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Staying Safe as a Pedestrian

Staying safe as a pedestrian is so important. Walking requires predictive thinking about what other drivers might do on the road. And you often do this to avoid pedestrian accidents. Luckily, some things can be done to ensure pedestrians’ safety on the road. For instance, installing sidewalks and traffic lights and helping law enforcement slow down traffic can play crucial roles in protecting all road users.

Of course, pedestrians should also exercise caution and vigilance when walking in and around streets. You should know that drivers are often distracted by other vehicles and may only notice people crossing the road once it is too late. Plus, even at low speeds, a motorcycle, car, or truck can cause severe injury or death in accidents. Thankfully, this article will discuss some tips to help keep you safe as a pedestrian on the road. Read on to discover more.

Know the Basics: Staying Safe as a Pedestrian

To maintain safety as a pedestrian in Florida, you must follow the state’s laws concerning walking on its roads. Some of them include the following:

● If there is no sidewalk, step back from the curb or shoulder of the street.

● Look in all directions for oncoming traffic.

● Listen for oncoming traffic in all directions.

● Consider whether it is safe to cross the road when it is clear or when all traffic stops. When traveling, cross the street and go straight. Watch and listen to traffic as you cross.

This information is crucial for young people learning to cross the road. But it’s also a helpful reminder for everyone, especially those who can be distracted while crossing the street.

Walking safety tips for pedestrians

Here are some tips that can help keep you safe when walking as a pedestrian:

● Look both ways. Look left, right, and left again before crossing. Also, keep an eye on when crossing and be aware that drivers may or may not be able to see you.

● Be especially careful at intersections. Many drivers keep their right of way when turning into another street. So, observe and obey pedestrian signals in favor of traffic lights, if any.

● Always avoid texting or using the internet on your mobile phone while walking. Observe your surroundings and reduce risks and hazards by altogether avoiding mobile phone use while walking or at crosswalks. Texting and walking can be distracting and make it difficult to pay attention to traffic and obstacles in your path.

● As a pedestrian, you should also be careful of parked vehicles. This is especially dangerous as most drivers have limited visibility when reversing. Drivers often don’t expect anyone to go behind their cars, so you always need extra care.

● Always ensure to use the sidewalk or the safest place on the road. If there is no sidewalk, walking as far to the left as possible toward traffic is usually safer, but you should also exercise extreme caution. Stay away from highways and other restricted areas.

● Wearing bright colors and reflective clothing will help you stand out. If you are in a very dark place, you can also bring a flashlight to see where you are going and make yourself more visible.

● Stay vigilant. The roads are full of distracted drivers, so always be careful. Do not block your view with clothing or hats, and do not distract yourself with your mobile phone. Make eye contact with the driver to determine if they are looking at you.

● Avoid alcohol and drugs. They can seriously affect your ability to stay safe and make good decisions. This includes some over-the-counter medications. Read the label to know about possible side effects.

● You may be tempted to cross the center block, where most injuries occur. Using traffic lights and crosswalks is much safer, especially in high-traffic areas.

● Refrain from assuming the vehicle can find you or stop for you. Wait until there is a safe distance between traffic or the vehicle stops before crossing the lane.

● Always be aware of vehicles that turn around before crossing the road. Check left and right.

● Walk fast but don’t run, and cross the road in the middle without hesitation. Always be careful wherever you go. Cars and motorcycles can approach more quickly than expected, and even at low speeds, severe injury or death can result.

There are three main situations in which a pedestrian encounters a reversing vehicle:
1. When the sidewalk crosses the driveway
2. When traveling, parked cars in the parking lot
3. When reversing, the driver may not be able to look directly behind or at the pedestrians.

Similarly, a pedestrian may be looking for a moving car instead of a moving parked car. Hybrid vehicles are especially tricky as they have very quiet engines and do not have the typical engine noise that pedestrians would expect.

So, what should pedestrians do? Choose a route that doesn’t require you to walk behind vehicles. Listen for brake lights, engine noise, and other cues that the car is moving. Watch out for large parked vehicles that may block the view of smaller vehicles when backing up, and watch out for vehicles backing out of the driveway. Having a pedestrian accident lawyer’s contact on your speed dial is also great.

Response after accident

Severe brain or spinal cord injuries from accidents can affect all aspects of life and make it impossible to maintain your previous standard of living. Luckily, there are specific steps you can take to seek compensation and reduce your injury-related liability. They include the following:

● Call 911 and report the accident immediately.
● Take photos of injuries, vehicles, and accident scenes.
● Write down the witness’s name and phone number at the location.
● Seek immediate medical attention if necessary.
● Do not speak to the defendant’s insurance company.
● Talk to an Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer.

Coleman Law Group Can Help You

We have established that a pedestrian accident can be brutal. However, you should know that an experienced pedestrian accident lawyer can help you file a claim and win a fair settlement for your damages in the accident.

Indeed, you should contact us at Coleman Law Group. Rest assured that we have all the necessary experience and expertise to help you win your deserved settlement.

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