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Essential Things You Should Know About Bus Accidents

Things to know about bus accidents: Recent reports from the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles indicate that bus accidents are not as frequent on our roads as other types of traffic accidents. But this does not mean that they are less dangerous than others. On the contrary, this accident type can be as deadly as any other one, and people often sustain injuries and damages from it. 

We advise that you should have bus accident lawyers on your speed dial so that they can guide you on the right things to do in such accident situations. It would also help if you had a bus accident information resource at your disposal as they can help to guide you adequately. 

Well, you are in luck today if you are reading this article. Because we will discuss some essential things, you should know about bus accidents. This is so that you can easily avoid them or win a fair settlement when you get into them. So read on to discover more information. 

Things to Know About Bus Accidents? What are the Top Causes of Bus Accidents?

Knowing the causes of an accident can help you take preventive measures to avoid getting into them. It can also help you decide who is liable in an accident situation and how to file a claim against them. So, here are some top causes of bus accidents on our roads today: 

Bus Driver’s Negligence 

Many bus accidents today are primarily the fault of the bus drivers, which can be summed up as negligence. But, of course, these drivers are supposed to be responsible for their passenger’s safety on the road. But then, their errors or recklessness can sometimes put their passengers and even other road users at risk of an accident. 

Driver negligence often manifests in various forms, and some of them include the following: 

  • Distracted driving. It might be because they are checking out something on their phone or radio, discussing with the passengers, rubbernecking, or being distracted by other road users. 
  • Driver fatigue. Driving when fatigued has shown to be pretty dangerous because it can impair the driver’s concentration levels on the road.
  • Traffic laws disobedience. Traffic laws protect bus drivers, their passengers, and other road users. When drivers disobey these laws, they are putting everyone at risk of an accident. 
  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Like fatigue, alcohol and hard drugs can impair a driver’s concentration and ability to make sound judgments on the road. And this can lead to accidents too. 

Other Road User’s Negligence 

Other road users can also be responsible for an accident through their actions and inactions. For instance, an accident can be caused by the faults of another driver on the road. For example, if the driver in front of the bus brakes suddenly without indicating through their brake lights, the bus might end up running into them from the rear. 

Likewise, the bus driver might get into a more severe accident while trying to avoid hitting other drivers or pedestrians on the road. 

Bus Company Negligence 

The bus company can sometimes be liable in a bus accident. Generally, these companies are liable for the driver’s fault in an accident. But they can also face liability on their own if their negligence contributed to an accident. When this is the case, bus accident victims or their families can file a claim against the company. Some of the bus company’s faults that can lead to an accident include the following: 

  • Not properly confirming a driver’s background and qualifications before hiring. 
  • Forcing or letting the driver work for too many hours on the road. 
  • Not carrying out necessary routine inspections, maintenance, and repairs on the bus. 
  • Not providing proper training for their drivers. 
  • Not adequately monitoring their driver’s actions on the road. 

A personal injury lawyer can help you assess the situation and factors after an accident to decide if the bus company should be held liable. 

Vehicle Equipment Failures 

One more common cause of bus accidents on our roads today includes vehicle equipment failure. This entails a situation where an essential component or equipment in a bus develops a fault and fails while the vehicle is in motion, leading to an accident. For instance, a brake failure can make it difficult for the driver to stop or control the bus until it crashes into another vehicle or object on the road. Likewise, tire failures can cause the driver to lose control and end in an accident. 

If you get into a bus accident because of equipment failures or defects, you can file a claim against the manufacturing or maintenance company under the product liability law. Again, an experienced car accident lawyer can help you to file this claim and take all necessary actions to win a fair settlement for your damages. 

How to Determine the Cause of an Accident 

You should know that establishing the cause of an accident and finding out who is at fault is one of the first steps toward filing a successful damage claim. So, it would be best if you knew how to do this. 

The key to determining an accident’s cause is collecting evidence and conducting an investigation immediately after the accident. Typically, a bus accident investigation should involve inspecting the involved vehicles, examining the accident scene, and talking to witnesses. Effectively carrying out this investigation will help you to determine the at-fault parties and decide the best way to file your claim. 

What Type of Injuries Can You Sustain from a Bus Accident? 

Learning about the types of injuries you can sustain from a bus accident is also crucial. This is because the knowledge will help you decide what to do in such situations. From the bus driver to the passengers, other vehicle drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians, people involved in bus accidents are often at risk of sustaining severe injuries. Some of these injuries include the following: 

Fractures and Broken Bones

Fractures and broken bones can occur in a bus accident when the passengers fall from a height or are crushed. It can also occur when the bus hits other road users like pedestrians and cyclists. While some of these fractures can be minor and heal after a while, others can be pretty severe and take longer, with multiple surgeries, to heal. 

Whichever is the case, though, you should see a doctor immediately for adequate medical attention. You should also contact the authorities and file a claim for your damages as quickly as possible. 

Internal Injuries 

Besides physical injuries that are easily noticeable, accident victims can also suffer internal injuries. Such injuries are often caused by the accident’s impact on their internal body systems and organs. The worst thing about these injuries is that they might not be easily noticeable and take some time to show. 

Some common types of internal injuries people sustain from bus accidents include the following: 

  • Internal hemorrhage 
  • Liver lacerations 
  • Punctured lungs 
  •  Damaged kidney and others. 

Moreover, these injuries can degenerate even more fatal if the victim does not get urgent and adequate treatment. 

Cuts and Lacerations 

This entails injuries that leave an open wound on the victim’s body by cutting through their flesh. This injury is often caused by sharp objects in the bus, such as windows, benches, poles, etc. 

Some of these cuts might not be severe and will heal after some time. However, deeper cuts can cause more damage, including deformation, permanent scarring, and massive blood loss. Moreover, they can get infected and lead to even more severe complications.  

Psychological Injuries 

You should know that a bus accident victim’s injury can also be psychological. This is because accident situations are usually pretty traumatic and can trigger psychological disorders in the victims. 

Contact a Car Accident Lawyer 

Some good news for you if you have read this article till this point is that you no longer have to worry about getting the right lawyer for your case. We at Coleman Law Group are qualified, experienced, and dedicated to helping you win your accident claims. So contact us now, and let’s help you make the most out of your case. 

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