VAWA Attorney- Hiring for Qualification Vs. Experience

It’s an age-old question: What should you consider when you want to hire a lawyer? Well, of course, the world is already governed by laws and regulations, making it difficult to navigate the legal landscape on your own. However, it becomes even more difficult when you’re facing threats of deportation. 

What do you do? The answer is simple: hire a VAWA attorney to help you. Yes, you’ve probably read articles and seen forums where people say you can petition for a green card through the VAWA route yourself. But it’s not always as simple as it sounds. You’ll still want someone who understands the complex legal terms and processes involved. Hence, the desire to hire an expert. 

But then comes the question, “What should you consider when hiring a VAWA attorney?” We’ll provide a detailed answer, but let’s start by reviewing what a VAWA lawyer is. 

What is a VAWA Attorney?

A VAWA attorney, also known as a VAWA lawyer, is a legal professional who helps clients handle VAWA cases. Their specialization areas include providing legal advice to people pursuing VAWA cases, assisting them with legal matters, and representing them in court when necessary. 

VAWA stands for Violence Against Women Act. It’s a historic piece of legislation signed to protect abuse victims. However, the law doesn’t target all abuse victims. It works for only dependents of immigrants in the United States who are suffering abuse from their hosts. The law addresses cases of domestic abuse, sexual abuse, stalking, and other related offenses. However, despite the name of the act, it’s important to note that it does not only protect women. Thus, men, women, and children can seek protection through the law. 

The unique feature of this act is that in addition to providing protection for abuse victims, it is also a route to American citizenship. But that’s not to say it’s as simple as it sounds. Applicants must understand all aspects of the law before applying. On the other hand, you can hire a VAWA attorney to help you handle all of it. But which is more important when hiring a VAWA lawyer, experience or qualifications? Let’s see.

Experience Vs. Qualifications

Don’t get us wrong: both experience and qualifications are important when hiring any kind of lawyer. Legal matters are typically complex and overwhelming, irrespective of how simple they may look from a distance. Therefore, it’s important to know how to hire a professional. The right person can turn the tides in your favor, even in difficult situations. So, knowing what’s the most important criteria for choosing can be the difference between winning and losing your VAWA case. Now, let’s review both criteria listed above. 


An experienced VAWA lawyer is useful in so many ways. 

First and foremost, their experience in negotiations and mediation will always come into play when they advocate for their clients’ interests. You don’t know what your abuser is bringing to the case, so you’ll need all the negotiation you can get. An experienced VAWA attorney has handled similar cases to yours, irrespective of how unique they are. So they won’t find it difficult to present your case in a clear and convincing manner. 

If the case ever boils down to settlement, you can expect them to employ their experience to help you navigate the settlement process.

Besides, their experience means they are quite familiar with court staff and judges. This familiarity can help them navigate the court system more efficiently and effectively. It helps them anticipate the judge’s tendencies and preferences and tailor their strategies and arguments accordingly. 

There’s also the case of being able to fill out documents on time. The faster you move on your VAWA case, the more likely you’re able to get a ruling in your favor. At least you can make headway before your abuser finds out and tries to put up a case. Experienced VAWA lawyers know what’s required at each stage. So, they’ll help explain the stages and ensure you get through each as quickly as possible.


Qualification is also very important when hiring a VAWA attorney. The legal field is quite complex, so you’ll want your representative to be fully au fait with all the legal processes and precedents needed for the case. Fortunately, these are qualities that come naturally with qualification. Besides, nobody gets legal certifications and qualifications without going through the processes required. So, it’s already a clear indicator that they’re experts and are able to accomplish what you want. 

The better their credentials, the greater their likelihood to deliver the required output. Besides, when it comes to the legal field, it’s quite difficult to know who’s experienced or not. So one simple way to know an attorney’s potential is by looking at their qualifications. If they have outstanding qualifications, then there’s greater possibility that they’ll know how to navigate the legal processes.

Besides, national laws are updated every now and then. These are things lawyers learn about before getting new certifications. So having the latest certifications and qualifications guarantees that they’re updated with the latest changes and updates to VAWA laws.

So Which Should You Prioritize?

Both are very important. A VAWA attorney that offers both will significantly increase your chances of getting a ruling that favors you. So, when you set out to search for a VAWA attorney or any other kind of lawyer, look at both criteria. The more balanced they are in both, the likelier they are to help you win your case.  

The Coleman Law Group Can Help You

Here at the Coleman Law Group, we prioritize both experience and qualification. So, by having us represent you, you can be assured that you’re getting the best of both worlds. Our lawyers are both qualified and experienced, and they have everything to get you through the process. Ready to have the best VAWA attorney represent you? Contact us now! 

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