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What are the Types of Negligent Security Cases?

Here are some negligent security cases types. Usually, in these cases, property owners, homeowners, lessees, managers, or a negligent security company is strictly held liable for the injury caused by an assault or an attack. However, the victim can sue the responsible party as a convict and file a compensation recovery against the damage. So accordingly, a negligent security lawyer in Tampa will negotiate the due amount of compensation against the convicted party and their insurance companies.

For example –  

  • Negligence by negligent security can result in armed robberies, assaults, mass shootings, sexual assaults, or murder. This will not only lead to physical damage but also cause financial losses.  
  • If any homeowner has a dog on their property, they are strictly directed to obey the liability standards and prevent any dog attack. But in case the dog tends to be aggressive and injures the visitor, the victim can sue the negligent party or homeowner.  

And as a result of these injuries, one has to go through long-term treatment and expensive bills – including treatment, therapy, or rehabilitation cost. In addition, which will not only affect the lifestyle of the victim but beyond the financial loss, one may lose the ability to earn immediately. Therefore, filling a quick settlement to attain compensation is extremely important. 

But again, if you will contact insurance companies, they will make sure to settle your claim at the least cost possible and charge their share as well. So, make sure you reach out to a negligent security lawyer in Tampa and discuss your claim as soon as possible.  

Establishments that are Liable for Negligent Security  

  • Restaurants, bars, and nightclubs 
  • Office buildings 
  • Government-owned properties (public housing buildings, public schools, government agency offices, etc.) 
  • Parking garages and parking lots 
  • Care facilities (such as – nursing homes, assisted living facilities, hospitals, etc.) 
  • Event venues (sports stadiums, concert halls, conference centers, etc.) 
  • Retail stores, malls, and shopping centers 
  • Apartment buildings 
  • Transit hubs or vehicles 
  • Hotels/motels 
  • Schools and universities 

Next, we have mentioned the list of authorities liable for the damage caused to the victim.  

  • Property management company 
  • Parking lot management company 
  • State or municipal government 
  • Landscaping company 
  • Property owner 
  • Security company 

While Filing a Claim, What Does a Victim Need to Prove?  

While using a convict for negligent security, the victim has to show that the negligent party has failed to perform a basic care act. The victim also has to prove “They were present at the defendant’s property when convict failed to offer security.”  

As most of the cases involve – foreseeability, now the court first determines – whether the owner was aware of the possible risk at the time of damage. And whether the location has recorded any similar crime scene earlier or not. Moreover, the court will also consider how frequently the law enforcement department has been called to the location. And whether the prior crimes were only property-related or even personal crimes. Along with that, the court will also study the gap between prior or recent incidents. 

Negligent Security Cases Types

There can be various reasons behind the act of negligence, such as – the property owner was unaware of the possible risk, or the owner knew the risk but failed to execute care, etc. However, ample examples can result in minor or major injury to the victim. Below we have shared some of the major negligent security cases where the convict can be held liable for the damage caused.  

  • Fights in the bar  

Fights are considered the most common incident in a popular bar. Why? Because there are mostly two security guards on the premises. And if they are not properly trained, these bouncers or security guards will fail to provide enough security to the whole crowd. And as a result, both parties will suffer serious injuries and may even require hospitalization.  

  • Poor lighting in the garage  

A city-owned parking garage has poor lightning; it can aid various crimes in the darkness. These causes usually involve – theft cases, vandalism, and serious crimes like rape or murder. In most cases, a dark parking lot results in assault cases, where the convict may rob the person at gunpoint and ask him to hand over everything he has.  

  • Negligence of identity check  

For example – if a nursing home has developed the habit of avoiding a security check of visitors, a person with a criminal mind or bad intentions can enter the premises and cause you major damage. 

  • Frequent police visits 

 For example – if a hotel is famous for its frequent police visits due to drug cases or other violent activities, the property owner or manager will be held liable. The court will question the manager ‘why they filed to maintain the security parameters’ and ‘whether the property has a security camera system or not.’  

  • Faulty locks  

Usually, we all have those doors that have a faulty lock system. So, it becomes the owner’s responsibility to maintain the lock system around the property and keep it safe. But even after several complaints, if the property owner fails to replace or repair the locks – it can be very dangerous. As a result, a person with a criminal mind can break into the house, assault the residents, and may rob the house with weapons.  

Few more Negligent Security Cases 

  • Lack of established security programs & policies 
  • Unavailability of emergency phones and panic buttons 
  • Failed to warn persons of known dangers 
  • Failed to coordinate security with local law enforcement 

All these examples show that the property owner or caretaker knew or should have known about the possible risk can harm other people. But instead of providing security, it will play a significant role in the court if they fail to address or improve their security measures. And may help the victim file a valid claim against the injuries on the convicts’ property.  

How does an Attorney Help File a Claim?  

As an attorney understands the ins and outs of the case, he will analyze the key points in your case. And do everything possible thing to protect the victims’ legal rights. Below we have shared a few reasons to comprehend why a victim should hire an attorney to attain the rightful claim. 

  • Represents you in the lawsuit  

A security patch or breach of security measures can lead the victim to physical damage and financial losses, leading to no earning days and even causing physical and emotional pain. So, by hiring a legal attorney, you can protect your rights ad attain due compensation. They will try to attain the maximum amount of compensation for the victim. 

  • Negotiate with the convicted party  

A law attorney is well aware of the techniques associated with the case. From doing the certifications and paperwork to loopholes, they will never let the victim lose their due compensation. Rather, they try to get you compensation for tangible and intangible damages such as pain and suffering. 

  • Help avoid legal pitfalls. 

There is a major reason why people should not directly talk to insurance companies without legal assistance. They might record your words and present them as a statement or even manipulate your statement for their own sake. They can also manipulate your statement and use it against you during the trials so that you don’t get any claims. Therefore, discussing your case and possible loopholes with the legal attorney is extremely important.  

  • Proper investigations  

When investigating the case, a negligent security lawyer in Tampa will analyze every aspect, interview the witness and collect evidence for the crime scene. And focus on every detail to make the case strong in court.  

In a nutshell

But as the laws and legal standards vary depending upon the location you put up, there are few things to consider while filing a claim in Tampa. Contact the Coleman Law Group today for a free case evaluation!

  • A negligent securities case is a type of premises liability, so here it’s important to prove the act of negligence done by the property owner or the caretaker. 
  • Another major point that helps win the negligent security litigation is – to prove the inadequate security on the property, which has resulted in foreseeable criminal attacks on the victim.  

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