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According to AVMA and CDC, nearly 4.5 individuals in the United States report dog bites. Dealing with a dog bite is a painful process. So, if you or your loved one have been attacked and bitten by a dog, you may claim compensation from the liable party. You’ll want a St. Petersburg Dog Bite Lawyer.

However, you will need someone with a hands-on approach to file your case. Our top-rated St Petersburg dog bite lawyer at Coleman Law Group can help you receive the compensation you deserve.  

What to do After a Dog Bite? St. Petersburg Dog Bite Lawyer

Follow the below-mentioned tips if you have been a victim of a dog bite in St. Petersburg:  


We suggest calling 911 and requesting medical help directly from the accident scene. Why? Having law enforcement come to the location will help strengthen your case because the team may make it easier to determine the dog’s breed, owner, and other related info.   

Also, if you encounter a dangerous one, you must report it to the authorities at Animal Services.    

Discuss with the dog’s owner 

It’s necessary to determine whether the dog has current shots. Also, you must decide if it has shown any disease signs. If the dog didn’t have recent vaccinations, you must change your medical treatment course.   

You should also inform your doctor if the dog owner fails to show proof of the dog’s vaccination.  

Seek immediate medical care  

Never avoid medical care for a bite, even if it looks minor. In most cases, the victims of dog attacks need antibiotics to help minimize the risk of infection. Most importantly, it would be best to take these antibiotics only from a professional medical practitioner.   

Contact a professional dog bite lawyer 

In most cases, the victims may deserve compensation under the state’s strict liability law. However, many dog owners will stand firm against paying the compensation. They may try to neglect the harm caused by their dog. Moreover, some dog owners may attempt to prove that you provoked their pet.   

So, it cannot be easy to prove your point without an experienced lawyer. Our St Petersburg dog bite lawyer will assist you in establishing the circumstances that caused the dog to bite, determine the lawful compensation you deserve for all the suffering and loss of wages, and represent you with a strong case.   

No matter if you need to deal with the dog owner’s insurance company or represent your case in court, our experienced dog bite attorney will guide you through all crucial steps of the process.  

The Harm Caused by Dog Bites 

Some common issues caused by dog attacks include bone fractures, permanent scars, and puncture wounds. In addition, in some cases, dog attacks may result in severe facial damage, leading to nerve damage, eye injuries, and permanent disfigurement. In case of extreme damage, the victims must also undergo reconstructive surgeries.   

Also, dog bites can pass harmful bacteria to your body, leading to severe infections and serious diseases. If you don’t get proper medical care after the dog bite, you may face fatal conditions at a later stage. Here are some common dog bite infections: 

  • Rabies is one of the most hazardous infections a dog bite can cause. This disease may directly infect the body’s central nervous system, resulting in severe brain damage and even death. Common symptoms of rabies include insomnia, hallucinations, fever, and headaches.   
  • Staph and strep infections: The bacteria in dog saliva, called staphylococcus or streptococcus, leads to dangerous staph or strep infections.   
  • Capnocytophaga infections: It is a condition that occurs when the bacteria called Capnocytophaga transmits to a dog bite victim’s body. Rashes, fever, and vomiting are some common symptoms of this infection.   
  • Cellulitis: This condition often results in meningitis, issues with blood, eye infections, and even pneumonia.  

How Many Days Are There to File a Suit After a Dog Bite?   

Usually, a “statute of limitations” is filed for a dog attack, or a dog injury is like a typical personal injury claim, and it changes from one state to another. It is a negligence claim against the dog owner who failed to train his dog. Therefore, each state takes a different time to let people file a lawsuit.   

According to the personal injury lawsuit in Florida, the deadline to file the “statute of limitations” in Florida is four years and two years in case of death or fatality. If a person cannot file the claim within the period, they cannot receive compensation. Therefore, it becomes crucial for a claimant to take action as soon as possible. By filing a dog bite attorney as soon as possible, you can save yourself from any issues related to the Statute of Limitations.   

What Potential Compensation do I Deserve Following a Dog Bite?   

No matter how much compensation one can get, the experience of a dog bite is traumatizing for anyone. It is hard to get over the suffering, and it sometimes takes years to recover fully from the injuries. Still, claiming compensation is a right of a person. Here are some of the damages that you can claim for a dog bite:   

  • Emotional and mental trauma    
  • Hospital bills   
  • Suffering   
  • Loss of income or unemployment   
  • Property damage (like cell phones, damaged vehicles, broken eyeglasses)   
  • Punitive damages (If the owner provoked the dog or used it as a weapon)   

If you are confused about whether you should ask for a claim or not, you can contact the Coleman Law Group and get legal advice from our dog bite lawyer in St Petersburg.  

Who is Liable For a Dog Bite Injury?   

The dog’s owner is held liable, whether it be in a public place or a private area, including the dog owner’s house property. However, if the person bitten contributed to the negligence, they would share the liability. For example, if the victim was trying to trespass on the dog owner’s property. If the victim successfully proves that they did not intend to infringe, the law in Florida directly holds the dog’s owner responsible for the attack. We want to help you get justice and that the owner is held accountable for such an incident.   

What Can I Expect From the Florida Dog Bite Laws?  

Many might not even know, but a dog attack victim has the full right to claim compensation for the attack from the dog owner. However, it can be challenging to seek compensation for a dog attack in Florida, so you will need the assistance of an expert St Petersburg dog bite lawyer to receive fair compensation.   

Dog Attack on Public Property  

If the dog attack happened in a public place, you have the full right to ask for compensation from the dog owner.   

When You Are Attacked on Private Property 

Sometimes people do not realize how violent their dog can get when they invite people to their property. If the dog owner has asked you to their premises and their dog attacks you, the owner is liable to pay for the victim’s injuries and suffering. As there is strict liability, the owner must pay no matter if the dog has never acted aggressively or attacked someone.  


Do you want fair compensation for your suffering caused by the dog bite? Contact Coleman Law Group today at (877) 822-9292 for a free consultation with a St Petersburg dog bite lawyer to discuss your attack case.  

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