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Top 5 Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg is pleasant for riders at any time of the year. Sadly, as the number of motorists increases here, there are higher chances of motorcycle accidents, especially with cars, since they both share the road. Learning the causes of motorcycle accidents can help you avoid them and stay safe, so read on.

Indeed, you should know that the effect of a car-to-motorcycle crash often differs greatly from a car-to-car accident. In the former case, the motorcyclist bears most of the brunt of injuries or even death because when riding, they have no external protection and become more vulnerable. Not using safety gear can also increase motorcycle accidents increased injury rates. According to the American Journal for Public Health, motorcycle accidents in busy regions like St. Petersburg have increased in recent years, which is a cause for concern.

Although crashing into cars might be one of the more common motorcycle crashes, other fixed objects on the road can also lead to the same consequences. This article will discuss the causes of motorcycle accidents in St. Petersburg and how to avoid them.

5 Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in St. Petersburg

There is a greater risk of damage for the motorcyclist than for the car owner in an accident. And as mentioned earlier, there is minimal protection from external forces in motorcycle accidents. If a motorcycle crashes into a car, the rider can hit a hard surface or object, and even if they might be wearing safety gear like a helmet, gloves, jacket, and boots, they would still strongly feel the impact of the accident. But then, these are not the only risks peculiar to bikers, as they share the road with other vehicles. Plus, since the bikes are smaller, drivers don’t tend to notice them as quickly.

The structure of the motorcycle is such that it has just two wheels, resulting in less stability than most other vehicles on the road. It may seem small, but it requires more expertise to maneuver a bike than for cars. In places where the road surface is bad or during wet conditions, motorcycles are more likely to crash.

However, collisions with cars account for approximately 55-73% of motorcycle fatalities. The fatalities can range from very severe injuries to even death or a health condition that reduces the quality of life for the victim. This is why it is pertinent that all riders only get on the road when they are sober and stick to all the rules and regulations of the state; otherwise, they might become victims of a motorcycle accident. Here are some of the top causes of motorcycle accidents in St. Petersburg.

Head-on Motorcycle Collisions

The chances of head-on collisions among regular vehicles on the road are lower than those involving motorcycles and cars. In over 70% of the cases involving a car-to-motorcycle collision, the car hits the bike at the front. There are times when the car comes from behind, but these are rare compared to front hits. Also, most of these incidents result in fatalities, the majority of which are to motorcyclists.

Cars Making Left-Hand Turns

Another cause for motorcycle accidents occurs when other cars on St. Petersburg’s roads make a left turn. These incidents account for approximately 42% of all motorcycle-car collisions in the region. What happens is that most times, the bike is passing in front of the car or at an intersection where the car is making a sharp left.

The collision is a surprise to both parties involved because no one expects a collision since it happens very quickly. Most times, the car owner is to blame, but at times the cyclist is partially blamed too. This is especially in cases where they were driving carelessly.

Lane Splitting Accidents Occur Frequently

Lane splitting in St. Petersburg, Florida, is considered illegal for motorcyclists. However, some still go against the regulations, especially in traffic jams or when traffic lights signal a stop. Lane splitting involves a bike rider moving between two lanes or maneuvers between slow-moving vehicles.

But then, why is this illegal? Well, it is because

● The cars are so close to the motorcycles.
● The slower the speed, the more tedious it is to avoid the bike.
● No car owner typically expects a bike to appear from nowhere when the car is barely moving suddenly.

Any crash during lane splitting will be solely the motorcyclists’ fault since the act is illegal.

Speeding, Alcohol, and Substance Use

Sometimes the riders engage in careless behaviors like over speeding or riding under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Sadly, 50% of all crashes that involve only one rider are attributed to alcohol use, over speeding, or both. This means that if riders are more responsible and avoid using alcohol before riding or stick to the speed limit, these accidents can be completely avoided. For instance, if you attend a party and intend to ride afterward, you should decline alcohol offers throughout the event.

Collisions With Fixed Objects

About 25% of all motorcycle crashes occur due to collisions with fixed objects. This may seem like a figure we could overlook, but most accidents are fatal for bikers because they have little protection or safety.

If you are ever involved in a motorcycle incident, you should seek help immediately. This is especially if you’re severely injured. You may have to see a motorcycle accident lawyer to determine how to react.

Coleman Law Group Can Help You

Although we can never 100% prevent all accidents, knowing important statistics can help us learn to be safer on the road. Knowing the top causes of motorcycle accidents in St. Petersburg can help riders remember what to look out for and steer clear of to ensure a safer city for everyone.

As already mentioned, you need a motorcycle accident lawyer or personal injury attorney to help you decide the best reaction after a motorcycle accident. However, you should know that the quality of legal services you will get depends on the expertise and experience of your lawyer.

Thankfully, we have a team of highly experienced and professional attorneys at Coleman Law Group to help you get the most out of your motorcycle accident case. You should contact us now.

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