with other drivers in these conditions, and the results could be dangerous. Car crashes involving trucks are most times fatal.

Slip and Fall Injuries

A “slip and fall” occurs when a person slips and falls on another’s property, resulting in an injury.

These cases consist of different types of accidents, consisting of tripping or falling caused most times by terrible or unsafe working conditions. These terrible working conditions include torn carpeting, small or difficult stairwells, poor illumination, etc. Employers should provide the best working conditions for their employees. Specific needs to be met before you can claim negligence. This is where a personal injury attorney in Tampa comes in. 

Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

These accidents are often caused by reckless motorcyclists that may be drunk while riding the motorcycle. They usually do not see the pedestrian until it is too late. Most of these motorcyclists will try to get away without compensating you. Cars also cause pedestrian accidents. These drivers often have the support of insurance firms, which makes it easy for them to get away with their actions without compensating you.

Plane crash accident lawyer

Plane crashes are some of the most dangerous and traumatic accidents ever. The damages caused are usually brutal and, most times, fatal.

Helicopter crash accident lawyer

Helicopter crashes are often very disastrous. Most times, they lead to death or severe injuries. Most helicopter crashes happen when the pilot is on the job, making an insurance claim challenging. This can significantly affect the victim’s mental health, family members, and loved ones. You should act fast and sign no documents offered by the insurance company until you reach a Tampa accident lawyer. Insurance companies try to get away with paying as little as possible.


Anybody who has suffered any injury, whether in the process of doing a job or other forms of accidents, faces a difficult decision when choosing a personal injury lawyer in Tampa.  

Below are a few reasons why you may want the services of a Tampa personal injury lawyer; 

Get Your Claim Processed Quickly

Because of the long duration of insurance processes, judicial documentation, evidence, and other things that can cause delays, the personal injury claims procedure can take a lot of time, sometimes up to a year. However, you may not have time to wait months for a payoff.

When you hire a personal injury lawyer in Tampa, Florida, you get a person on your team who can seriously change things by staying on top of your case and helping you resolve it as quickly as possible. A personal injury attorney in Tampa, Florida, can help you collect compensation swiftly by allowing you to communicate effectively with insurance companies on your behalf and negotiating correctly with the defendant’s attorneys. 

Agreements on Settlement

The majority of personal injury cases do not end up in court. Negotiations between you and the insurance company help obtain a settlement.

To work towards you getting the most significant compensation proposal available, it’s usually preferable to entrust these negotiations to a skilled personal injury attorney in Tampa, Florida.

Helps You Understand the Process of Filing a Personal Injury Claim

Conducting the personal injury claim procedure lacking help may be challenging and complex, and a simple blunder can result in prolonged or considerably decreased compensation.

A personal injury lawyer will assist you in collecting data and details, interacting with enforcement agencies, and comprehending responsibility laws, among other things. Furthermore, a competent Tampa personal injury lawyer will likely associate with courts, which might help speed up the claims procedure.

Your injury attorney will take you through most of the claims procedure if you correctly and truthfully describe the specifics of your mishap/accident. 

In Court Representation

If you cannot strike a deal, your only remaining alternative is to settle your claim in court. Although you may choose to represent yourself in court, the opposing participant would have a professional attorney on their side most times. 

Obtaining the Best Medical Treatment

You should seek medical attention as quickly and efficiently as possible. A personal injury lawyer in Florida can help you get the best medical care because they usually know the best doctors around. 


Rationality is vital throughout any legal proceeding. When interacting with police enforcement, attorneys, and insurance firms, a personal injury is often a traumatic and unpleasant experience, making it hard to retain rationality. 

A Tampa personal injury lawyer will thoroughly examine your incident’s specifics thoroughly and rationally to build the best possible scenario while having your best interests at heart. 

Why Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer

Your Injury Claim Is Valued Accurately

Knowing the total amount of your injury case is the cost can be challenging. To solve your issue, the insurance company pays the minimum possible. The claims adjuster will not notify you when you collect less than your case is worth.

A personal injury attorney in Tampa, Florida, determines the worth of your case by calculating the damages you’ve experienced, be it physically, psychologically, or emotionally. 

Some of these damages include:

  • Expenses incurred as a result of medical healthcare
  • Loss of income or the inability to earn money after the accident 
  • Physical and psychological pain
  • Disabilities and long-term impairments. 
  • Depression, PTSD, and other mental health issues. 
  • Other financial losses incurred as a result of the accident

Understands the Constitutional Standards for Establishing Liability

The basic requirements to back your claim may fluctuate slightly depending on the rules that apply to your scenario. Your attorney will study what is necessary to find the responsible party and gather the facts needed to assign responsibility.

Empathy and Help

Following an accident, a personal injury attorney can provide invaluable assistance to you and your relatives. Your lawyer saves you a lot of unpleasant stress by managing the facts and discussions involving the person at fault and the insurance company, enabling you to concentrate on what counts most.

An accident attorney in Tampa will help you through this process in the least stressful way possible. 


The Coleman Law Group will be there to fight for you! We do case evaluations at no cost upfront! 

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