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Our Tampa Truck Accident Lawyer Can Help File Your Claim

As trucks are huge and quite heavy, truck accidents can be extremely disastrous and cause a lot of damage to the vehicle and the person. It can leave a long-lasting impact on the victim’s physical and mental health. Apart from traumatizing injuries, the victim has to bear financial consequences, such as medical bills, vehicle damage, etc.  

How can a Tampa truck accident lawyer help you? You must know your rights and what you can claim after an accident. Tragically, insurance companies bother very little about the victims and their loss. They are big firms interested only in saving as much compensation as possible. So, they try to delay the settlement and negotiate to minimize the damage incurred by the victim. They can even deny the entire case and refuse to pay any money.  

Therefore, the immediate thing to do after a truck accident is to treat your health and consult an attorney. A truck accident lawyer in Tampa can represent you in the lawsuit and get the maximum compensation during settlement or trial. Hiring an attorney also helps reduce the frustration of handling the case and tackling the insurance companies alone. So, hire a truck accident attorney and focus on your recovery while they handle your case with the insurance companies to ensure you get the rightful compensation.  

How do insurance companies exploit the victim?  

Insurance companies are always looking for ways to reduce the claim to the minimum amount possible. They use various tactics to mislead the victims and convince them to accept a lowball settlement. In such situations, having a truck accident lawyer is of great benefit. The lawyer easily handles all these tactics and ensures that your rights are not exploited. They interact with the other party on your behalf to get you the deserved compensation. An experienced lawyer protects you from the following tactics: 

Cater to their interests: Insurance companies always look out for their interests. They do not bother about the victim’s loss and do everything they can to deny the claim. Having a lawyer will give you the upper hand as they know how to deal with such tactics and represent your case in the best way possible.  

Influence communications: It is common for insurance companies to immediately contact you after an accident and make you admit it was your fault. They communicate with you in a friendly way to bring out the details of the accident and then use it later to blame you. To avoid this, you should never interact with them without an attorney. Hire a lawyer and recover properly without worrying about saying anything that can lead to damaging your claim.  

There are many other ways the Insurance companies try to exploit the victim and deny the claim. However, an attorney can help you avoid their strategies and get you the compensation you deserve.  

Compensations that can be recovered   

A truck collision can lead to catastrophic damage and injuries to the victim. In addition, it leads to expensive medical bills and long-term treatments that can leave them unemployed for a long time resulting in financial instability. To recover the financial loss, the victim can claim compensation with the help of a personal injury lawyer. One can recover various kinds of compensation in a truck accident claim. Some of them are:  

Medical expenses: One of the major expenses that the victim has to bear is that of the hospital. Treatment and medication are necessary in truck accident cases as the damages are usually quite serious. Thus, the medical expenses are also very high, which sometimes the victim cannot bear.  

Intangible damages: Going through a truck accident is a traumatic experience that causes not just physical injuries but severe mental and emotional damage, such as post-traumatic mental disorder. Such mental distress requires proper medical attention, therapy, psychiatric service, etc.   

Lost income: The injuries caused by truck accidents can be very severe because of the huge size of the vehicle. In such cases, the victim has to take long-term treatments and misses work or sometimes even loses their job.   

Property damages: An accident also causes personal property or vehicle damage. The victim has to bear the expense of repairing the damaged vehicle. This can also be claimed by calculating the maintenance charges and losses.   

Why do truck accidents happen so frequently?  

Many reasons and factors that cause frequent truck accidents. It can be because of the truck driver’s negligence or a faulty vehicle. Sometimes the truck companies are at fault for choosing an unqualified or untrained driver. Besides that, car drivers also become the reason for severe accidents when driving inappropriately near a truck. They’re either too close or make fast lane changes, and so on. Some of the most common causes of truck accidents are:  

Fatigued driver: Truck drivers are often instructed to deliver goods in a limited time. For that, they drive long distances with very few breaks. As a result, they don’t rest properly and get only a few hours of sleep. This results in a loss of concentration and coordination while driving. Sometimes the driver falls asleep, leading to drastic consequences.   

Blind spot: There are some large blind spots in trucks that can lead to accidents. It is mostly on the left and right sides, close to the truck. When cars move into these blind spots, the truck driver cannot see the vehicle. As a result, the driver cannot anticipate the movement accordingly, and the two vehicles collide, leading to a horrifying accident.  

Poor maintenance: The truck companies are required to carefully inspect each vehicle before approving it to be safe for roads. However, they neglect the routine maintenance and inspection of the trucks to utilize that time for deliveries. This leads to the malfunctioning and failure of the machinery, which causes accidents.  

Distracted driver: Many times, while driving long distances, truck drivers toggle their phones or look for other sources of entertainment to kill the boredom. Even while listening to the radio, they reach out to switch channels or volumes and end up getting distracted from the road. If a driver takes their eyes off the road for even a second, it can lead to disastrous crashes.  

How can a Tampa Truck Accident Lawyer help you?  

Hiring a truck accident lawyer in accident claim cases is always the right decision. A lawyer is experienced and well aware-of the ways to deal with insurance companies on your behalf. They fight to protect your legal rights until you get a justified settlement. Without a legal team, the insurance companies do not take you seriously and tend to make you compromise your rights by accepting whatever they offer. If you have an attorney by your side, you can be sure to receive the rightful justice. A lawyer helps you in the following ways:  

Gather evidence: An attorney investigates the case properly and gathers relevant evidence to build a strong case in your favor. The legal team analyzes the damages and produces evidence to justify your compensation for the loss incurred. They collect documents like police reports, medical reports, receipts, witness statements, pictures of the injuries and accident, etc., to support your claim.  

Represents you in a lawsuit: A lawyer negotiates with the insurance companies on your behalf to support your case and help you get the rightful compensation. Even if the parties do not come to an agreeable settlement, an attorney won’t hesitate to take the matter to court and fight for your rights. Thus, a lawyer represents your case at all costs to help you get the deserving compensation.  

Calculate expenses: After an accident, there can be various injuries and damages to the victim, leading to heavy financial expenses. A legal team calculates all kinds of expenses and helps in getting the most accurate compensation for them. It includes medical bills, long-term damages, treatments, financial setbacks during recovery, etc.  

Covers noneconomic damages: Apart from physical injuries, the victim can also suffer emotional damage. An accident can cause pain and suffering, considered a part of noneconomic damages. You naturally need a lawyer to prove such damages because collecting relevant evidence of pain and suffering is difficult. An attorney also knows the best way to cover your emotional damage while calculating compensation.  

Establish liability: It is often difficult to prove who was responsible for an accident. During settlement, insurance companies try to make the victim responsible for the accident to deny any claim. This is where an attorney helps. The team establishes enough evidence to support the claim and defend your rights in the matter.  

Contact Coleman Law Group 

An accident causes several damaging effects on the victim, including physical and emotional suffering. In addition, the injuries require instant treatment and other expenses, making the victim suffer a financial setback. 

So, it is essential to contact Coleman Law Group to represent your case and try to help get a justified settlement for your losses. Moreover, our truck accident attorney ensures that your legal rights are protected.

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