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Frequently Asked Questions About Scooter Accident Claims in Tampa

Scooters are currently gaining more popularity for local travels on our roads. This is many thanks to the fact that it is pretty easy and convenient for short-distance transportation. However, it comes with its risks, and exposure to scooter accidents is one of them. If you find yourself in this situation, who can help you with scooter accident claims in Tampa?

Considering electric scooters are still relatively new on Tampa roads, drivers and many other road users have yet to embrace the new technology fully. Consequently, they do not know much about scooter safety and road rules. Unfortunately, this means your chances of getting in an accident as a scooter owner are high, especially on the busy Tampa roads. 

According to a recent research study by USA Today, electric scooter accidents on our roads have surged pretty massively over the past few years. Moreover, these accidents can be devastating, and you might become confused about what to do next. 

Thankfully, this article will discuss some essential information you should know about scooter accidents. We will also answer frequently asked questions about scooter accident claims in Tampa. 

Are Scooters Really Dangerous? 

Under natural circumstances, scooters can be safe, especially when the owners take proper care of them and observes safety rules while on the road. However, scooters can also put you in dangerous situations if you do not care for them or maintain safety rules while using them. For instance, riding a scooter with a faulty break will most likely lead you to an accident situation.  

In many other cases, other drivers or road users might make the road unsafe for scooter users. For instance, when another road user does not respect a scooter rider’s right to use the road, it will likely lead to an accident.

What are the Most Common Causes of Scooter Accidents in Tampa 

Here are some of the leading causes of scooter accidents on Tampa roads today: 

  • Drivers do not respect scooter riders. As mentioned earlier, some drivers do not respect the right of scooter drivers on the road because they have not fully understood or accepted the new technology. 

Consequently, they would often impose these scooter drivers’ rights of road usage.

  • Distracted Driving. Another leading cause of scooter accidents in Tampa is distracted driving. This entails a situation where a driver is not entirely concentrated or focused while on the road. Of course, there can be several reasons for this, including focusing on a smartphone, on a fellow road user, on your car radio, etc. In most cases, this can lead to accidents on the road. 
  • Speeding or Disregarding Traffic Rules. Specific Safety rules have been set for all vehicle types on Tampa roads. Of course, these rules aim to protect the safety of lives and properties on the road. For instance, all vehicles on Tampa roads are required to adhere to specific speed limits and regulations. 

Unfortunately, though, some drivers do not regard these rules. When this is the case, they are very likely to get into accidents, which might be scooter accidents. 

Indeed, there are many other causes of scooter accidents on Tampa roads today. However, the factors highlighted above are some of the most common causes. 

Who is Liable for a Scooter Accident Settlement in Tampa? 

Generally, the person at fault for a scooter accident is supposed to be responsible for the settlement. However, you should know that things are not always “black or white” in the legal industry. This means that many factors are to be considered, and more people might be responsible for the accident and resulting damages. 

Here are some factors that can contribute to deciding who should be liable for damages from a scooter accident. 

  • Suppose the accident happened due to a malfunction in the scooter. In that case, the manufacturer can be held responsible for your injury or damages. 
  • Suppose you got in a scooter accident because you ran over a pothole. In that case, the state or city can be held responsible for your injuries. 
  • If you were hit by a car and the driver is at fault. In that case, their insurance will pay for your injuries. 

You should know that there are many types of scooter accidents you might get into. Many types of injuries can also arise from these accidents. Whatever the case, you can get fair compensation for your damages in these accidents. An experienced scooter accident lawyer should guide you through the process of winning your claim. 

What Kind of Compensation Can You Receive for Your Scooter Accident Damages? 

Indeed, the types of injuries people obtain from accidents often vary. As such, compensation also often varies, depending on your type of injury and its severity. Here are some types of compensation you might get for your scooter accident injury: 

  • Medical expenses 
  • Pain and suffering 
  • Mental anguish 
  • Loss of support or companionship 
  • Lost wages 
  • Lost earning ability, etc. 

It is crucial to note that most insurance companies are unwilling to pay your total settlement. So, they will explore every possible window, including your ignorance, to see that you are not fully paid. 

What Should You do After a Scooter Accident? Who can help with scooter accident claims in Tampa?

If you ever get in a scooter accident, here are some steps to make your accident claim easier and improve your chances of winning. 

Check Yourself for Injuries

Of course, you should know that your safety and health should always be prioritized. So, your first point of duty at any accident scene should be to confirm that you are safe and not severely injured. 

You can start by flexing your muscles and joints to confirm that you can still move them and that they do not hurt. After that, run your hands all over your body for any injury or pain. Once you have confirmed that you are not severely injured. Move from the accident scene to a safer place, perhaps by the roadside.  

You also want to confirm that other parties in the accident are safe. If anyone is injured, you should assist them with first aid before emergency services arrive. 

Gather Pieces of Evidence on the Scene 

After confirming your safety, the next step should be to gather pieces of evidence that can help your case at the accident scene. You can do this by photographing traffic signs or signals around the scene. You can also take pictures of the main accident scene and any other thing you think will help your case. 

Take note of the driver’s condition to see if they seem disoriented or under the influence. If they are, try to get proof of their state during the accident. However, do not try to confront them on your own until the local authorities and your lawyer arrive. 

Contact Local Authority and Your Lawyer 

You must contact local authorities anytime in a scooter accident in Tampa. This is because they play a significant role in deciding the success of your claim. Authorities to contact include the police and road safety agencies. 

Once these authorities arrive, they can help clear up the accident scene and ensure everyone is okay and safe. They will also start an investigation to determine who is at fault for the accident by collecting pieces of evidence and talking to eyewitnesses. So, calling them as quickly as possible after the accident is crucial. 

It is also crucial to contact a scooter accident lawyer in Tampa quickly after the accident. They know the best way to navigate your situation. 

Finally, it is best advised that you do not try to confront the driver or authorities at a scooter accident scene until you have contacted your lawyer. This is so that you do not say or do things that might jeopardize the success of your claim. 


There is no doubt that scooter accidents can be devastating, and the moments after it can be pretty confusing. Luckily for you, this article has discussed some of the most important information you should know about scooter accidents in Tampa and what you should do in such situations. 

Perhaps, you are looking for an experienced scooter accident lawyer in Tampa to help win your claim. In that case, you should contact Coleman Law Group now. Rest assured that you will get the best representation.

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