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Evidence Gathering

Gathering Evidence After a Car Crash

When you're in a car accident, it can seem, from your perspective, to be a simple case. But car accident attorneys know that accident claims are rarely simple or easy. That's why hiring a Tampa auto accident lawyer is one of the smartest first steps you can take. But there are some other pieces of evidence you should try to collect as well.

Scene Evidence

A Tampa car accident lawyer will tell you it is always important to call the police to the scene of an accident. That's not only to help protect you and the other driver, it also creates a paper trail of evidence that will be used to determine fault later. That police report can be a critical factor in getting your damages covered.

Witness statements are crucial as well. If you see someone who may have witnessed the accident, make sure to get their contact information yourself in case the police miss it.

Photos of the scene of the car accident are extremely helpful. Don't rely on traffic camera footage, even if there is one at the scene. Instead, take your own documentation as best you can, including pictures of damages to both cars.

Medical Evidence

Your car may not be the only thing damaged. If you're injured in the accident, it can be hard to remember to gather up evidence. But make sure to keep any paperwork given to you by the EMT or at the hospital. If you can, write down the names of the responding EMTs. Keep a separate file of all your hospital receipts, reports, x-rays - anything that may help prove your injuries in court later.

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