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Top 5 Essential Things You Should do After a Tampa Bus Accident

What are the things you should do after a Tampa bus accident? Even though bus accidents are not as rampant as many other accident types on our roads, they are still one of the deadliest accidents anyone can ever be in. According to the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, Tampa bus accidents are often pretty devastating and can lead to severe consequences for their victims. 

Moreover, since buses often carry more passengers than most other traffic vehicles, there are bound to be more victims when they get into accidents. Of course, this is an unfortunate situation nobody ever wants to be in. But then, as with many other things, we need help to control our chances of getting into a bus accident. 

Even worse, there are more chances you will get into a Tampa bus accident. Tampa roads are always bustling with higher vehicle concentrations than most American roads. So, it would be best if you prepared yourself for such accidents. 

Indeed, one of the best ways to prepare for Tampa bus accidents is to learn as much information as possible about the accident and what to do if it eventually happens. Luckily, this article will discuss some of them. So, ensure to read till the end. 

Most Common Causes of Bus Accidents

Many factors can be responsible for Tampa bus accidents. However, the most common among them include the following: 

  • Over-speeding. This entails driving above speed limits, and it is among the most common causes of bus accidents in Tampa. You should know that there are regulations for the maximum speed different Vehicles can drive on Tampa roads. These regulations are made to protect all road users in the area, and there is likely to be an accident if drivers disregard them. 
  • Tailgating. This has to do with a vehicle following another one too closely without allowing enough space between them. Tailgating can be dangerous and might lead to accidents, too. This is especially as it needs to give drivers more time to react in emergencies. So, they might end up running into other vehicles before they know what’s happening.
  • Driving from blind spots. Buses are often bigger than most other traffic vehicles, and because they are bigger, the driver will only be able to see some areas around the bus through their side mirrors. These areas they can not see are called blind spots. 

The danger with blind spots is that bus drivers often can not see what is happening there. So, they need to determine when a vehicle is following them from the spot. Subsequently, they may take actions (like swerving or stopping abruptly) that might affect the other vehicle and cause an accident. This is why experts often advise bus drivers to adjust their side mirrors at intervals to view their blind spots better. 

  • Disregard traffic laws. Like with speed limits, you should know that traffic laws in Tampa are set to protect all road users and avoid accidents. So, observing these laws can help to reduce your chances of getting into an accident. On the other hand, disregarding them can be disastrous. 

Unfortunately, some bus drivers drive carelessly and without regard for traffic laws. When this is the case, a Tampa bus accident might be around the corner. 

  • Vehicle parts and equipment failure. Another common cause of bus accidents in Tampa is vehicle parts and equipment failure. This often happens because these parts and equipment need to be adequately maintained or built up to standard. Whatever the case, vehicle parts or equipment failure can lead to deadly situations. 

For instance, a brake or tire failure can cause the driver to lose control of his vehicle, which, in turn, can result in accidents. This is little wonder why experts advise that bus owners and drivers should carry out routine checks and repairs for their vehicles from time to time. 

What are some things you should do after a Tampa bus accident? Top 5 Essential Things to do After an Accident 

It is a truth that no one wants to be in an accident. But then, we also have to be prepared for the eventuality. And as mentioned earlier, learning the correct information about what to do after such accidents can help you immensely. Well, here are some tips to help you: 

Your Safety Should be a Priority 

You should know that your safety should always be prioritized in all situations, even if it involves an accident. Your first action after a Tampa bus accident should be to check and confirm your safety. You can start by moving out of harm’s way to a safer place. It could be by the roadside, or anywhere you are sure of your safety. 

After that, check your body to confirm that you have not been badly injured. You can do this by flexing all your joints and muscles to see if there is any fracture or dislocation. Then, it would help to run your hands through your whole body to check for injuries or pain. 

Once you have confirmed that you are not injured, you can also check other people who were involved in the accident. If anyone has been badly injured, help them by administering first aid until emergency services arrive. 

Contact Local Authorities and Emergency Services 

The second thing to do after you have survived a Tampa bus accident is to contact local authorities and emergency services. Plus, it would help if you did this immediately after the accident so they could arrive at the scene as quickly as possible. This is because the earlier they arrive at the scene, the easier it will be to gather relevant facts and evidence. Moreover, they will be able to meet and interview eyewitnesses at the scene if they arrive quickly enough. 

You should know that the local police report about the accident will significantly influence how your accident claim will turn out. This is because insurance companies, lawyers, judges, and other parties will base most of their opinions and judgment on facts from the report. So, it is always best if the police arrive at the scene in time to collect first-hand information about the accident. 

Emergency workers must also arrive at the accident scene as quickly as possible. Indeed, this is another reason to contact them immediately after the accident. 

Gather Pieces of Evidence from the Scene 

Once you have confirmed your safety and that of other parties in the accident, it is essential to start gathering pieces of evidence on the scene. You can do this even before the authorities get to the scene. Start by taking photos of the scene, including the vehicles involved in the accident, the road condition, traffic signs and signals on the scene, visible injuries you might have sustained, and other information that might be essential to your claim. 

It would help if you also talked to witnesses and exchanged contacts. Then, you can invite them to the stand as witnesses if the case goes to court. Finally, take note of the driver’s state during the accident. Do they seem drunk, exhausted, or distracted? You can also document what you notice about them for your case. However, try not to confront them until your Tampa bus accident lawyer arrives. 

Seek Medical Attention 

Another essential thing to do after surviving a Tampa bus accident is to see a doctor as soon as possible. This is so that you can get adequate treatment for possible injuries and health complications the accident might cause. 

Sometimes, people think they are okay after an accident because they do not notice any physical pain or injury. However, the truth is that you might have sustained some internal injuries, and the symptoms might take time to show. Plus, such injuries can lead to more severe complications if not quickly and adequately treated. 

Contact a Tampa Bus Accident Lawyer 

The only good news about Tampa bus accidents is that you can file a claim and get an adequate settlement for your losses and damages. However, it would be best if you had an experienced bus accident lawyer to help you win the claim. 

Moreover, contacting these lawyers as quickly as possible after the accident will help to boost your chances of winning the claim. You may be looking for an experienced law firm to handle your accident claim. In that case, you should contact us at Coleman Law Group now. Rest assured that we have all the experience and expertise to help win your case. 

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