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Did You Get in a Pedestrian Accident in Tampa? Here’s What You Should Do 

There is hardly anybody that steps out of their home intending to get into a pedestrian accident. They are often a pretty ugly situation that might lead to severe injuries, damages, or even death. But then, the truth is that we can barely totally control our chances of being in such accidents. This is especially as other road users are often at fault for pedestrian accidents on the road. 

Perhaps, you live in Tampa, then the risk of getting into a pedestrian accident is even heightened for you. But, of course, you know that the traffic on Tampa roads is nothing to joke about. Plus, navigating your way amongst the many vehicles that crowd the roadways daily can be confusing, leading to more accidents and injuries. This is one of the reasons why recent reports by the Tampa Bay Times classified the area among the most dangerous cities for pedestrians in America. 

Of course, getting in a pedestrian accident in Tampa Florida can be devastating, and, to make matters worse, you might become pretty confused about what to do after the accident. Not to worry, though; this article will teach you all the proper steps to take. So, ensure to read to the end for more information. 

What are the Leading Causes of Pedestrian Accident in Tampa Florida? 

There are several causes of pedestrian accidents in Tampa. However, the most common amongst them include the following: 

  • Reckless driving. This is one of the most common causes of all accident types. It entails that a vehicle’s driver is not careful or focused enough while on the road. Considering that there are often too many vehicles and high traffic on Tampa roads, the safety laws require all drivers to maintain optimal care and focus behind the steering. 

Unfortunately, this is not always the case as some drivers drive without regard for the laws. When this happens, the chances of an accident increase, and it might just be a pedestrian accident. 

  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Driving “under the influence” is another leading cause of pedestrian accidents in Tampa. Even though safety laws in the city prohibit drivers from taking drugs, substances, or alcohol while driving, some drivers still go on to “get high” on these things before getting behind the wheel. 

Indeed, these things are bound to mess with their cognitive abilities and make concentration difficult for them. An accident becomes imminent when this is the case. 

  • Excessive Speeding. It does not need telling that excessive speeding on Tampa roads can be pretty dangerous and might lead to accidents. Considering that the roads are almost always busy, Tampa road safety rules have stipulated specific speed laws and limits for various vehicles in the city. This is so that safe road use can be promoted for everyone. Sadly, though, some drivers do not regard these laws. 

When driving above speed limits, it becomes difficult to maintain total control of your vehicle. This means that the driver might find it difficult to divert their vehicles or stop quickly enough if something happens abruptly. 

  • Pedestrian’s Negligence. Perhaps you didn’t expect this, but the truth is that pedestrians are also often at fault for accidents in Tampa. Pedestrians include walkers, joggers, runners, skateboarders, cyclists, Segway riders, roller skaters, etc. These people are often required to abide by specific regulations when on the road in Tampa. 

For instance, specific laws guide what parts of the road pedestrians should use, when and where to cross the road, etc. People who do not keep to these regulations increase their chances of getting into a pedestrian accident. 

What You Should Do After a Pedestrian Accident in Tampa Florida

As stated earlier, pedestrian accidents can be devastating, and you might get confused about what to do next. So here are some tips on the next steps after a Tampa pedestrian accident. 

Check to See if You Have Been Injured 

Of course, you should know that your safety and health are paramount and should be the topmost priority in all situations. So, the first thing to do after a pedestrian accident in Tampa is to check to see if you have been injured. 

Try as much as you can not be alarmed. Instead, remain calm and check your body for any signs of injury or pain. Start by slowly trying to move your joints. Then run your hands through your whole body to check for pain signs or unusual feelings. 

After that, try to stand up and confirm that you can walk. Suppose you can move out of the scene to a safer place. Also, confirm that everybody involved in the accident is okay and safe. If anyone is hurt, try to help them as much as possible before emergency services arrive. 

Contact the Local Authority 

After ensuring your safety and that of other people in the accident, you should next contact local authorities in the city. In most cases, bystanders and witnesses would have taken care of this before you get to this stage. However, it is best also to do it yourself and be sure that help is coming soon. 

Inviting local authorities, like the police and emergency agencies, is essential to an accident scene immediately after it happens. This is because they are more experienced and qualified to handle such situations. So, they know what to do once they get to the scene. Moreover, testimonies from the police will contribute significantly to how the case is judged if it goes to trial. The statement will also be crucial to your settlement claim as it contains written facts and witnesses’ statements about the accident. 

Gather On-Scene Evidence 

One thing you should know about accident claims is that winning the case often starts from the accident scene. This is because most of the evidence you will need to win the claim can only be obtained from the scene. So, start gathering pieces of evidence on the scene once you have confirmed your safety and that of others. 

You can start by taking pictures of the scene, the vehicle, the street, etc. Also, check for traffic signs around and snap them. Finally, take note of the driver’s state and mannerisms. Does it look like they are drunk or under the influence of drugs? Do they seem distracted? Etc. 

Try to collect pieces of evidence to prove your point if you notice something off about the driver. However, do not confront them before the authorities or your pedestrian accident lawyer arrives. Also, do not post the pieces of evidence you have collected on social media. 

Get Medical Care 

Getting medical attention as soon as possible if you get involved in a pedestrian accident is essential. This is regardless of whether you can notice physical injury or pains in your body or not. You should know that some injuries, especially internal injuries, might not show you symptoms or pains immediately. Instead, they might take days to manifest. These injuries might even be severe if they are not quickly checked. 

This is why you should ensure to see a doctor after you have been in a Tampa pedestrian accident. Moreover, reports from your visit to the doctor are crucial to your case, and they can help you win the claim. So, ask the doctor for copies of your medical record and bills. 

Contact a Tampa Pedestrian Accident Lawyer 

One of the essential things you should do after a pedestrian accident in Tampa is to contact a Tampa pedestrian accident lawyer. Indeed, accident cases can be pretty tricky, and there are a lot of complicated rules you should know about. Plus, insurance companies always look for windows to exploit, so they don’t pay your full settlement. Sometimes they might offer you a hurried deal. You should know that this deal might not reflect your due settlement. 

This is why you should hire a Tampa pedestrian accident lawyer quickly after the accident. These lawyers are conversant with pedestrian accident claims and laws in the city. They have also gained experience from handling similar cases in the past. So, hiring their services will boost your chances of winning the claim. 


As already stated, no one leaves their home with the intention of getting in a pedestrian accident. Unfortunately, however, we can not control our chances of getting into such accidents, especially on the busy roads of Tampa. The good news is that a good Tampa pedestrian accident lawyer can try to help you get an adequate settlement for your damages in such situations. 

Perhaps, you are currently looking for an attorney to help you win your accident claim. In that case, you should contact Coleman Law Group now. Rest assured, we are dedicated to helping you make the most of your case. 

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