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What to do if you Have Been Injured in a Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle riders kickstart their journey to enjoy long journeys and scenic roads. But unfortunately, these enjoyable rides could lead to a major life-threatening event in a blink of an eye. 

An accident affects the victim physically, financially, and emotionally. No matter how safe a driver drives on the road, even the most experienced get troubled by unavoidable accidents.           

If you are involved in such a crash, don’t panic; relax and call a motorcycle accident lawyer. Depending on your accident’s severity, the legal team advises you on what you can do next to protect your legal rights.  Here is what to do in a motorcycle accident.

Why do Motorcyclists get into Accidents? 

Driver Negligence 

Traffic rules and regulations are meant for drivers’ safety. But unfortunately, most drivers push their speed limits on the roads and overtake other vehicles, which increases the chances of a road accident. 

Moreover, abruptly changing the lanes without giving the signals on the highway can also result in multiple vehicle collisions. So, disobeying the traffic rules by motorcycle riders can be the most common cause of accidents. 

Poor Road & Weather Conditions 

Pavement defects, poorly lit roads, intersections, and other roadway conditions are the major causes of motorcycle accidents. Unfortunately, the riders overlook such road conditions and drive on those roads without following the rules. Moreover, driving in unfavorable weather conditions is also one of the reasons. So, drivers must avoid driving on slippery road surfaces as they can encounter obstacles on the way. 

Motorcycle Maintenance 

Irregular motorcycle service and maintenance is a very important aspect that you must do at regular intervals. Sometimes brakes fail from nowhere, tires burst, and other mechanical parts fail to work when the motorcycle is not serviced properly. 

Mechanical failures increase the chances of causing accidents. So, drivers must do regular motorcycle servicing at regular intervals to avoid such risks.  

Alcohol Influence 

Drivers sometimes don’t follow the traffic rules and drive. Driving while under the influence of drugs and alcohol is a serious crime. In addition, these drugs and alcohol intake can cause drowsiness and sleepiness in the drivers. 

 How to Respond to a Motorcycle Accident? What to do in a motorcycle accident:

Call Emergency Services 

Call for medical help, whether it’s your mistake or someone else’s. Getting medical aid should be the first thing done after a crash happens. Check for physical injuries and get yourself examined by medical professionals for internal injuries. Moreover, the lawyers can eventually use medical bills to claim the injuries for other processes. 

Waiting For Police Arrival 

Wait for the police and file a police report against the faulty driver. The police may ask some questions regarding the accident and take the information about the faulty driver and people who witnessed the accident. 

Do you know a police report is the best legal evidence? Yes, it can be the strongest evidence for claiming the damage incurred from the insurance companies.  

Document & Secure Accident Scene 

Collect all information concerning the accident, including vehicle number plate, driving license, pictures of the accident site and damaged vehicle, and more. Gathering such information about the accident scene can help you while making claims. 

Even if the other party disagrees to pay for the compensation and creates disputes, the evidence can strengthen your case.  

Don’t Negotiate with the Faulty 

Other side drivers or insurance companies may pressurize you for the settlements. They may influence you not to file claims. Don’t get into the words of the faulty and never agree to negotiate on such cases directly. 

Instead, consult your legal team and file the claims. The lawyers will do their best to get you the compensation you deserve for the losses.   

Call an Attorney 

Call for a motorcycle accident attorney. The legal teams are specialized in offering the best advice to the sufferer in filing the claims. They analyze the case and use their tactics to provide the best advice for your case—the lawyers on your behalf file the case in the lawsuits. 

From paperwork to other formalities, lawyers manage everything on their own so that you are compensated fairly for the losses. 

Contact Insurance Company for Claims 

Discuss with your attorney and then contact your insurance company. The insurance companies ask thousands of questions and record statements to get the reason for not paying your claims. Do not say anything that can trouble you in getting your claims. 

What to do if a Motorcycle Driver is at Fault? 

When an accident occurs due to a biker’s mistake, there are many hassles on your way. Depending upon the severity of the accidental damage, you are liable to pay for the claims. Here are a few things that can happen to you if you are at fault. 

  • You may have to go through a legal process. 
  • The other party may file a police report against you and prove you guilty.   
  • If there is enough evidence against you in court, it may sue you for all the damages.  
  • The insurance companies calculate the damage’s worth and may ask you to pay the claims. 

Compensations You can Recover when You End Up in a Motorcycle Accident  

Medical Expenses 

A motorcycle accident can result in minor injuries where you may have to pay for the ambulance, hospital, imaging, blood tests, and physiotherapy charges. These treatments may require higher expenses. 

You can recover such medical expenses for the injuries by claiming the insurance companies. They tend to pay for all the expenses with a higher settlement amount.  

Financial Hit 

The accident involves severe injuries that may require healing time to make a living. For example, you may not be able to go to your office for several months. 

It can be a financial hit for a person who’s the only earner in a family. You can see such compensation for the time you have missed your work.  

Emotional Trauma  

The emotional pain that occurs after an accident can cause post-traumatic stress disorder. The untreated emotional trauma can get worse if ignored and left untreated. 

The physical pain may go away after a few days, but emotional pain is something that can’t get better until you take medical assistance.  

Long Term Care 

Certain injuries like spinal cord and brain injuries need long-term care. It may take a whole life to recover from such injuries. 

You can include all the expenses in your damage claim for catastrophic injuries. The insurance company pays for all such expenses. 

Property Damage 

The crash can damage the motorcycle. To fix the damaged motorcycle, you can claim the maintenance. 

Then, the insurance companies calculate all the expenses and pay you to fix the vehicle back to normal.  

How Can an Attorney Help You in a Motorcycle Accident Case? 

The accident law attorneys understand what should be done to protect the victims’ legal rights. In doing so, here are a few things that can make you understand why you should hire a law attorney after an accident.  

Detailed Investigations 

Lawyers conduct a detailed investigation, from interviewing witnesses to collecting evidence from the accident case. Eventually, the accident law attorneys investigate and gather all the relevant information and evidence to build a strong case in court.  

Represents You in a Lawsuit 

The legal procedures require a lot of paperwork and administrative tasks. The law attorney represents you in court by presenting the evidence and arguing in your support.

Guide You on Claims 

Generally, insurers complicate the process. First, the legal team follows a straightforward approach by understanding the ins and outs of the accident case. Then, they guide the sufferers to get faster claims.  

Settlement Negotiation 

Once you have hired a law attorney, they are there to help you resolve all the settlements. The lawyers fight fiercely to try to get you maximum compensation. 

Wrapping Up 

When a motorcycle accident happens, you have to go through various losses, whether it is physical, emotional, or financial. The sufferer claims all the losses from the insurers for financial losses. 

The insurance companies make sure that you are paid little for the claims. So, hiring a motorcycle accident lawyer can be a smart decision. The lawyers on your behalf do everything for the case, from managing paper works to collecting evidence. 

In addition, lawyers protect the legal rights to navigate you through the claim process so that you are paid well for the compensation.  Call the Coleman Law Group today for a free case evaluation!

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