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Tampa Scooter Accident Injury Lawyer

Electric scooters are a fast-growing method of transportation in Florida and across the country. Recently made legal here, scooters are presenting problems for many motorists as they adjust to the swarms of e-scooters zipping around our sidewalks and neighborhoods. Because of this, hundreds of scooter accidents happen in Florida every year, many of these leaving riders comatose or dead on arrival. Not only that, but car accidents between scooters and pedestrians are also quite common and can cause both rider and pedestrian severe injuries. Given these potentially horrific outcomes, you may be convinced it's better to simply not look into e-scooters all together.

Tips to prevent a severe personal injury accident

But fear not, as there are measures that you can take to make sure that pleasant ride on your scooter isn't the last thing you end up doing. One of the best ways of preventing severe injuries is to wear a helmet whenever you use a scooter in Tampa. Some of the deadliest injuries from these personal injury accidents are in the head and neck area, which explains why so many riders who get into these kinds of accidents end up with broken skulls and severe brain damage. Sure, a helmet may be uncomfortable and may not keep the rest of your body safe, but it will be able to protect you from the worst of it, so you can at least make it out alive.

Another measure you can take is to learn the rules of the roads and sidewalks in Tampa. See, riding a scooter is a lot like driving a car. Other drivers hit the road with expectations as to how you as another driver should act on the road. In much the same way, pedestrians and drivers expect you as a rider to behave in a certain way to ensure their safety and yours. If there are separate lanes for riders to use, go there and stay there on the way to your destination. It may not be as much fun as going wherever you want, but it will keep you out of the hospital at the very least.

If you need a Tampa personal injury lawyer, here are a few steps to follow

Sadly, even these precautions may not be able to prevent a scooter accident. So, what should you do when one happens? The first thing you should do is treat it like a car accident. Gather evidence - take pictures, help anyone who got hurt, and call 911 to help get things sorted out. Not only that, but you should also get yourself a Tampa personal injury lawyer as you would for a car accident. Unfortunately, not all Tampa lawyers and law firms have the same mission as you do. Some law firms that offer their personal injury services to riders like you are designed to simply funnel people through the system and treat them as cash flow instead of individual people

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