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questions to ask a bike accident lawyer

All year, the weather in St. Petersburg is ideal for bikers, and many inhabitants use bikes for enjoyment, exercise, and transportation. St. Petersburg also has a good number of trails for bikers. Unfortunately, cyclists are always at risk due to hazardous road conditions and inconsiderate or reckless vehicles. Bike accidents are more prevalent than most people realize. Bicyclists are responsible for 2% of all traffic-related fatalities and injuries each year. Of course, a simple fall from the bike or a collision with a curb might result in injury.

On average, 110 bikers die in Florida every year, with many more wounded. In fact, with 5.7 bike-related deaths per million people each year, Florida is the country’s worst state for bikers. According to data examined by the News-Press of Southwest Florida, over 7,000 bikes crashed in the state in 2014. Pinellas County had 574 of them, resulting in 6 fatalities in the St. Petersburg region that year.

Suppose you were injured in a St. Petersburg bike accident. In that case, you have the right to seek full compensation for your injuries, including medical treatment and lost wages. Don’t let medical costs pile up before consulting with an attorney.

Getting a bike accident lawyer may be the last thing on your mind after a horrific bike accident. However, it’s typically better to contact a bike accident lawyer to ensure you’re adequately paid. This is important, especially since you’re dealing with medical bills, insurance concerns, physical rehabilitation, and the consequences for your career and personal life. Keep in mind that these drivers will have insurance companies on their side who will do everything to avoid paying you the money you deserve. 

There’s also the legal aspect to consider. Suppose you feel you have a personal injury claim against the person who hurt you. In that case, you should consult with a personal injury attorney.

Common Causes For Bike Accidents

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the most prevalent cause of bike accidents is being hit by an automobile. Falling, hitting anything on the road, bad roads, impacting a stationary object, or veering to escape an animal are all potential explanations of a bike accident. The most common, though, is being struck by an automobile. Because a bike is a lot smaller than a car and the rider is largely shielded, the damage caused can be significant. A bike accident can sometimes be fatal, leaving people left behind with agony and heartache.

The following are some of the reasons why vehicles hit a bicyclist:

Low visibility: bikes, as previously said, are tiny and may be difficult to notice. They are, however, not as compact as motorcycles. As a result, it is the responsibility of motorists to keep an eye out for them.

People are frequently distracted while driving by their devices, other occupants of the vehicle, their concerns, radio, or other things. It can create a risky driving situation.

Dangerous roads: Roads with hazardous construction or inadequate maintenance can cause accidents.

Injuries Involved In a Bike Accident

A bike collision can cause injuries ranging from moderate to serious. Head injuries are extremely severe and can result in death or impairment over a long period. The following are the most frequent injuries that can occur because of a bike accident:

– Head injuries include skull fractures, brain contusions, concussions, and other shell-shocking brain injuries.

– The abdomen and chest regions are also frequently harmed. Rib fractures, severe hernias, splenic rupture, and even lung damage are possible.

– Injuries to the face or the eyes, such as dental fractures, facial fractures, or foreign things in the eyes.

– Lacerations, contusions, and “road rash” are skin injuries and soft tissue injuries.

– Fractures, dislocations, strains, and sprains of the musculoskeletal system

Bike accidents often result in traumatic hernias, rib fractures, splenic ruptures, and lung damage. The abdomen and chest regions are also frequently harmed. Some injuries, particularly those in the brain or affecting vital organs, may not be apparent right away. Such instances can result in life-threatening or crippling illnesses. In cases where you have been wounded in a bike accident, you must seek medical attention right once.

What To Do If You’ve Been In a Bike Accident: questions to ask a bike accident lawyer

You must take the proper actions if you’ve been hurt in a bike accident. If you’ve been wounded in a bike accident, you should first contact police authorities. They will come on the site, examine the situation, and document the evidence. The next step is to ensure that any third-party witnesses provide you with their contact information. 

The drivers of autos frequently reject responsibility in bike accidents. They may argue that the bike suddenly appeared in front of them and that they had no choice but to hit it. When it comes to proving responsibility, the evidence of independent third-party witnesses often makes the difference.

Try to push through your injuries. The insurance companies will view any delay in treatment as proof that your injuries were not caused by accident or are not significant. The following step is to keep track of your injuries. If you have any apparent injuries, such as cuts or bruises, photograph them to assist support your case. After that, get medical attention right away.

Finally, you should engage a bike accident attorney that is a board-certified civil trial attorney. Insurance administrators are prepared to ask you some questions that reduce whatever payment they owe you for your injuries, so don’t talk to them first.

A list of important questions to ask a bike accident lawyer as you consider your alternatives for managing your case is provided in this article.

1. What Can a Bike Accident Lawyer Do For Me?

It is essential to find out exactly what to expect from your bike accident lawyer; that way, cases of expectations not being met would be eliminated. An expert bike accident lawyer should help you defend your rights and collect compensation for your injuries and losses if you are harmed in a bike accident.

A bike accident lawyer will commence by reviewing the situation’s circumstances after you have contacted them. They will quiz you about your injury and want to know how it has affected your life. Bike accident lawyers are taught to be attentive to precise details that can help them establish your suit. The lawyer will look forward to the following information:

– Who is to blame for the crash, and who caused it?

– The costs of your injuries in well-detailed documents. (amounts spent on medical care now and in the future)

– Whether the availability of witness testimonies or photographs of the accident scene was ensured.

– All of the ways that the accident impacted or altered your life, including injuries, lost pay, and pain and suffering.

– The injuries you sustained, as well as additional losses, such as property damage.

Following that, the bike accident lawyer will begin investigating your case. Revisiting the location of the accident, obtaining medical documents and reports of the crash from authorities, photographing the damages, and probing witnesses are all part of the inquiry. The attorney and their team will finish the most, if not all, of the inquiry, but if more information is needed, an expert will be called in.

After assembling all of the information to begin settlement talks, the lawyer will submit a letter of demand to the insurance administrators. The letter of request is a formal document that contains information on the accident and the number of sought-after damages to be compensated for your injuries.

There are two possible outcomes from this action. The insurance authorities provide you with the payout you requested in the best-case scenario. They may, however, try to undercut your offer. If this occurs, your lawyer will have to choose between continuing the negotiation with you or launching a lawsuit on your behalf. The majority of insurance-related claims are resolved without going to court. However, you should ensure that your lawyer is experienced in fighting issues in the presence of a court or jury. 

  1. What Kind Of Compensation Can I Expect From a Bike Accident Attorney?

In most places, the injured victim in a car accident can sue the at-fault motorist for compensation for their injuries and losses. A bike accident lawyer will seek to establish that the irresponsible motorist is to blame for your injuries and damages because they disobeyed the road laws or acted recklessly, resulting in a collision.

Your bike accident lawyer will help you collect both monetary and non-monetary damages due to your accident. Medical expenses and treatments, both present and future, wage loss or loss of earning potential, and property damage are all examples of economic losses. Non-economic losses include things like pain and suffering and mental distress.

You have the right to claim appropriate compensation for expenditures paid as a result of your injuries if you were hurt in a bike accident induced by someone else, including:

Medical care for your injuries, including a stay in the hospital, surgery, medical treatments, physical and occupational therapy, prescription pain medicines, and other costs such as medical equipment purchases

– If you’re incapacitated due to your injuries, you’ll need long-term care.

– Expenses incurred if you were unable to work while recovering from your wounds and undergoing rehabilitation.

– Permanent limitations that affect your capacity to continue working have resulted in a loss of earning potential.

– Significant scars, disfigurement, or lifelong disability have reduced one’s quality of life.

  1. What Do I Need To Do To Guarantee My Case’S Success?

This is a critical question for your bike accident lawyer. There are various things you may do to improve – or weaken – your case throughout the process. This might increase or decrease the value of your case by hundreds of dollars.

For example, social media is presently destroying more instances than ever before—even well-meaning people who want to scream a little on Facebook risk jeopardizing their settlement.

Suppose you’ve been critically injured in a vehicle accident. In that case, you might want to reassure your family and friends by posting on social media that you’re “doing OK.” Nonetheless, the insurance company or an opposing lawyer may use that tidbit of information against you. They will consider it proof that you are not as gravely hurt as you claim.

It is critical to avoid posting on social media or discussing the matter during the insurance claim and lawsuit procedures. Inquire with your bike accident lawyer about what you can do to assist and prevent undermining the worth of your claim.

  1. How Long Will It Take For My Case To Be Resolved?

Although no lawyer can anticipate when all legal processes will be completed with 100 percent accuracy, it’s appropriate to inquire about just how long your suit will take. Much of this is determined by the insurance company’s actions or how the defense attorney defends their client’s case.

If all goes according to plan, most cases may be settled very quickly. On the other hand, negotiations can become problematic in many cases when neither party wants to budge. The insurance company may fold a hard fist and determine that, for whatever reason, taking you to court to get reimbursement for your injuries is preferable.

Don’t hesitate to contact our office to schedule a consultation with a committed and professional St. Petersburg bike accident lawyer. We will prioritize your case and not quit until we get the best possible outcomes. To get started on your bike accident claim, contact Coleman Law Group.

We provide the thorough and personalized care that our bike accident victims need. Our caring attorneys are always accessible to assist you, no matter where you are or when you decide you need assistance in obtaining the compensation you deserve. Call today for a free case review with a personal injury attorney to learn how we may assist you.

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