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The Tragedy of Paralysis From an Accident

It is one of the worst-case scenarios: you're in a car accident and you lose the ability to walk or move. There are many ways your life will change, bringing unheard of challenges, but a good Tampa car accident lawyer can help you make sure paying for treatment and care isn't one of them.

What is Paraplegia?

When a person suffers a tragic spinal cord injury during a personal injury accident, they may suffer paraplegia, the loss of motion in both legs, or quadriplegia, complete paralysis from the neck down. Both conditions are, obviously, life-altering not just for the victims, but their families as well. And as any Tampa personal injury lawyer will tell you, the ramifications after paralysis can include decades of future medical treatments, in-home care, nursing home care, mobility therapy, and much more.

Not only do paraplegics suffer from the original injury itself, but compound health problems arise from their condition, including breathing issues, incontinence, pneumonia, insomnia, weak bones, weak bones, urinary tract infections, and more. The amount of pain and suffering is vast as well. Paraplegics suffer from isolation and separation from community, depression and suicidal thoughts, and a lack of emotional support.

Why Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney Near Me Can Help?

A negligence claim like paraplegia can go on in court for years. This is extremely stressful for the family, who are already at their breaking point caring for their loved one. A personal injury attorney who is on your side from the beginning can not only shoulder the immense legal burden for you, but also make sure that crucial medical evidence and statements are catalogued properly and not lost throughout the years.

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