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Tampa Train Accident Injury Lawyer

A train accident might sound like a scenario from an Old Western movie. But the truth is, in 2019 there were 11,434 rail accidents, resulting in 7,730 injury claims and 937 fatalities. We rely on trains for travel and cargo transportation every day, and, unfortunately, there are a lot of things that can go wrong.

Types of Train Accidents

There are several types of train accidents that can occur, from a train hitting a car or person to mechanical failure, derailment, or collision on the tracks. And there are equally as many causes of train accidents. Whether it's operator error or equipment failure, it's important to find a Tampa personal injury lawyer as soon as possible after a train accident.

Why Hire a Lawyer after Your Train Accident?

Train accidents are some of the most complicated property and personal injury claims there are. This is because one accident can involve multiple companies who might be liable, from the train company itself to the company that maintains the tracks or the company shipping cargo. As soon as an accident happens, these companies start mobilizing teams of lawyers. If you are a victim or a member of the victim's family, finding a good personal injury lawyer you trust can ensure you are fairly represented and getting the best possible settlement.

What Kind of Lawyer Do You Need?

When it comes to train accidents, resources are key. You want to work with a law firm equipped to do the research and with the staff to stay on top of the case. An experienced Tampa car accident attorney will be familiar with serious personal injury law and can explain your options for additional compensation.

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