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The Do’s and Don’ts After a Bike Accident 

A bike accident is a terrifying experience that can result in minor to major injuries. If you have also been involved in such a crash, it is important to act fast and take measures to protect your legal rights.  

Moreover, if you are unsure what to do next after a crash, here are some do’s and don’ts you should consider after a bike accident.  

What Must You do After a Bike Accident? 

No matter how many safety precautions you take to protect yourself, sometimes bike accidents happen. However, doing the following things after the crash can create a difference. A bike accident lawyer in St. Petersburg helps you preserve the case’s critical information.   

Check Your Injuries & Call for Help 

Check out the injuries and call for medical help. Having prompt medical aid is the first thing you must get after a crash. Then, get yourself examined by medical professionals for early detection so serious injuries don’t appear in the later stages and can save your life from such injuries. Finally, keep medical bills intact for other processes; it can prove your injuries and help you make claims to the insurers. 

Call Police & Wait for Arrival 

Bike accidents are more often caused by rash driving or the negligence of others. It can result in serious damage to property and life. When you know that the other side driver is at fault, you can call the police and file a police report against them. The police officers can take the information of every person involved in the case. It can be the best evidence to help you file a case for your damages in later stages. 

Gather evidence & Document Everything 

What was the traffic signal when the accident happened? Was the faulty driver driving on the wrong side? Gather every detail that happened at the time of the accident. Take photographs of the accident site, vehicle, injuries, and document everything that happened there. Gathering such evidence can help you recover compensation even if there’s a dispute in proving your case. 

Never Negotiate with the Driver 

The drivers at fault may ask you to compromise and get the damage cost in exchange for filing the claims with the insurers. Don’t that as you should not trust anyone, and you might not know if they will keep their promise of paying or not. Even if the driver’s insurance company calls you to settle down, don’t negotiate directly. Talk to your legal team first!

Contact a Bike Accident Lawyer 

The insurance companies might not compensate you for your claims fully. The bike accident lawyers represent you in the lawsuit and advise you on how you can proceed further. The law attorney represents your interests better to the insurance company by analyzing the case’s ins and outs. The lawyers assure you that you are compensated fairly for the losses by the insurance company. 

Contact Your Insurance Company 

After consulting with the legal team, you can contact your insurance company for claims. First, provide the necessary information to the insurance company, ensuring you don’t say anything that affects your claim. Then, on your behalf, let your legal team represent your interests to the insurance companies to claim maximum compensation.  

What Must You Not Do After a Bike Accident? 

Don’t Run Away from Accident Location 

Some people run away from the accident locations without knowing who is at fault. Whether it’s your mistake or someone else’s, stop your vehicle and call for medical aid and the police. First, check for the damage or injuries caused by the accident. Then, stay at the accident until a police report is made for further investigation.  

Not Calling Police 

Most people don’t call the police after an accident. Calling police and following investigations seem like hassles to them. Do you know not calling the police after the accident can be more problematic for you? The other party may file a case against you and provide the wrong information. You can get into a legal case, and an official police report can cause trouble for you. Moreover, it can give your insurers a reason for not covering your claims.  

Not Gathering Evidences 

Some people panic and leave the accidental sites in a hurry. Leaving without gathering evidence and important information can cause trouble for you. So, gathering all the important information is advised to have the necessary evidence of the accident. Then, if insurers don’t pay the compensations, you can file the case and showcase the evidence.  

Agreeing to Unfair Settlements 

The other side driver may ask you not to file the police report and claim compensation from the insurance company. The driver may agree to pay for the damage. Do not accept any direct compensation from the driver. Don’t agree to such unfair settlements as it can create problems in the future.  

Rush to Fix Bike Damages 

Some people rush to fix the vehicle damages. Keep your damaged helmet and bike intact after the crash. Don’t repair them in a hurry! The damaged bike and helmet act as evidence in your case. It can help you in filing the claims.   

How does a Law Attorney Help You After a Bike Accident?  

The law attorney represents you in court. The lawyers analyze the case information and offer expert advice on how you can go further with the legal issues. Here is how a law attorney can help you in navigating your case. 

  • Protects Your Legal Rights: The law attorney gives you a clear idea of how to proceed with the case. In doing so, lawyers preserve the evidence to prove your rights in court. The lawyers on your behalf talk to the insurance companies to attain the rightful compensation for your claims.  
  • Provides Expertise Advice: An attorney investigates all the relevant accidental details, including police reports, witness statements, damage proof, and pictures of the accidental site. After investigating the case, the lawyers inform you about all the ins and outs, including all the exceptions. 
  • Avoid Risky Legal Pitfalls: You should not talk to the insurance companies before consulting the legal team. The insurance team might record your statements and use them against you, so you don’t get claims. Firstly, talk to the lawyer before discussing anything with the lawyer. The lawyers draft everything in writing to the insurers to avoid pitfalls. 
  • Maximum Compensations for Claims: The law attorney knows all the technicalities associated with the case. From doing the paperwork to other loopholes, they never let you lose out on the compensation you deserve. The knowledgeable lawyers know exactly what legal strategy best suits the client’s needs.  

Some Safety Measures to be Taken to Avoid Bike Accidents? 

Keep reading to learn more about bike safety measures!

Follow Traffic Rules  

Follow the traffic rules when you are driving. These rules and regulations are meant for your safety. So, don’t speed and obey the traffic rules. You might be in a hurry, but your life is equally important. You can get the new bike but can’t get this precious life again. So, do not overtake the vehicles as it may increase the risk of accidents.  

Always Wear a Helmet 

Always wear a helmet whenever you ride a bike. The helmet is the most important thing specifically designed for your skull. It does not cause any head injuries during bike accidents. Moreover, it reduces the risks of neck and face injuries. Even if you had a bike crash, it saves you from serious injuries that can cause life loss.  

Don’t do Rash Driving 

Bike riders do rash driving, breaking the traffic rules. Sometimes, it becomes difficult for them to control the bike speed, which causes collisions leading to back accidents. So, drivers must follow the speed limits and drive slowly to avoid deadly accidents.  

Don’t Drink & Drive 

Having alcohol and other substances while driving is a serious crime. The intoxicating substances cause drowsiness and sleepiness in an individual, which increases the risk of accidents. In addition, it can create a loss of life and property to the individual and the people on the other side. So, drivers must never drink and drive because it increases the chances of accidents. 

Wrapping Up 

Nothing can be more devastating than being involved in a bike accident. It involves not only physical or financial losses but also emotional pain. Whether you are the one who is responsible for causing the accident or the one who sustained the accident, the Coleman Law Group can help you settle down claims with the insurance company.  

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