What does PIP cover in Florida?

When a person suffers damages in a car crash, one question in every individual’s mind is, “Who will compensate for the damages?”

While some states allow victims to file lawsuits or claims against at-fault drivers, others have a no-fault system for recovering car accident claims.

When we talk about Florida, there is a no-fault system with a verbal threshold. PIP covers (Personal injury protection) is a requirement under Florida state law, and your insurance company will pay all the benefits associated with the car accident.

What is PIP Insurance, and are Florida drivers required to have it?

PIP stands for “Personal injury protection,” which is an insurance policy responsible for paying for the personal injury you might suffer in the crash. PIP insurance is still liable to pay for your damages even if you are held accountable for the accident.

According to the motorist law of Florida, every driver must have PIP insurance. In addition, as stated by Florida motorist law, every person who registers a vehicle in the state must have PIP coverage which pays a minimum of $10,000 for qualifying damages and injuries to any driver hurt in a road accident, regardless of who is responsible for the crash.

Your vehicle registration would only be valid if you have this insurance; driving without a PIP is also considered a criminal offense in Florida.

Florida is a no-fault state

In 1971, Florida passed its no-Fault laws. The state believes these laws cut down individuals’ dependency on public assistance when they suffer a car crash. It may also lower the number of cases and conserve resources in the state’s legal system. To improve the efficiency of the law, it is continuously changing.

Overall, Florida is a part of the handful of states that implement a no-fault system. This means every person who opts for a PIP they are covering their benefits. Therefore, when a car accident occurs, a person can depend on their insurance company to recover the losses, even if the driver is at fault.

What does PIP insurance pay?

Florida PIP covers medical costs, death benefits, and lost wages. What differentiates the state of Florida from other states is; the PIP covers only 80% of your medical costs. For instance, if the treatment of your injury costs $10,000, PIP will only pay $8,000 of the total expense. In addition, if your injuries are not considered an emergency, you will only be eligible for $2,500 in benefits.

If an individual requires a replacement service, it only pays 100% of the losses that occurred. Finally, if there is any loss of life, compensation of up to $5000 is offered by PIP coverage.

Medical Cost: Most of your medical expenses would be covered. However, there are a few exceptions, like acupuncture. The medical expenses covered include:

● Surgeries
● Hospital stays
● Rehab
● Doctor’s visits and medical exams
● Diagnostic tests like bloodwork or X-rays
● Prescription medication
● Ambulance rides

Florida PIP and economic benefits: If you were injured in a car accident or suffered a disability, Florida PIP will cover 60% of your lost wages, up to $10,000. This insurance will also cover the costs of some other persons for services you won’t be able to handle any longer. This includes laundry, taking care of your children and pets, cleaning the house, etc.

Death benefits of Florida PIP: If the policyholder lost his life in a crash, PIP would cover up to $5,000 of the burial and funeral expenses, along with other advantages.

Who does PIP insurance pay?

In addition to covering the policyholder, personal injury protection also covers your little ones. For example, the insurance covers your children while traveling in the car and riding on a school bus. If you were traveling along with other passengers in your vehicle at the time of the crash, they might also be able to recover compensation through your policy.

When does PIP insurance pay?

When you suffer any physical harm in a car crash as a driver, PIP is liable for the compensation. You can file for claims if you travel as a passenger in someone else’s vehicle. You can rely on PIP insurance to cover your expenses even when you are not inside any four-wheeler and are just roaming around on the streets as a pedestrian.

PIP insurance requirements for nonresidents

Typically, nonresidents don’t need to carry PIP insurance. However, suppose the vehicle has been present in the state boundaries for 90 days or more in the previous year. In that case, the owner must acquire PIP insurance like any other Florida resident driver.

The license of the nonresident vehicle owner without insurance could be suspended. This means that a driver would no longer be able to drive in the state, and his home state would also be notified of the suspension.

When doesn’t PIP apply?

In severe car accidents, Florida’s no-fault law may no longer be effective, and you could demand a claim from the other party. However, only if the crash meets specific requirements could it be considered serious enough for such situations.

For instance, you can demand a claim outside PIP if you suffer a chronic or permanent injury. Injuries like: amputation, trauma, disfigurement, or scarring can all be considered permanent injuries.

Paralysis, or loss of primary physical function, is another scenario that brings the case outside the no-fault laws.

Is the minimum PIP insurance coverage sufficient?

It is very crucial to maintain the minimum PIP insurance coverage. The minimum coverage of $10,000 is far from the costs you might encounter if you have a major car accident. However, purchasing a policy that covers a more significant amount is recommended.

Most individuals assume that they drive very safely and can’t get involved in any such crash. However, the millions of yearly accidents in the USA have a different story.

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