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Should I Hire a Lawyer for my Rear-End Accident Case?

Should I hire a lawyer for my rear-end accident case? As per a recent report from NHTSA, rear-end accidents are the most frequent type of collision. Around 29% of car accidents are because of rear-ending collisions. Such accident cases can result in severe injuries. 

First, let’s get to know what exactly rear-end collisions are and how they happen:

What are rear-ended accidents?

Rear-end accidents are one of the most occurring types of collision. These accidents happen when the front bumper of vehicle X collides with the rear end of vehicle Y. These accidents mostly occur due to the driver’s inattention, road defects, intoxication, adverse weather conditions, and so on. 

Common causes of rear-end collisions in St. Petersburg

According to the figures, rear-end collisions made up nearly one-third of all traffic collisions. When the front of an automobile collides with the back of another vehicle in front of it, the incident is called a rear-end collision.

This collision is sometimes referred to as a “fender bender.” That phrase, however, minimizes the seriousness of many rear-end collisions.

Two of the most frequent reasons for such collisions are following too closely and distracted driving. Numerous accidents also involve speeding, fatigue, intoxicated driving, and impaired driving.

Common injuries caused by rear-end accident

In many cases, rear-end accidents are not considered severe ones. However, the brute force of a hit by another car can result in serious injuries that can impact your emotional and physical health. Some of the common injuries are:


Whiplash is the most common injury after a rear-end collision. It is a neck injury that happens when your head experiences a sudden forced movement forward. As per National Safety Council, 80% of individuals will experience neck pain and soreness for more than a week. In addition, 50% of victims can also feel soreness for more than a year after a rear-end accident. 

Whiplash can occasionally result in substantial muscle and nerve damage, despite being one of the less severe consequences of fender benders. It’s interesting to note that stomach ache is one sign of whiplash that many people are unaware of.

Head injuries

No matter how fast the cars are going, a rear-end accident is always dangerous since there is a chance that someone could get head injuries. Even if airbags deploy properly, a skull can still be impaled or hit. This can result in bruises, lacerations, swelling, concussions, loss of consciousness, and other unpleasant side effects like these:

Traumatic brain injury symptoms may not be instantly noticeable, and it may take days or weeks for all of the injury’s effects to manifest.

Seat belt injuries 

We all know that seat belts are here only to save our lives. However, seat belts are also known to injure people whenever they are a part of rear-end accidents. In a case when your car is rear-ended, your seat belt tightens automatically to stop you from hitting the dashboard, steering wheel, or windshield. The seat belt might slash your skin.

 Slipped disc

Your spine is made up of vertebrae piled on top of one another and rubbery cushioning. Your spine’s discs are the cushions in between the bones.

Discs feature a soft inside nucleus that is surrounded by a rubbery shell. When the disc’s interior ruptures through this outer layer and shifts, it results in slipped or herniated discs.

Many people can recognize a herniated disc based on the following, even though many have little to no symptoms of one:

  • Leg or arm pain
  • Tingling or numbness
  • Muscle tremor

Surgery is not often recommended to repair a herniated disc, but if it is left untreated, it may potentially lead to more severe consequences.

Crushed limbs

When there is a significant car collision, it is possible to crash into the back of another vehicle or an approaching vehicle. In any of these situations, a spinal injury can cause partial or complete paralysis of the victim. In addition, spinal injuries may be permanently disabling or necessitate months or even years of rehabilitation.

Legs may be crushed or maimed in severe rear-end crashes. In some circumstances, the patient may be allowed to either keep the limb or have it amputated. 

Serious injuries like amputations and limb crumplings require numerous surgeries and long hospital stays.

Should I hire a lawyer for my rear-end accident case? How can a St. Petersburg rear-end accident lawyer can help you with your rear-end accident case?

A St. Petersburg rear-end accident lawyer can help you investigate the facts of your collision and help identify all the parties responsible for the accident. A rear-end collision is usually the fault of the motorist in the back. According to the NHTSA, almost all crashes are caused by key driver errors. The following are examples of negligent actions and behaviors that can result in rear-end collisions:

  • Driving under the influence (DUI)
  • Violating traffic laws and regulations
  • Following another vehicle too closely (tailgating)
  • Reckless driving
  • Speeding
  • Driving while tired
  • Distracted driving

Faults in a rear-end collision are relatively easy to prove in most cases. For instance, if a drunk driver rear-ended your vehicle while you’re stopped at the traffic light, your case is pretty straightforward to prove. If you have a police record and other evidence establishing the driver’s negligence, they will be liable for your losses and expenses.

However, if you abruptly reversed at a traffic signal or your brake lights were not working, you might be dealing with a more complicated situation. This is because you were at fault in your rear-end collision.

Even if you share responsibility for the rear-end collision, you can still seek legal advice on proceeding with your case. A rear-end attorney can evaluate the specifics of the collision and advise you on your legal alternatives.

Compensation in rear-end accident claim

If you’ve been injured in a rear-end collision that wasn’t your fault, you might be struggling from injuries, trauma, or financial losses. Fortunately, a rear-end accident lawyer can help you win the claim you deserve for your losses. 

Every case is different, but some of the injuries that a lawyer often recover compensation for rear-end accident cases are:

  • Pain and suffering- If you are suffering physical or emotional pain, you can claim that pain. 
  • Lost wages– To cover any wages you lost because the injury or accident prevented you from attending your work for some time. 
  • Medical expenses- The cost of medical treatment you had to go through for the injuries caused by accident. 
  • Wrongful death- If your loved one dies from the accident, you can claim for funeral costs or loss of consortium.
  • Vehicle damage- The cost of replacing or repairing damages to your vehicle caused due to the accident. 

While no amount of compensation can completely recover your trauma or injuries, it will help you to manage your financial problems.

Contact St. Petersburg’s rear-end accident lawyer to get started with your rear-end collision case.

What to do if multiple cars are involved?

If multiple vehicles are involved in an accident, then proving the other driver’s liability can be tricky. For example, how do you identify who was responsible for your injuries if you are hit from behind by a vehicle?

The Florida courts will consider all data and relevant accounts from each driver involved in these instances. Both drivers may be at fault in some instances. For example, if the automobile that hit the car behind you was speeding, they will be partially at fault. However, if the car was tailgating you and caused a rear-end collision, both drivers might be held accountable.

A rear-end attorney will be able to explain more about what to expect regarding your accident case. 

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