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Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Truck Accident Lawyer in St Petersburg

A truck accident is a life-altering event that results in various fatal to catastrophic injuries. These injuries take a long recovery time, resulting in huge medical bills and other losses. Filing a claim to incur such losses is challenging and complicated. For example, you might have to prove your duty, breach, and damages to achieve the desired compensation for the losses.   

So, hiring a law attorney is recommended as it navigates your truck accident case in the best way. A truck accident lawyer St Petersburg represents your case, rights, and interests to determine the accident’s exact cause and liabilities.   

Factors Determining Truck Driver is Liable for a Truck Accident   

Determining the guilty is the primary concern to recover compensations for physical and property damage. Here are a few factors that can hold a truck driver responsible for an accident.    

  • Speeding: Speeding is dangerous for truck drivers and is one of the most important factors responsible for causing truck accidents. Driving trucks fast builds momentum that slowly reacts to the speed and direction, causing less control for the drivers. The uncontrolled movement of trucks can result in accidents.      
  • Aggressive Driving: Truck drivers are under stress to make timely deliveries. They travel long distances and stay on the roads for long days. Aggressive driving cutting another driver off, and overtaking can increase the risk of causing accidents. In such accidents, drivers are hurt, and the other party also gets severe injuries.   
  • Distractions: Taking your eyes off while driving can cause loss of life and property. So likewise, speeding and other distractions while driving can increase the risk of causing accidents thousands of times.   
  • Traffic Law Violations: A truck driver is mandated with a fixed hour of weekly driving to protect the driver’s rights. However, drivers and trucking companies don’t follow the rules and violate the laws. These violations result in keeping the drivers tired, increasing the accident risks.   
  • Severe Weather Conditions: It is challenging for drivers to drive in snowy and chilly weather. The reduced visibility in the fog and anti-skidding roads make driving difficult. A small mistake in making a move can cause extensive injuries to the driver and others. So, driving in extreme weather conditions must be avoided.   
  • Overloading: Usually, trucks carry large loads that make it difficult for drivers to drive. Changing lanes and taking turns on steep roads can be extremely hazardous to drivers. Carrying weights more than capacity can potentially result in road accidents.   
  • Alcohol Influence: Driving under the alcohol influence is prohibited. It causes drowsiness in an individual, and within a few hours of driving, extreme consequences can be seen on the road and with the drunk driver.   

What If You were Responsible for a Truck Accident   

It’s not always that a truck driver is responsible for causing an accident. It can be your comparative negligence that caused a truck accident. In such cases, truck drivers, a trucking company, and insurance company executives can argue with you and prove you are at fault. If this tactic of the insurance companies succeeds, you can lose your right to bring a claim.   

At What Point You Should Contact the Truck Accident Lawyer   

You should call the truck accident lawyer as soon as the accident takes place. It is because the legal teams and the insurance companies of the other party have endless tools to decline the claims. Before making the settlements, it is essential to call the attorney so they can fight your claims and help you recover the compensations. The sooner you contact a truck accident lawyer, the more likely you will get the fair compensation you deserve.   

How an Attorney Can Help You in A Truck Accident Case   

Here are a few reasons why hiring a truck accident lawyer after an accident is a good decision.

A Truck Accident Lawyer St Petersburg Determines the Liabilities Involved in the Case   

Determining the truck accident liabilities is not as easy as it seems. A law attorney investigates the case to determine the liabilities. The lawyers analyze the comprehensions, including:   

  • Did the truck driver follow the traffic rules?   
  • Was the vehicle regularly serviced?   
  • Did the manufacturing vehicle meet the quality assurance norms?   
  • Was the other party responsible for causing the accident?   

A truck accident lawyer, after deep investigations, envisions who is at fault. Lawyers with ample experience can show negligence and prove the liabilities in the lawsuit.   

A Truck Lawyer Evaluates the Case and Gathers Necessary Evidence   

A truck lawyer evaluates the ins and outs of the case and gathers the possible evidence against the guilty. It involves:   

  • Police reports   
  • Eye witness statements   
  • Electronic surveillance investigations   
  • Property damages   
  • Black box data   
  • Inspection records   
  • Medical bills   

Lawyers gather all the necessary evidence on your behalf and manage everything from start to finish to provide you the justice in the case.   

A Truck Lawyer Chooses the Perfect Legal Strategy for Your Case   

It cannot be easy to figure out the available options to seek compensation. Therefore, lawyers investigate the case and evaluate the losses to craft the best legal strategies for your case. With years of experience handling truck accident cases, lawyers determine the best strategies to yield a favorable outcome for the case. It includes filing claims with insurance companies to anticipate possible losses with maximum compensation.   

A Truck Lawyer Communicates with the Insurance Companies   

Unfortunately, insurance companies deny the claims in every possible way so that lower payment claims are paid to you. Here are a few factors an insurance company can deny and take longer to settle the claims.   

  • Proving you are at fault even if you are not   
  • Investigating submitted claims   
  • Reviewing policies   
  • Not responding to your calls   
  • Requesting an extension   
  • Losing the papers   

The insurance companies try to communicate directly with you for negotiations. However, a lawyer communicates with the insurance companies to prove the claims and protect the bottom line of the case. The lawyers follow every tactic to get fair compensation for tangible and intangible losses.   

Appeal with Relevant Law and Regulations   

Truck accident lawyers deal with similar cases almost every day. They know the laws and regulations that best represent you in the lawsuit. The legal knowledge and expertise to handle truck accident cases help them create the claims to prove the other party’s negligence. With the relevant law and regulations, a lawyer can make the other party liable for all your losses. 

Compensations that Truck Accident Lawyers Help Victims Recover Include    

  • Medical Expenses: A truck accident results in serious injuries, including fractures, disabilities, and other injuries that may take a lifetime to recover. The surgeries, appointments, medications, and follow-ups are below the finances, where you have to deal with the hospital charges and other medical expenses. To recover those expenses, the truck accident lawyer files the claim and helps you achieve compensation for the medical bills.   
  • Lost Wages: The serious injuries may take time to recover. The point of the time you miss the working hours to the overlong hospital stays can cause financial losses to you. The stress of the expenses and the accident can initiate mental health crises like depression, anxiety, and PTSD. To this, a lawyer can help you claim the lost wage for the time you missed work with fair compensation.    
  • Vehicle Damage: The unfortunate event of a truck accident eventually turns out to be a traumatic one where physical and Vehicle damages are common. A lawyer collects evidence of all the vehicle damage. The lawyers calculate and claim the expenses for the recovery.   
  • Emotional Distress: People suffer trauma with a strong psychological effect on the human mind. Physical pain can go with the medications, but it is difficult to measure emotional distress. You can get compensation for the therapies and the medications, but emotional suffering can never be compensated.    
  • Physical Pain: An accident causes severe injuries that result in physical pain and discomfort. In some cases, the treatments take longer to recover and initiate depression and anxiety symptoms. The attorney calculates the physical pain and suffering to the extent of the severity of the injuries one faces. However, the actual damages can’t be calculated, but an attorney can help you get the possible compensations you are worthy of.   
  • Wrongful Death: If one passes away due to truck accident injuries, then the family of the deceased can potentially file a wrongful death lawsuit. The attorney helps the deceased’s family to get medical expenses before death, financial support, funeral & burial costs, and loss of companionships.   

Wrapping Up   

After sustaining serious injuries, you can hire a St Petersburg truck accident lawyer to build a solid case for compensation. The legal professional gathers and preserves the necessary evidence to prove the liabilities in court.    

The Coleman Law Group is knowledgeable about accident and injury law in St Petersburg. There are no fees unless you receive compensation, and we will treat your case with the compassionate, one-on-one care you deserve. Call us to schedule a free consultation at our St Petersburg location or talk with one of our personal injury lawyers.     

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