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Taxi Accidents

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Tampa Taxi Car Accident Injury Lawyer

For many people, using taxi cabs is a regular occurrence. Whether we're rushing to the airport or getting a ride to the autobody shop, we often take for granted that we're covered when riding in a taxi. But taxi car accidents in Tampa can be a bit more complicated than that, and these can become long, drawn-out battles between several insurance companies. This is why having a Tampa car accident attorney on your side is crucial, even if you weren't the person driving.

What to Do if a Taxi Cab Hits Your Car

Filing a damages claim with a taxi company can involve much more paperwork and delay than when dealing with a personal driver. The taxi company should definitely have insurance, but their corporate lawyers will try to avoid as much liability as possible. You will need to prove the driver's negligence and liability, which can become a battle. Hiring a car accident lawyer who is familiar with Florida law can help you get the fairest settlement possible.

Who is Covering Your Bills?

In Tampa, if you are the passenger in a taxi cab accident, your medical bills may still fall back on your own car insurance company. That's because Florida is a No-Fault state. In a multi-car accident, you may actually need to file two personal injury claims-one with the taxi cab company and one with the other party. That's where a personal injury lawyer can be a big help. They'll make sure you are represented fairly to both companies, and they'll guide you through the filing process.

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