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What Not To Do

What Not to Do When You're In a Car Accident in Tampa

You're driving to work, or dropping the kids off at school, and suddenly boom! You find yourself involved in a car accident. Here are a few things our auto accident lawyers advise clients NOT to do if they find themselves in an accident.

Don't Leave the Scene!

Leaving the scene before police show up can be a terrible move. Even if the other driver is taking responsibility, his insurance company will not be so friendly. Having documentation of the scene, the damages, and any injuries is incredibly important for any future case.

Don't Admit Fault!

Car accident lawyers repeat this over and over to their clients. When you are in an accident, it can be very emotional, and you may feel like apologizing right away. But you as a victim in the accident are not seeing clearly, and you may not actually be the one at fault. Better to stay silent and let the insurance companies investigate first.

Don't Accept the First Offer from Their Company!

It is tempting to think whatever their insurance company is offering you as a settlement is just what you have to take. But never accept a settlement offer without first talking to your own Tampa auto accident attorney.

Don't Get Angry!

This one is hard. After all, they just hit you! But there's no need to escalate a situation by getting angry or losing your cool. Let the police, the insurance companies, and the car accident lawyers do their job of figuring out fault. Stay calm and in control of the scene until help arrives.

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