How Can A Truck Accident Lawyer in St. Petersburg Help You?

Large commercial truck accidents can have devastating results. The aftermath of these situations can be highly perplexing for injured victims, especially when attempting to demonstrate liability to obtain compensation. How can a truck accident lawyer in St. Petersburg help you?

If you or a loved one has been hurt in an accident involving a commercial truck, a St. Petersburg truck accident lawyer should be contacted as soon as possible. In this post, find out how a truck accident lawyer can help you with your case. 

First, let’s look at the common causes of truck accidents: 

Common Causes That Lead to Truck Accidents   

The truck driver’s misconduct is the most common reason behind any truck accident. Other underlying reasons for the misconduct could be – fatigue, driving under the influence of alcohol or any other substance, rash driving, using a mobile phone, etc. 

And not only this, even poor weather conditions can lead to one major truck accident. The driver should drive their vehicle safely in bad weather conditions and prevent the risk of major accidents.    

There are a few reasons that we have highlighted here that hold the capacity for major truck accidents.  

Lack Of Maintenance    

This is the major reason most accidents happen and result in impactful injury. Lack of maintenance or irregular servicing results in broken equipment, components, and loss. It can cause hazardous malfunctions on the road and cause serious accidents. Even lost bolts, cargo, blown–out tires, or truck parts can contribute to a major accident. Additionally, an old or worn tire can also cause blowouts which can be deadly.    


Fatigue is another major aspect behind massive truck accidents. Truck drivers are mostly pressured to complete their in-hand projects on time, so they always work under pressure.  

They work long shifts, and sometimes they even work overnight, which can cause drivers to fall asleep while driving. It can be deadly for truck drivers or other people on the road. And according to Tampa’s law – riders should have enough rest between continuing traveling to avoid fatigue. But as drivers avoid such warnings, they land themselves in risk full situations. 

Poor Weather Condition    

Besides human error, weather conditions such as – heavy rain can cause major road accidents. And places where you can experience snow for ice roads it’s an open invitation to major road accidents. 

Poor Driving Training    

If the driver is under training and has been given permission to drive on busy roads or highways, it comes under the punishable act. But in most cases, giving permission is not the only concern; poor training is also a major cause. Trainers are responsible for providing the right training to beginners, as an ill driver may need to learn the right skills to drive on the road and cause an accident. 

Drunken Driving

Commercial truckers work long shifts without breaks to fulfill deadlines. As a result, many people turn to stimulants to keep awake and attentive, which results in impaired driving. Drugged driving can also result from prescription opioids, and other prescriptions drivers use for illnesses, injuries, or chronic discomfort. Still, many truck drivers depend on these to keep working and driving.

Sadly, truck accidents are frequently caused by drivers impaired by drugs or alcohol (DUI). Due to boredom, some truck drivers engage in risky drug or alcohol use, endangering the lives of others.

If you have got injured in a truck accident, do not panic! Also, we suggest you only talk with the insurers with help from an expert. Here’s why: 

Avoid Hiring Insurers. Here’s why –   

Insurers work for their share, so they try their best to settle your claim at the lowest possible cost. Although it’s awful that insurers do not bother much about the compensation or the financial condition of the victim, they negotiate and settle for less than the victim deserves.  

However, if you make the right decision and contact the St. Petersburg truck accident lawyer at the time of the accident, you can avoid such circumstances. In contrast, you can settle your cases quicker and may even get a maximum compensation claim.    

Let’s get a little deeper and learn more!  

How Can A Truck Accident Lawyer in St. Petersburg Help You? 

Truck accidents can cause serious injuries to the victim. In addition, it may require expensive treatment, which will ruin the victim’s financial stability. But don’t worry. A truck accident lawyer in St. Petersburg can help you attain a rightful compensation claim in such scenarios. Some reasons for the same are listed below: 

Claim For Medical Expenses     

In most truck accident cases, victims sustain serious injuries requiring frequent doctor visits, continuous treatment, or therapy. This may increase the bills for medical treatment, but don’t worry; they can all be compensated. Remember to collect all your bills and calculate the overall covering cost of such bills. The lawyer will file a claim based on such expenses against the responsible party.    

Claim For Long-Term Care   

Truck accidents that result in a certain catastrophic injury, such as – brain injury or spinal cord injury, require long-term care. And not only physical treatment, one goes through post-traumatic stress disorder, which must also be treated. The victim may also develop a phobia of driving again and returning to the road, which is why a victim requires time-to-time therapy and immediate medical assistance. But don’t worry; all these damages can be compensated by filing a due claim against the injury caused. 

Claim For Property Damage    

If the accident is impactful, it could also cause major damage to your property. For example – if your vehicle gets damaged due to an impactful collision or the person is carrying another valuable device, it can get damaged easily. Hiring an experienced truck accident lawyer can compensate for all these damages. You can rightfully file a claim against the property’s damaged face and overall maintenance charges. 

Claim For Lost Wages    

If the injuries (physical or emotional) prevent the victim from earning, the convicted party can be held liable for the compensation against lost wages. Whereas, if you have also lost the ability to return to work with the same capacity, your lawyer can also file a claim against – loss of earning capacity.    

Claim For Pain and Suffering 

Although pain and suffering damages are difficult to quantify, they are intended to compensate a person for the physical and mental suffering they endure due to an accident. For instance, a back injury might cause persistent discomfort and make it difficult for the victim to carry out their everyday activities.

Damages for mental agony refer to a person’s mental suffering rather than physical pain or suffering. For example, a person may experience persistent anxiety or depression due to injury.

The truck accident lawyer can help you make a financial settlement that adequately compensates your level of suffering.

Claim For Permanent Damage

Due to how deadly truck accidents can be, you may be entitled to compensation for injuries that might occur in the future. Projected damages account for the long-term effects of the accident on your life. They may be given to people who:

  • Possess lasting wounds, such as paralysis, deformity, or physical impairments
  • Due to the vehicle accident, they might never return to their current position.
  • The injuries might result in alterations to the quality of life.

The truck accident lawyer can help you make a rightful claim for injuries that might happen in the future. 

Claim For Punitive Damages    

One can also file a claim against the punitive damages. The emotional, mental and physical pain victim or their family goes through throughout the accidental period can also be compensated. This claim will support the financial condition of the victim.  

However, these damages can only be collected if the convict’s actions showed malice, fraud, or wilful misconduct. For example, if the driver was driving under the influence of alcohol or other substances and caused the accident, the victim can be compensated with punitive damages.    

How Can Coleman Law Group Help You with Your Claim? 

If you are injured in a truck accident and have experienced serious injuries, you can rightfully file a claim against the damage caused. By hiring a truck accident attorney, you can file a lawsuit against the convicted party. Our attorneys at the Coleman Law Group are experienced; they will actively represent you and deal with the insurance company.

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