9 Questions to Ask a Personal Injury Attorney

Questions to Ask Personal Injury Lawyer:

1. Why Hire a Personal Injury Attorney?

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration indicates that there are nearly 5.5 million car accidents each year, leading to 3 million injuries and 40,000 fatalities. These accidents require an auto accident attorney or a personal injury attorney in Tampa because accidents, malpractice, and product liability are the top three causes of these claims in the U.S., and handling the claims requires professional assistance from a personal injury attorney.

A personal injury attorney must have sufficient experience in individual injury cases and most offer contingency fees (you don’t pay unless they prevail for you).  Clients should discuss some critical questions when hiring an injury attorney, so let us talk about them for your understanding.

2. Can You Handle My Case?

Professional attorneys know what they can deliver and their level of dedication toward each case. Lawyers should only accept clients they believe in when helping someone file a personal injury claim. 

Professional lawyers will not sign you up until they know they can handle your case and have a high likelihood of getting you a well-deserved settlement amount.

A smaller lawyer firm may have issues like availability problems and process delays. Still, a well-known attorney firm has a team of experts trained to handle clients, record specialists, paralegals, and other experienced members to professionally manage your personal injury claim. So, it is best to inquire with the firm about your desires and their skills.

3. What Are Your Charges?

The majority of the personal injury lawyers operate on a contingency basis, which means they charge clients a percentage of the final settlement amount as the fee. Thus, clients do not have to worry about paying the car accident lawyer in Tampa as long as they recover monetary damage in your lawsuit.

The contingency payment also saves clients from out-of-pocket charges and is arguably the best option for clients on a budget. But, it is essential to discuss the exact fee percentage your attorneys will charge, as it can range between 33% and 40% of the settlement amount.

4. How Many Cases Have You Handled Similar to Mine?

Personal injury claims can range from general liability cases to more complex situations like catastrophic injuries. Ensure your attorney has sufficient experience and exposure to handle issues specific to your situation. No client would like to be the first to have their case handled by a new, individual lawyer. So, it is best to choose a personal injury attorney with sufficient winning records in cases similar to yours.

5. What is your Opinion on My Case?

Personal injury victims often think cases are easy, and they can quickly win substantial settlement amounts. However, every personal injury claim can be different, depending on the circumstances.

The laws or case conditions can often make your case difficult, so hiring a skilled and objective lawyer is best. The attorney can help you understand your chances of winning, the expected settlement amount, and if the case is worth pursuing. Clearing out these simple questions will save you from further complications and frustration in the future.

6. Do I have to pay if I Lose?

The lawyer fee comes from the contingency, but there are some out-of-pocket expenses some law firms will still need you to pay. These expenses can include the following:

  • Expert witness fees
  • Filing fee
  • Medical records retrieval fee
  • Police reports

However, at the Coleman Law Group, you pay nothing unless we win for you.

The attorneys help clients communicate with doctors and liens, and clients do not have to pay for these expenses until they receive a payout from the accident settlement.

Clients can discuss the case-related cost needed to pay in case of losing the claim and demand the amount accordingly. It is the perfect time to read case specifications with your attorney to get a clearer idea of the total expenses of the case if you lose.

In addition, it is essential to fully understand any agreements the clients have to sign for the personal injury claim proceeding.

At the Coleman Law Group, you pay nothing unless we win for you.

7. What Challenges do you See with my case?

Challenges and legal issues can arise with a personal injury claim, which can be a little difficult for inexperienced attorneys to answer. However, a personal injury attorney who has handled these kinds of cases can quickly line out the dynamics of your case.

In addition, attorneys telling clients the case will be a “smooth sail” can be a red flag because personal injury claims have inherent complications that may arise.

The attorneys need to keep a record of the case progress and update the client upfront. Nevertheless, a professional will highlight difficulties you may face and propose a viable solution for them.

8. What is My (Client) Role in the Lawsuit?

Clients have different approaches to their lawsuits. For instance, some maintain a hands-on approach and attend depositions and other gatherings to watch the case. 

It is essential to check if your attorney allows this because some professionals do not like the clients being in these meetings.

Other clients may also want their attorney to handle the complete case and hope for the best results while staying on the sidelines. So, it is essential to communicate these things beforehand and maintain a professional relationship.

At the Coleman Law Group, we welcome your involvement at whatever level you feel comfortable.  This is your case and you have a say.

9. Can I Speak to a Former Client?

Word of mouth is the best way to ensure you hire the right personal claim attorney. You can request the attorney for a reference or two to satisfy yourself mentally.

 A web copy or other promotional material may tell you a lot about an attorney’s services, but meeting a former client is the best way to get first-hand information.

How Will the Personal Injury Lawyer and Staff Communicate with Me?

Clients prefer professionals who keep them updated about the lawsuit’s progress. So, do not shy from asking the attorneys about their communication methods and frequency. 

Staying in the dark can cause much stress and reduce the chances of winning. So, it is essential to maintain good communication with the attorney you choose.

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A personal injury attorney can help get reasonable settlement amounts, prevent out-of-pocket costs, and assist with your financial needs. That said, it is essential to choose skilled personal injury attorneys who have the knowledge and experience to handle these personal claim cases.

Our experts at Coleman Law Group have helped many clients with personal injury claims.

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