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Got into a motorcycle accident? Do this immediately!

Riding a two-wheeler can be one of the most liberating and enjoyable experiences, but risks are involved. According to NHTSA, 5 percent of people on the road drive motorcycles. In addition, as per recent research, motorcycle accidents accounted for 27 times more accidents than passenger cars in 2017. What should you do after a motorcycle accident?

If you’ve ever been a part of a motorcycle accident, knowing what to do after a motorcycle accident and the process you need to follow to get injury claims is important. Many motorcycle riders are not at fault and suffer injuries due to another driver’s mistake. Sometimes motorcyclists hit a bystander or pedestrian, and they suffer injuries.  

So, whether you are a motorcycle rider or pedestrian, a personal injury lawyer can help you get a claim for your injuries when another person is at fault. Read on to know more about what you do after a motorcycle accident and the proper steps to follow to get compensation for injuries.   

What should you do after a motorcycle accident?  

Move to a safe spot  

Staying at the accident spot will put you at a higher risk due to other vehicles on the road. If you are in a condition to move to a safe spot, you should move; otherwise, ask someone to help you move to a safe spot. The point is to get to a safe spot where there is no risk of an accident.   

Let the bike stay on the spot

Many people move their bikes to a side due to safety purposes, but it can destroy the pieces of evidence you need to prove the other person’s fault. In addition, the police and investigation team need to take photographs of the bike on the accident spot, which allows you to prove the other person’s fault in court. Therefore, it is wise to leave the motorcycle on the spot unless it creates an obstruction to other vehicles on the road.   

Seek medical help  

After moving to a safe spot, you should call 911, report the accident, and ask for medical attention. The police or paramedics may arrive at the spot depending on the accident’s severity. Even if you think you are not hurt, it is best to visit a medical practitioner for a complete check-up. Sometimes the injuries are not visible at the time of the accident, but their symptoms appear after a few days, but those injuries need medical attention and treatment.    

The medical records may help demonstrate your injuries when you file an accident claim. For example, the other motorist in the collision might claim that you are overstating your injuries or that the crash didn’t cause them if you put off seeking medical attention for days or weeks. By seeking immediate medical attention, you can avoid having that issue.  

Collect the evidence  

Collecting as much information as possible about what is required for insurance and legal reasons is important. Ask someone to use your phone to record video and take pictures of the scene if possible.   

If you were critically hurt, it could be difficult to record the scene, but try to remember the crucial details of the accident. This covers the when, where, and how. Try to remember the accident’s location, the state of the roads, speed limits, weather, lighting, and vehicles involved.  

The nearest intersection and mile marker should be noted or taken a picture of. You can then record the scene using pictures after some time. Even if you were involved in a single-vehicle collision, you should still provide information about your bike, the automobile or motorcycle that struck you, and any roadside objects. Legal teams will consider evidence such as road skid marks, gravel, road signs, sun position, a field of view impediments, and more.  

Additionally, you may search for video footage from adjacent vehicles or nearby CCTV cameras that may have recorded the collision.  

In case another driver flee

Sometimes the driver at fault would try to leave the scene after striking a motorcycle. According to Tampa state law, a driver in an accident must stay at the site and assist other people. If the driver runs, try to recall as much information as possible, such as the car model, make, and color, as well as its license plate number, to aid police in locating the person.  

Stay Calm  

Do not try to quarrel or angrily confront another driver. Instead, try to stay calm and inform the police so that they arrive and do their work.   

Identify the Situation  

You will likely experience bodily and mental trauma following a motorbike accident. Physical shock, also known as hypovolemic shock, is frequently accompanied by internal or external injury. It can present with symptoms such as fast breathing, a rapid heartbeat, clammy skin, nausea, vomiting, dilated pupils, fainting, or changes in mental status.  

When you experience emotional shock, your early adrenaline spikes typically fade. Instead, physical trembling, agitation or disorientation, and emotional discomfort are all possible symptoms.  

While you wait for emergency personnel to come, try to remain calm. Leg elevation or the recovery position may provide you with comfort (if it can be done safely).  

Cooperate with the Police  

Sometimes, the police will most likely contact you to acquire a statement. Although being truthful and open is crucial, you should be careful not to accept fault before you’ve had time to digest the incident, contact your insurance provider, and consult an attorney if required. In addition, you might be required to give the police any photographic or video evidence you have of the collision.  

Consult an attorney and your insurance provider 

What time is ideal for a consultation with a personal injury attorney? Better results come faster. The amount of money you receive from your insurance can significantly change if you hire a skilled motorcycle accident lawyer. Most of the time, insurance companies will make you the lowest offer they can, but a bike accident lawyer can assist you in bargaining with them.   

A legal opinion should always be sought before accepting any settlement. A Tampa motorcycle accident lawyer will communicate with your insurance provider on your behalf. Still, regardless of who makes contact with your insurance, you should always respond to inquiries promptly.  

Motorcycle collisions may result in permanent disabilities

There is a chance that you could sustain an accident and develop long-term problems. For example, you might be unable to move around after a motorcycle accident. Additionally, you might be unable to work in the same capacity or for the same period as you did before the accident, resulting in a loss of wages. It can put your family in a precarious financial situation.  

You have the right to seek a claim for pain, suffering, medical costs, and lost wages if somebody else was at blame for the collision and injuries.  

Should I take responsibility for the collision?  

This is a crucial step in the procedure, never verbally admit your guilt to the other party or anybody present at the scene, even if you believe you were at fault. Ever! For starters, you might not be thinking clearly after the accident. Furthermore, if you were only looking out of your visor’s peephole, you might not be aware of all the circumstances that led up to the incident. Admission cannot be changed once made, which is the other justification. This could be categorized as perjury, which is sometimes discouraged in courts!  

Summing Up  

 Knowing what you have to do after a motorbike accident can help you avoid suffering additional bodily, legal, or emotional harm. While the actions mentioned earlier are guidelines, nothing can substitute using good judgment and making sensible decisions.   

Your responsibility as a rider is to take all reasonable steps to reduce these hazards through high-quality equipment, training, and technology. Although initially investing time and money in them may seem time-consuming or unnecessary, they’re essential to keeping you safe while having long-term fun.   

Coleman Law Group  

If you’ve ever been a part of a motorcycle accident, contact the Coleman Law Group. We urge you to follow the instructions and position yourself for success by engaging with a knowledgeable motorcycle accident lawyer, regardless of whether you have suffered minor or life-altering injuries.  

Anyone interested in discussing their case is welcome to a free consultation with Coleman Law Group.  

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