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Truck Accident Lawyer Fort Myers

Truck Accident Lawyer Fort Myers. Thousands of Americans die due to road accidents involving trucks and commercial trailers. The accidents caused by trucks are often severe and cause irreversible injuries. In addition, there have been several events where people have experienced lifelong disabilities due to one wrong turn.

Small cars and motorcycles find themselves in a difficult position while driving alongside such humongous vehicles. If a truck is loaded fully and all the items are not properly packed in it, there are chances that objects might fly off and hurt others. The driver may be at fault for the accident in the first place.

Either way, a truck collision usually turns out to be life-threatening. Therefore, in case of an accident, one should immediately contact a truck accident lawyer in Fort Myers to file the claim and get fair compensation.

Truck Accidents Result in Severe Injuries

Most of the time, the victims of truck accidents are left with severe bruising and impairments. It has been reported that around 130,000 people yearly suffer from tragic truck accidents. There are various reasons such tragic accidents occur, like distraction by the driver, speeding, fatigue, etc. These are just a few reasons to name the tragedy caused by trucks.

The common injuries that a truck accident victim suffers include:

  • Damage to Spinal Cord
  • Whiplash
  • Internal Bleeding
  • Trauma around the head region
  • Broken bones
  • Injury in the back and neck
  • Fractures
  • Paralysis

The victims of such tragic accidents require immediate medical attention. There are chances that you might have to undergo multiple surgeries as well. Even if you think you were not hurt during the incident, a visit to a nearby doctor is highly recommended.

Truck Accidents Have Multiple Causes

It is impossible to pin out any one reason that can cause a truck accident. The drivers are under immense pressure to complete the deadline while completing an assignment. From battling rough road conditions to managing the heavy load on the truck, there are several things that the drivers have to manage.

Although there are guidelines on how many hours a driver needs to be on the road and go on breaks still, due to some unexpected demands, their time log keeps on altering. This can cause fatigue and drowsiness hence leading to an accident. Besides, substance abuse, speeding, bad weather, etc., also cause truck accidents.

Liable Parties in Florida Truck Accidents

Unlike other accidents, a truck accident has the involvement of multiple parties. Therefore, you cannot blame just the truck driver solely. Even if one does so, the truck driver will further blame the motorists. The reason behind this blame game is the high compensation the person has to pay to the victim. That’s why it becomes vital to look through each aspect carefully and determine who is at fault. Majorly the following parties are said to be responsible for the truck accident:

Maintenance Crew: Periodic maintenance of the truck is the sole responsibility of the truck driver. Similarly, looking at every minute detail is the maintenance crew’s work. For example: if the maintenance crew didn’t check the flat tires and replace them, they could be held equally liable for the accident as the driver.

The Company That Hires the Driver: During the investigation of the accident, if it is found that the driver was a novice or had little or no training, the company can be held guilty of faulty hiring. In addition, in certain cases, the company might not provide the driver with a fixed number of resting hours or fail to maintain the truck. Under all these circumstances, the company can be held liable, and a case can also be filed against them.

The Owner of the Truck: In situations where the trucking company has leased the truck, it becomes the driver’s responsibility to ensure that it is well-maintained and roadworthy. A truck owner is mandated by law to maintain a book with all maintenance work recorded. All this can include maintenance of brakes, electronic systems, and tire checks. If the Owner misses the inspections, the truck owner can be sued for negligence.

Manufacturer: There may have been some fault in the manufacturing due to the accident. A truck accident lawyer in Fort Myers will help you in such situations. They will check everything from the manufacturing side and determine whether such cases have happened.

The Cargo Loaders: Many truck accidents occur due to heavy truck loads or loosened packing of the goods. In such cases, the cargo loaders may be liable for the accident. A loosened cargo can fly off from the truck and injure the people who are driving right behind the truck. The goods loader must place everything securely.

Secondary Manufacturer: Apart from the manufacturer, sometimes it is the secondary manufacturer too who is responsible for the accident. For example, the second manufacturer can be held liable if you have purchased any pulley or belts to hold the load on the truck and it loosens during the voyage.

Seeking Compensation After a Truck Accident in Fort Myers

As the injury that is caused due to a truck accident is fatal and horrific, the lawsuit might take longer time in comparison to other accident cases. The suffering caused to the victim and his family cannot be measured through money, but seeking appropriate compensation can eliminate the financial burden.

If you or your loved one has lost someone in a truck accident, we are here to help you. With Coleman Law Group, you will get experienced supervision by a truck accident lawyer in Fort Myers. In addition, we will help you get fair compensation for all your financial difficulties, like rehabilitation care, medical bills, and home modifications in case of any limb impairment, loss of income, lost wages, physical and emotional pain, etc.

Contact us today and get professional advice from our truck accident lawyer in Fort Myers.

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