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What is Negligent Security?

What is negligent security? Negligent security is when a certain individual bears any injury on someone else’s property. This injury is because of a criminal attack on the property, as it had inadequate security measures. For example, suppose someone gets robbed at a dimly-lit parking lot with no guards. In that case, they can file a lawsuit and claim financial compensation from the property owner for negligence in providing enough security.  

Negligent security is a legal cause of action that falls under the branch of premises liability. The term premises liability is primarily used for the injury caused by dangerous conditions on the property (such as a slippery floor, faulty machinery, etc.). At the same time, negligent security is for the crime or injury caused by a third-party action (such as robbery, assault, shooting, etc.) on that premises due to a lack of required security provisions by the owner. In both cases, the owner is liable to provide compensation to the victim.   

Thus, if you ever encounter such an incident, immediately reach out to a negligent security lawyer in St. Petersburg. They will fight for the best possible results and ensure you do not suffer anymore.  

Establishments Liable for Negligent Security  

A negligent security case can be registered against the landlords or business owners on whose property a crime occurred. The victim of such crimes is liable to receive financial compensation for their loss. Some of the establishments that face negligent security lawsuits are:  

  • Residential property such as dorms or apartment buildings  
  • Hotels or motels  
  • Restaurants, bars, or nightclubs  
  • Office building or workplace  
  • Government-owned properties (public housing buildings, public schools, government agency offices, etc.)  
  • Care facilities such as clinics, hospitals, etc.  
  • Schools, universities, or daycare centers  
  • Train or subway station  
  • Parking garages and parking lots  
  • Retail stores, malls, and shopping centers  
  • Transit hubs or vehicles  

What is negligent security? Negligent Security Cases  

To understand it better, let’s consider some hypothetical cases where the victim can file a negligent security lawsuit against the property owner.  

  • A bar witnesses multiple fights by regular customers who get drunk and then create a scene. Despite this, the bar owner never denied them entry or employed guards to control such situations. During one such fight, a customer got attacked by them and suffered serious head injuries and other wounds.   
  • There were many broken door locks in an apartment building. Several tenants complained about it, but the landlords paid no attention to repairing or changing the locks. An armed assailant broke into one of the apartments and attacked the resident.  
  •  The common parking lot in the city was poorly lit and had encountered multiple complaints about vandalism and robbery in the garage. But no action was taken to install security provisions for the common people. Then, one night, thieves tried to steal a car, and as the victim retaliated, they stabbed him multiple times, causing serious emotional and physical damage.  
  •  In such cases, the victim also suffers massive financial and emotional loss. Therefore, one needs to act immediately to seek justice in time. The compensation received can cover the cost of expensive hospital bills and help the victim sustain till they recover.   

Negligent Security Claim vs Lawsuit  

A negligent security claim works with the insurance providers. The victim and their attorney negotiate with the insurance agents for a settlement. Sometimes, the property owners influence it and make it work in their favor. A negligent security lawyer in St. Petersburg can help you get justified negotiations with proper settlements per your case. 

A negligent security lawsuit is when the court gets involved in this procedure. Now, the judge or jury orders a negotiated settlement based on a trial. Most of the time, premises liability cases are settled before a trial. It can take a few months to a few years to reach a final settlement in such cases.  

 Filing A Personal Injury Lawsuit  

Negligent security cases can lead to long-term trauma and cause damage to a person and his family. To seek justice, the affected person or his family can file a personal injury lawsuit against the owner. With the help of an attorney, you may prove the owner’s neglect in causing injury or harm. The following situations are needed to file a lawsuit:  

Understand Duty of Care: The property owners owe the people a ‘duty of care.’ It means they are liable to ensure the safety of people on their property. However, if the owner fails to do so, the injured person can file a lawsuit and claim compensation from them.  

The duty of care that should be provided varies according to the property type. For example:  

  • A nightclub, bar, concert venue, or such crowded place must have trained security guards to protect patrons and take the necessary action as and when required.  
  • Office buildings must have security systems such as door locks, cameras, and alarms.   
  • College dorm rooms should have door locks and hazard-free premises. Moreover, they should provide guest sign-in with security.  

Any breach of such security will be considered negligent security. A person getting harmed in such situations can file a lawsuit and claim his due compensation.  

Establish Faults: Once you know the level of security that should’ve been there, you need to establish the owner’s fault in providing them. To file a lawsuit, you may demonstrate that their negligence is the reason for your injury. You can claim compensation if one or more of the following happened:  

  • The owner failed to provide the necessary duty of care  
  • Beached the duty of care by not warning about the negligent security issues  
  • Neglected the measures to resolve the negligent security issues  
  • As a result, you suffered injuries and had to bear damages like healthcare expenditures, emotional suffering, etc.  

In any such scenario, the owner is at fault; thus, you can file a lawsuit based on these grounds.  

Foreseeable Attack: This is another parameter to file a negligent security lawsuit. The property owners are responsible for considering and avoiding the occurrence of any foreseeable attack. It implies that it may happen again if the property has a history of criminal activity on the premises. So, the owner can foresee such an attack and provide appropriate security measures to prevent it.  

How Can a Law Attorney Help You?  

Hiring a legal professional always helps in dealing with lawsuits. A negligent security lawyer in St. Petersburg knows all the possibilities and applicable laws in such cases. They will help you in multiple ways to gain the maximum compensation that you rightfully deserve. Some of them are:  

Calculating Damages: It is difficult to adequately calculate and analyze the damage you suffered in a negligent security case. This could lead to a loss in claiming the deserved compensation. Thus, you should hire an attorney who knows how to assess your damages, including the past, present, and future costs. In addition, they will help you cover the non-economic damages, such as emotional pain and suffering. 

Proper Investigation: You should immediately seek a lawyer if you are a victim of a negligent security attack. The reason is that they know how to collect and analyze evidence at the right time. You may ignore some, but the lawyer will carefully cover every aspect of the case and prepare the required certifications and documents to help make your case stronger.  

Negotiation Benefits: Many personal injury cases are settled based on out-of-court negotiations only. In such cases, a negligent security lawyer is quite advantageous as they know the worth of your claims. They can easily look for loopholes and take necessary actions to ensure you attain the rightful claim for emotional and non-emotional losses.  

Represents in the Court: In situations where the case goes to trial, hiring a lawyer will be wise. An attorney knows how to protect your rights and seek justified compensation for your case. We represent your case in your best interests and ensure you don’t suffer injustice after already suffering losses. 

Contact- Coleman Law Group 

If you are someone who suffered an attack because of negligent security, then know your rights to aid your agony. First, file a personal injury lawsuit that can assist you in claiming the rightful compensation. Then, contact a negligent security lawyer in St. Petersburg at Coleman Law Group immediately takes action against the culprits and seeks justice.   

The Coleman Law Group is a group of experienced and caring accident and personal injury attorneys assisting accident victims and their families in obtaining just compensation. We are dedicated to giving our clients the support they require at every stage of the process because we recognize that getting hurt in an accident can be a drastically altering experience. 

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