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5 Steps to Follow If You Have Been Injured in A Car Accident 

Statistics show that driving a car in America can be so life-threatening that it can result in “on the spot death.” And they mostly occur due to human error.    

Unfortunately, if you are amongst those who have recently experienced a major car accident, first, don’t panic and don’t lose hope. You can rightfully file your claim against the convict involved in an accident and get your compensation lawfully.  

And not only you but an experienced driver can also get into a minor or major car accident. But here, the major concern is “what do next after getting hit”? For your convenience, we have compiled a list of steps to follow in a car accident.

steps to follow in a car accident    

Step 1: Get first aid   

When a person gets into an accident, whether minor or major, it can greatly impact the rider or passenger. So, rather than self-analyzing yourself, get yourself checked. Also, get immediate medical assistance to recover if you have any wounds.     

Step 2: Gather all the details   

The next step is to gather the details of the driver who has hit you. Be its number plate, type of vehicle, or model type. All this information can help make your case strong.    

Step 3: Call a car accident lawyer 

The next most important thing is contacting your car accident lawyer in St Petersburg. Why? They are professional and well known for tips and tricks to help win the case.  

Step 4: Do not admit your fault   

Yes, make sure you do not pass any statement without legal advice. When you talk to the convict or their insurance company, they might record your statement and use it against you. To prove their client’s innocence, the convicted party can record your statement, manipulate it, and use it for personal benefit. So, always have a legal attorney or lawyer beside you.    

Step 5: Hire a licensed car accident attorney    

When you hire a car accident lawyer, you can easily save yourself from legal pitfalls. They will save you from getting played and fight for you to get the maximum compensation value against your claim.    

What is The Major Reason Behind Car Accidents?    

To improve your mistake or educate yourself ahead of time, you must understand the possible reasons that can cause collisions. For your convenience, we’ve listed a few common causes that have led to major accidents –   

Accidents or collisions due to human error:   

  • Drunk driving 

Drunk driving is among the most common reason for road accidents. And it is not only us who believe this; stats also show that – drunk driving takes around 29 deaths daily. Furthermore, because a person is drunk, they get dizzy and have blurry vision. Also, they will not be in the right state of mind to make an accurate decision while driving on the road, which can result in a nerve-wracking experience for the driver, passenger, and others on the road.   

  • Over speeding    

Whether running late or just showing off your enhanced engine, speeding can be a life-threatening experience for drivers and others riding on the road. It can cause major accidents and even result in major or permanent injuries to the victim. An overspeeding accident can also harm other riders or pedestrians walking alongside.    

  • Skipping red light    

Each year approximately 40% of people get injured due to uncertain collisions. Be it any reason. If you run at a red light, you are on the verge of getting injured or even risking your life. It’s not worth avoiding 1–2-minute light and putting yourself in great danger. Such collisions are not only deadly for you but the person coming from the other side as well.    

Accidents or collisions due to other reasons:   

  • Unpleasant weather conditions    

There are various ways in which an unpleasant weather condition can cause hazardous accidents on the road. Be it slippery muddy roads, black ice effect, heavy rain, or wind speed. All these can contribute to a major accident and cause major injuries to the victim. In addition, as vehicles slip on the road, they can hit other vehicles or pedestrians passing by. Not only this, but heavy fog, snow showers, and water levels can also cause major weather-related accidents.   

  • Defected or old vehicle    

Our cars consist of hundreds of components, parts, and wires, a single default in any parts can cause hazardous road accidents. It can cause a short circuit, cause damage to breaks, clutch, etc. All these scenarios can lead to major accidents and result in life-threatening injuries. Therefore, getting your car serviced from time to time is extremely important.    

  • Poor road conditions    

If the roadways are poorly maintained, it can increase the risk of major accidents. For example, a road with many potholes can break your tire. If the roads are not maintained properly, it can make your tires slippery and cause a major accident.   

Why Should You File a Lawsuit Against the Convict?    

Most traffic accidents are not necessarily due to untrained drivers but the decision a driver makes while driving on the road. There is ample reason why a collision occurs. Be it human error or external factors. It can have a great impact on the driver or passengers. Even as per the records or the statistics, 90% of accidents involve road accidents due to human error.    

But several drivers admit their fault, find themselves guilty, and even apologize for the accident caused. But if the accident is major, conveying a sorry won’t be enough. By filing a case, you will not only get the due claim but also help condemn the driver’s irresponsible behavior. Also, by highlighting your cause, you can spread awareness and influence, other drivers to be extra cautious while driving on the road.    

How Do you Avoid Road Accidents?    

Road safety is something that is in your hands. If you follow all the rules & regulations, you can rapidly decrease the risk of getting into an accident and save yourself from injury. By following these key points, you can see the results instantly – 

  • Keep your speed under control   

The first thing you can do to avoid accidents is to avoid a high-speed limit. Ensure ample space between you and other vehicles while you drive or stop at lights. And especially those who are driving in front of you, as they can apply for breaks anytime. Also, avoid tailgating ad offer enough space to other drivers so that they can easily pass by and change lanes.    

  • Always keep your car serviced.   

A sudden breakdown or mechanical problem can hinder your ability to control your car on the road. So, to keep your car smooth, under control, and safe for driving, you should always keep your car serviced regularly. Make sure you take special care in winter. Get your tires changed to winter tires. By doing this, you can also attain a small discount from renowned insurance companies.    

  • Stay updated with road and weather conditions.    

Information is a great tool! If you are already informed ahead of time, you can take all necessary measures ad prepare your vehicle accordingly. For example, if you expect a rainstorm or heavy fog, you can prepare for low visibility and drive accordingly.    

  • Avoid using your phone while driving.    

The most dangerous combination is – using a phone or other devices while driving your car. It will not only disturb your focus but also keep you juggled. So, make sure you keep your phone away and keep your eyes ad focus on the road. Even if you are in the spotlight, avoid answering any calls or messages until your reach your destination.    

  • Stay calm, and avoid being aggressive behind the wheel.   

Ager is the most dangerous thing. It can result in hazardous accidents, as anger is something that forces you to make rash decisions and cause uncertain accidents. So, the key is to keep calm even if the other driver is rash with you. For example, do not take the situation personally if another driver cuts you off mid-road or changes the line without intimating you. Avoid reacting aggressively, take a deep breath and let him go without any second thought.    

Contact the Coleman Law Group     

A knowledgeable attorney at the Coleman Law Group can assist you in obtaining the most comprehensive, just, and adequate compensation for your injuries if you have been hurt in a car accident in St. Petersburg. 

For a free case evaluation right away, call our St. Petersburg car accident attorney at 727-214-0400. We can assist you in determining your legal options for pursuing financial reparations from those accountable for your medical expenses, lost wages, and suffering.

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