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Core Values to Look For in a Personal Injury Attorney

What to look for in a personal injury attorney: Your injury attorney is your representative. When they appear on your behalf in a court of law or commence negotiations on your behalf with other people, it is as though you are the one doing it. Everything your attorney says is taken to be your position and is presumed to be done with your consent. The presumption that your attorney is representing your best interest. 

When you contact an attorney to handle your personal injury claim, it is advisable to look out for some of these core values. 

What to Look for in a Personal Injury Attorney


The knowledge of the law is paramount. Your attorney must know what the law says. Whether by law and the facts before you, you can tell that your client is partially at fault and how best to advise your client. 


Professionalism can be detected from the first consultation with your attorney. How your attorney listens to you, puts the pieces together, and progresses to build a case around the facts shows whether or not professionalism is a core.

Your attorney should display a high ethical standard in composure, conduct, and methodology. All clients should be treated with dignity regardless of social status, race, gender, religion, or creed. 

Your attorney should understand that each case is distinct, and no two cases are identical regardless of similarities. Professional standards should not decline or fluctuate. 


 We believe compassion should flow from your injury lawyer to you, the client. Compassion in this context means that your attorney can identify with your situation and acts in your best interest.

Honesty and Integrity

 Honesty and integrity must be core values for your injury attorney. Particularly where damages are sought after, your attorney should not change figures or be found to make undue profit from the financial compensation to be paid to your client. They should be honest enough to inform the client where his case is bad or where the client has no case or claim at all. A personal injury lawyer should advise their client on their case’s relative strengths and weaknesses, the chances of succeeding or failing, and whether the best option is to fight in court or explore other methods of amicable settlement outside the court.

Good Faith (Bona Fide)

Your personal injury attorney should act in good faith in all dealings concerning the matters they handle. They should act in good faith towards their client, the court, and third parties involved in the matter. 

Skillfulness (Good and Efficient Legal Representation)

Skillfulness requires paying attention to the minutest detail. Careful organization of files and step-by-step construction of a case theory all show the skillfulness of your personal injury attorney.

Hard work

Hard work will make every professional success. Your attorney should put in the work in the determination of your claim. 


Your attorney should update you on the status of your case. Usually, insurance companies, previous employers, and other third parties will interact with your lawyer rather than with you. Your attorney should keep you updated with your case, its direction, and what steps they have taken so far.


 You will often have to share sensitive and personal information about yourself or a loved one with your attorney. They should not breach your trust with impunity by revealing this information. Whatever you say to your attorney is considered confidential, and such information, whether oral or written, is in safe hands. Your documents will be kept safely away from the public, and you should be sure that any information you have shared will not be used against you by your attorney. 


Tenacity in this context means a fight. Your attorney must be willing to fight for you the right way. This fight will require tenacity and a strong resolve to see the matter to the end without giving up or finding an alternative midway.

Many other core values and virtues are invaluable in a personal injury attorney. For example, calmness, a good listening ear, good judgment, confidence, and initiative are virtues of having and looking out for in your personal injury attorney.  

At the Coleman Law Group

At the Coleman Law Group, every case is handled on its own merits. Our clients are treated with the utmost respect regardless of race, creed, color, nationality, sex, or disability and given priority. 

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