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9 Important Motorcycle Safety Rules in St. Petersburg

More motorcycles are flooding the roads of St. Petersburg, Florida, today. Indeed, this is mainly because of the inclusive weather and scenery that brings so much thrill and adventure to bike lovers here. The city is also home to tourism, which makes sense when you check the statistics of bikers and tourists who come to see the famous St. Petersburg. However, not all of these people know about the top motorcycle safety rules in St. Petersburg.

Suppose you’re a rider and plan to embark on a journey of discovery and adventure in St. Petersburg. In that case, you may be thrilled about the new life you’re about to live and the journey. But it is also important to note that you should consider some motorcycle safety rules when riding safely and avoiding fatal motorcycle accidents here. Luckily, this article will discuss some of them. So, read on if you want to discover more.

Top 3 Safety Tips for Riding a Motorcycle in St. Petersburg

Before we get to the motorcycle safety rules, here are some tips for safely riding a motorcycle in St. Petersburg.

Take an Introductory Riding Course:

This tip is especially essential if you’ve never had any experience riding a bike before. Don’t just assume it’s the same with driving a car. Instead, swallow your ego and enroll in an introductory motorcycle riding course that will take you from beginner to pro level with advanced skills and experience.

If you need help determining where to take the course, you can look up some introductory riding courses online, and you’ll surely find one. Take all your lessons seriously, and be open to learning new things daily. Above all, only attempting to ride a bike with adequate prior knowledge is against Florida motorcycle safety rules.

Try an Independent Study:

Believe it or not, some motorcycle riders didn’t attend any riding school but are experts at riding. These people are resilient because they learn independently from friends or online resources. If you want to go down this route, you must be committed to self-learning and be willing to learn from your mistakes because they can help you improve.

It is also good to consume information from books, movies, and articles on motorcycle riding. Regularly reading from these resources will help you understand what to avoid to ensure your safety on the road.

Perfection Comes From Practice: 

As mentioned earlier, you should learn from your mistakes. If you choose not to practice so much because you think you’re already good enough, remember that some riders lose their lives from careless riding. Ensure you’ve practiced in a safe environment a few times before moving on to the main roads. Learn how to properly maneuver, turn, and use the brakes correctly and when needed.  Your safety while riding a motorcycle is critical.

During practice, you can place safety cones in your vicinity to signal passers-by not to interfere with or enter your practice areas. Remember not to go too hard in the beginning, and if you think you’re not doing as well as you should, it’s okay to take breaks occasionally, but never give up on yourself.

Top 9 Motorcycle Safety Rules to Adhere to in St. Petersburg

According to the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, you should follow some safety rules as a rider in St. Petersburg.

Get a Motorcycle Endorsement:

To legally operate a motorcycle in the state, you must have a driver’s license and a motorcycle endorsement. It would help if you met the following prerequisites, such as:

● Being 16 years of age and above
● Having a driver’s license
● Complete and pass the riders’ course fundamentals.

Florida Helmet Law:

The Florida motorcycle safety rules state that people under 21 who want to operate a bike must wear helmets. People over 21 are also encouraged to wear helmets, although it’s not always mandatory. You might have to bear the legal consequences if you’re under 21 and choose not to wear them.

Mandatory Eye Protection:

All bike riders must wear protective eyewear and goggles, regardless of age. This ensures safety during riding, and the eyes are protected from dust and debris in the air.

Lane Splitting:

Do not constantly switch between two occupied lanes. This is often done when other vehicles are slowing down. Careless overtaking is also illegal in the state, as it is necessary to stick to one lane and obey all traffic signals to avoid safety hazards.

Stunts Are Illegal:

The fact that you feel the most liberated while riding does not give you the right to perform stunts like wheelies on the road. If you need to know what a wheelie is, it is a motorcycle stunt where the rider has only one motorcycle wheel on the ground, usually the rear wheel. But it is illegal on St. Petersburg’s roads, according to the motorcycle safety rules.

Rules for Passengers:

Carrying a passenger on your bike is illegal unless there’s a designated seat for another person. A bike equipped to carry someone else should also come with footrests.

Hearing Aids Can Impair Hearing: 

Some listening devices prevent you from hearing other sounds and should be avoided.

Headlights are to be On, Always:

All bike riders are always required to put on their headlights, no matter what time of the day, to increase the visibility of their bikes, which can prevent potential accidents.

Motorcycles are Required to Have Mirrors:

If your bike is missing a mirror or two, could you fix them before getting on the road? This is because having mirrors will help heighten the rider’s senses and help him ride more mindfully, drastically reducing the risk of accidents.

Coleman Law Group can Help You.

It may seem like a lot of work to do upfront, but if you’re a true bike lover, you’ll follow all the motorcycle safety rules in this article to ensure that you are not a threat to yourself or other people in your surroundings.

Suppose you ever get into an accident, such as a collision with a car. In that case, you can contact a personal injury lawyer who is well-experienced in the state’s motorcycle laws for advice on how to react.

Of course, at Coleman Law Group, we have a team of well-experienced motorcycle accident and personal injury lawyers that are always ready to help you. So contact us today, and let’s get started.

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