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Rollover Accidents

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Tampa Rollover Accident Injury Lawyer

Rollover car accidents can be especially scary and dangerous. They are by far the most fatal of car accident situations, and many people are killed in rollover accidents each year.

But what exactly constitutes a rollover and why can they be so deadly? A rollover happens when a car is flipped onto its roof or its side. They can be caused by a multitude of things like soft shoulders, uneven ground, colliding with curbs, hitting something while driving, or even just a slippery road.

So, rollover car accidents in Tampa are a lot more common than you would think. But there is some good news: If you drive something like a family sedan, station wagon, hatchback, coupe, or any other type of car with a low center of gravity, your chances of being involved in a rollover car accident are very slim. On the other hand, vehicles like SUVs and trucks have a high center of gravity, making rollovers far more likely for these types of vehicles. If you have either of these types of vehicles in your garage, you may want to exercise even greater caution than normal.

This brings us to the second question: Why are they so deadly? Most injuries from rollover accidents happen in the head and neck area and can range from cuts and scrapes from glass all the way up to severe brain damage that severely inhibits your ability to do critical things such as speak, see, and hear. In some cases, brain damage is so bad that many rollover victims go into a coma soon after the accident happens.

So, what should you do if you are caught in a Tampa rollover accident? The first thing is to try to remember what part of your body was hit the hardest. This can help paramedics give you the treatment you need the instant they arrive on the scene. As soon as your situation is stabilized, you should seriously consider contacting a Tampa car accident lawyer, especially if the other driver was negligent in their driving behavior.

But how can you prove they were being negligent? Negligence applies if the driver fails to do the things that any sane person would do in similar circumstances. If you can prove that they were not acting as a normally cautious person would - for instance, if they were speeding, distracted, or had overloaded the vehicle -- you can file a claim of negligence based on the evidence you believe points to the driver's carelessness. If one of your loved ones was killed in a rollover car accident, you can file a wrongful death claim against the driver and be entitled to a bigger settlement that includes damages such as loss of companionship.

Once you have filed the personal injury suit, you'll want the assurance of having a accident lawyer to help you get the settlement you deserve. The other driver will likely have accident lawyers of their own to defend them so they will have to pay as little as possible for their negligence. Recovery from the trauma of a rollover car accident is hard enough without the apprehension of how you are going to be able to pay for your care.

What sort of Tampa personal injury attorney or auto accident lawyer should you hire? You need one that is compassionate and understanding of what you went through, and this is the type of personal injury lawyer that the Coleman Law Group provides you. Contact us today for a free case evaluation to see what we can do to help you win the settlement you deserve.

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