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What is the most common collision between cars and motorcycles?

what is the most common collision between cars and motorcycles? Every motorcycle enthusiast will agree that there is barely any feeling in the world that can beat the joy and adrenaline of hitting the road on your two-wheeled vehicle. However, as much as riding your motorcycle can be fun and adventurous, it can also be dangerous and might expose you to the risk of motorcycle crashes.

Sadly, motorcycle riders are often more exposed to accident risks on the road than most other vehicles. According to the NHTSA, bikers are more likely to be involved in fatal crashes than passenger vehicle drivers, especially on busy roads, like in Florida state. These motorcycle crashes occur more frequently because they do not offer as much protection and balance as most other vehicles do. Plus, the causes of these accidents are often the fault of other drivers and road users.

However, the good news is that the more you learn about motorcycle crashes and do the right things, the lesser your chances of getting into such an accident. Moreover, learning more about motorcycle crashes will improve your chances of getting a fair settlement anytime you get involved. Thankfully, this article will discuss essential things you should know about this accident and how it occurs. Read on to discover more.

Where do Most Motorcycle Deaths Happen?

Of course, motorcycle accidents that lead to death can happen anywhere, especially on busy roads, as we have in Florida. However, specific spots often witness most of this accident type for various reasons. One such spot in Florida where motorcycle crashes occur the most is at intersections.

Recent reports by the NHTSA have shown that almost 50% of all motorcycle crashes in America happen at intersections. Sadly, many of these accidents lead to severe injuries and even death. This is why experts advise that all road users pay particular attention at intersections to determine their right-of-way adequately. Drivers also have to watch out for approaching low-profile motorcyclists at intersections.

Motorcyclists should observe all safety measures when riding at intersections and be extra careful to avoid collisions with other vehicles. Plus, having a motorcycle accident lawyer on your speed dial is another crucial thing to do as a motorcyclist.

What is the Most Common Collision Between Cars and Motorcycles

There are several causes of motorcycle crashes on our roads. However, some of these causes are more frequent than others; they include the following:

Driver’s negligence: This entails negligence or carelessness on the part of other vehicle drivers on the road. It includes disregarding traffic rules, failing to see oncoming motorcycles, failing to yield, and others. Sadly, these actions often lead to brutal motorcycle crashes with severe consequences.

Disregarding traffic laws and rules: Motorcyclists can sometimes be responsible for motorcycle crashes when they disregard laid-down traffic laws and rules. Of course, you should know that most traffic regulations are established to protect you and other road users while riding your motorcycle. Observing these regulations will help reduce accidents and keep you safe. On the other hand, disregarding them will increase your chances of getting into a motorcycle crash.

Driving under the influence: Alcohol and hard drugs or substances are part of road users’ worst enemies. And they rank highly on the list of frequent accident causes in Florida. Indeed, riding a motorcycle requires optimal focus and concentration, even more than you need to drive a car. But then, alcohol and other hard substances can impact your cognitive abilities and make it even more difficult to maintain concentration while riding your motorcycle. Sadly, this is one of the leading causes of motorcycle crashes in Florida and many other parts of America today.

Bad Weather: Unfortunately, motorcycle crashes can also be caused by natural occurrences like bad weather. And the worst part about it is that you can barely control these occurrences. And they are even more dangerous for motorcyclists. You can avoid such situations by continuously monitoring weather reports before riding your bike.

Indeed, there are more causes for motorcycle crashes in Florida and the United States. However, observing motorcycle safety procedures and traffic laws can help to reduce your chances of getting hurt in these crashes. In addition, hiring a qualified and experienced personal injury lawyer can also help you get adequate compensation for your damages in the accident.

Where do Most Conflicts Between Cars and Motorcycles Occur?

Like it is with motorcycle crashes and deaths, most conflicts that occur between motorcycles and cars happen at intersections. This is because car drivers often cannot see oncoming motorcycles when making left turns at this point. Experts also advise car drivers always to pay special attention and watch out for oncoming motorcycles before crossing through one or more traffic lanes at intersections. Motorcyclists must also pay much more att

How Can a Motorcycle Crash Lawyer Help You?

If you have ever been in a motorcycle crash, you will agree that the situation can be devastating and frustrating. Plus, you may need clarification about what to do after the accident.

Well, the good news is that an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer can help you navigate this situation and ensure you do the right things. These lawyers are specially trained to handle motorcycle crash cases, and they know the best ways to handle your accident. Indeed, it would be best if you had their contact on your speed dial now, especially as a motorcyclist in Florida.

The even better news is that Coleman Law Group is here to save you the stress of searching for a good personal injury lawyer. Plus, our team of experienced experts is always dedicated to guiding you through the processes of winning a fair settlement for your accident. Surely, you want to contact us now; let’s help you make the most out of your case.

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