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What is the cause of most boating accidents?

Research held between coast guards in Tampa states that approx. 40% of the increase in fatal casualties has been recorded. A lack of proper knowledge of boating causes this. Most operators of boats or personal watercraft need boating education and confidence. As a result, operators make uncalculated decisions and cause accidents in the middle of the sea.

Technically, Tampa is strict with terms of requirements to operate watercraft. For example, the operator should be above 15yrs, i.e., born on or after January 1, 1988.

What is the cause of most boating accidents?

Bad Weather

Before operating a personal watercraft or vessel, it is advised to refer to the weather forecast news. Especially when you are in Tampa, the weather is unpredictable! Ignoring the weather forecast may land you in dangerous circumstances. Most accidents due to unpredictable weather cause fatal injuries and total property damage.


Collision-causing crash with another watercraft or fixed object is a typical result of negligence or inattention. Whereas, if your boat gets hit by a fixed object, it can be due to carelessness or violation of navigation. Even if the thing isn’t visible, the operator is advised to navigate correctly.

Stuck Between Skeg/Prop

Getting stuck between a skeg or a propeller is a common boating accident cause. It can happen due to careless operation, swimming near a vessel, or inattention to operating your boat. Although it will not damage your property, it can significantly injure you, which may become a major injury.


Sinking is the rarest result of an accident caused due to hull failure if water breaks into the boat, flooding, swamping, or even causes due to collision with an invisible object. These scenarios result in fatal injuries.

Who is Liable In The Boating Accident?

Boat Operators: In many cases, the boat operator is held accountable for the crash. The boat operator is the only one who controls the entire vessel and is responsible for ensuring that the boat is working properly.

They are also responsible for ensuring that each boat member follows the safety protocols. Operating a boat under the influence, speeding, and not paying enough attention to boat operators are among the most common reasons behind boating accidents yearly.

Boat Manufacturers: In cases where a defect causes the accident, the manufacturer is held accountable for any injuries and property damage.

The boat manufacturer is responsible for design and manufacturing flaws, and any accidents resulting from a manufacturing defect may hold the manufacturer strictly liable per the law.

Boat Owners: If a boat accident is caused due to equipment failure or the improper maintenance of the boat, the owner is held responsible for any fatal injuries caused.

A boat owner is responsible for keeping the boat safe, especially if passengers can take it onto the water where other vessels are.

So, if you are injured due to a boat accident, a boating accident lawyer in Tampa can help prove the negligence of the boat owner that led to failure or malfunction that led to the crash.

Another Passenger: Not only boat operators or manufacturers are responsible for a collision, but a passenger can also be the reason for a fatal boating accident. In addition, a passenger who is behaving recklessly or negligently can be held accountable for their injuries.

This behavior can range from distracting or hindering the vessel operator’s ability to operate the boat to shoving someone overboard or creating a fire on board.

Every boating accident is unique, and an expert boating accident attorney will be able to determine who is at fault for your severe injuries.

How Can a Boat Accident Lawyer Help You?

Each case has different variables, which makes each case unique and calls for a professional attorney or a certified lawyer to settle the claim.

A Tampa boating accident lawyer knows the right way to pursue a boating accident case in front of a jury. Be it property damage or loss of income. First, they will ensure the victim gets the maximum compensation they deserve legally. They will analyze the cause and gather eyewitness statements to strengthen the court case. In addition to gathering evidence, a boating accident lawyer will also help you in the following ways:

Build A Strong Case

While medical bills are often the first thing that comes to mind when considering a boating

accident case, your boating accident attorney can include additional damages in your claim.

In addition to medical expenses, you have most likely had mental agony because many accidents are upsetting. For example, if your injuries forced you to miss work, your accident injury attorney in Tampa would calculate the number of hours you were unable to work and include them in your claim.

Attorneys can demand a range of damages to be paid in full, varying from case to case

Proving Negligence

If your injuries are consistent with blunt force trauma, it is possible that they were caused by their fast motorboat colliding with yours. A good lakeland personal injury lawyer would have an expert analyze your bruises and contusions and compare them to the object that hit you. If your injuries are burns, your attorney may be able to demonstrate that the temperature at which the boat’s engine was burning contributed to the severity of your burns.

Once an attorney determines who is accountable for your injuries, they will do everything they can to prove the at-fault party’s negligence caused the accident.

Get You A Better Deal

Receiving settlement offers might be challenging, especially if you have unpaid obligations. The terms will be discussed with you by a lawyer who will also explain whether or not it is a good offer. Additionally, they will bargain for you to get a better deal.

If the resulting injury is fatal and caused due to negligence, the convicted party can be held liable for the loss of life respectively. To maximize the compensation, it is advised to consult your case with an attorney; they have years of experience filing rightful claims through different companies and navigating the right maritime law according to your case

Contact Coleman Law Group

To avoid boating accidents, the best practice is to be prepared for the possible risk and adhere to the basic boating rules.

The next time you encounter any such accident, make sure to hire a certified law firm like – Coleman Law Group to have a professional boating accident attorney or trained lawyer by your side. We have years of experience in handling boat accident claims in Tampa. Plus, we have the proper knowledge to file a lawsuit against the damage or negligence caused.

We’ll give your case the individualized care it deserves, and there are no fees unless we help you claim compensation. Call us immediately to talk with one of our boating accident attorneys or to schedule a free consultation at our Tampa Bay locations. We’ll work with you to help you get the compensation you deserve.

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