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What You Should do After a Tampa Motorcycle Accident?

What should you do after a Tampa motorcycle accident? Bike lovers will agree that riding a motorcycle is an adventurous activity that can deliver all the fun you want. This is especially if you are riding on Tampa’s ever-busy roads. Of course, the state of Florida is one ideal destination for most bike lovers, and it is mainly because, among other things, they never have to worry about packing up their bikes for months because of bad weather. The roads here are also almost always busy, providing that unique adventure feeling, and adrenaline rush every biker craves. However, this also means you will risk more chances of getting into a motorcycle accident here.

According to recent studies by the NHTSA, Florida is among the states with the highest percentage of motorcycle-related fatalities today in America. Of course, this is not something to be cheerful about, as no one ever wishes to get into a motorcycle accident. However, the good news is that you can get adequate compensation for your damages anytime you get into such accidents. But then, you must do the right things and take the correct steps to achieve this.

Luckily, this article will teach you some essential things you should do after a motorcycle accident for improved chances of winning your deserved settlement. Read on to discover more.

Top Causes of Tampa Motorcycle Accidents

Indeed, learning about the top Causes of Tampa Motorcycle accidents can help to improve your chances of avoiding the disaster. Well, here are some of the high-ranking factors responsible for most motorcycle accidents in Tampa:

  • Over-speeding. It is already common knowledge that driving above speed limits is one of the most common causes of accidents on our roads. Well, the story is not different for Tampa motorcycle accidents. When motorcycle riders drive above speed limits, it becomes even harder to control their bikes. And this can lead to nasty accidents.
  • Disregard traffic laws and regulations. You should know that traffic laws and rules are primarily enacted for your safety and other road users. So, observing these rules can only help to improve your safety and reduce your accident chances on the road. On the other hand, disregarding traffic laws can lead to Tampa motorcycle accidents.
  • Impaired Driving. Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is another frequent factor contributing to motorcycle accidents on Tampa roads. You should know that these substances can impair your sense of judgment while driving and make it even more challenging to control your vehicle. Indeed, this situation is very likely to end in a motorcycle accident.
  • Distracted driving. This entails a driver or motorcycle rider needs to be more focused on the road because of distractions like their phones or other road users. This often limits the driver’s control of their vehicle and reduces their reaction time in emergencies. Sadly, it is another common factor in most Tampa motorcycle accidents today.
  • What You Should do After a Motorcycle Accident in Tampa

    Truly, the moments after a motorcycle accident can be confusing, and you might not know what to do next. Well, we will discuss some of the necessary steps you should take after such accidents for better chances of winning your accident claim. They include the following:

    Check your body for injuries: Of course, you already know that your safety is crucial and should be prioritized in all situations. Your first action after a motorcycle accident should be to confirm your safety. You should also check to be sure that you aren’t injured severely.

    You can flex your joints and muscles to see if they have been dislocated or torn. Once you have confirmed that you are fine, move to a safer place, probably beside the road or somewhere close.

    Contact local authorities: After confirming your safety, your next action should be to contact local authorities and invite them to the scene. When the authorities arrive, they will help clear up the motorcycle accident scene, offer proper care to injured victims, and collect evidence from the scene.

    Moreover, you should know that a more significant part of your case’s outcome will be decided based on details in the police report. So, it is always best to contact them immediately after the accident so they can collect enough first-hand information.

    Collect pieces of evidence on the scene:

    Most personal injury lawyers believe a good motorcycle accident claim starts from the accident scene. So, your actions and conduct on the scene can help improve your chances of winning the claim.

    Indeed, one thing you can do to improve your winning chances is to collect pieces of evidence on the scene. Start by taking photographs of the accident scene, noting unique things like traffic signs, your car condition, etc. Also, talk to eyewitnesses on the scene and exchange contact with them.

    Contact a motorcycle accident lawyer and file a claim

    Of course, filling an accident claim quickly after surviving a motorcycle accident in Tampa is crucial. However, you should contact your Tampa motorcycle accident lawyer before filing the claim.

    These attorneys are specially trained to handle such accident cases and are familiar with the processes involved. So they know how to navigate your case for the best results.

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