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Hire a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in St. Petersburg

Bikers and motorcycle riders love Florida, especially St. Petersburg because of its warm and sunny climate. Decent weather all year long, breath-taking coastal views, and open roads lure bikers all year round. You will find thousands of motorcycle riders taking in the gentle weather and cruising around on their bikes. 

This sounds great and seems fun, but this also raises the chances of bike crashes and motorcycle accidents. Almost every day, there are cases of motorcycle accidents and collisions in St. Petersburg, Florida. The state has a large population, and because of negligence by the driver or someone else on the road, motorcycle accidents have become common. 

If any of your family members, friend, or you yourself have been injured in a motorcycle accident. Getting in touch with a motorcycle accident lawyer St Petersburg is the right choice for you. This will help you receive your entitled injury compensation so that you can take care of medical bills, mental and physical trauma, wage loss, and other expenses.

Is it Safe to Ride Motorcycles in Florida?

Bikers love riding their motorcycles in Florida because of the pleasant weather. Also, it is an economical way of transport. However, with so many bikes out there on Florida roads, motorcycle accidents have become a common theme in the state. 

The dangers of riding a bike are far more than a regular car as bikes are almost fully exposed, and there are not many safety features for protection. Also, other vehicle drivers sometimes fail to notice fast motorcycles approaching and crash into them. Even if there is no collision, sometimes due to negligence, riders end up crashing into the footpath, intersections or even slip on roads.

For car accidents, Florida has a No Fault insurance policy to which the victim has to use his Personal Injury Protection (also known as PIP or no-fault insurance) coverage to pay medical expenses and can spend $10,000 to pay for 80% of their medical bills. In Florida, motorcycle owners can’t buy personal injury protection. This means that you motorcycle drivers are not entitled to first-party benefits after a crash, such as medical and wage loss benefits.

Therefore, it is critical that motorcycle accident victims contact a motorcycle accident lawyer to oversee their case. 

Motorcycle Accident Statistics for Florida

Florida has over 600,000 motorcycle registrations, and Highway Safety Office stated that Florida saw the most motorcycle accidents in the entire country for 2016 and 2017. 

For the year 2019, there were 8890 bike accidents, with 550 of them proving to be fatal, as reported by the Florida Department of Highway and Motor Vehicles. Even though motorcycle crashes account for just 3-4% of all accidents, around 20% of these accidents prove to be fatal. 

Here are some bike accident statistics gathered by the NHTSA for 2017:

  • Nearly 16% of motorcycle riders do not have adequate insurance.
  • Almost 15% of all bikers ride their bike without wearing a helmet for protection.
  • Car drivers generally do not notice speeding or rapidly approaching bikers which leads to accidents.
  • A combination of all year pleasant weather and an increasing number of people moving to Florida has resulted in the rise of motorcycle riders and accidents. 

Why are motorcycle Accidents More Dangerous as Compared with Other Vehicles?

There is a certain degree of risk associated with driving any kind of vehicle, but this risk goes really high for motorcycles. Both the rider and the passenger are at high risks while on a motorcycle. People generally feel a sense of freedom and ride at high speeds, which adds to the danger of crashing.

The rider is not secure on a bike and will be thrown away from the bike if he collides with another vehicle or anywhere else. Unlike cars, there is no protective roof, airbags, heavy aluminum or steel doors, seatbelts, etc., to provide protection. 

Also, a motorcycle is significantly lighter as compared to cars or trucks, which makes a collision even more fatal. Even if a bike rider wears proper safety gear or protective equipment, chances of sustaining heavy injuries are high in cases of a motorcycle accident. Even one second of negligence by the rider himself or by any other vehicle driver can lead to death. 

Most Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in St. Petersburg

Although motorcycle accidents happen all over the USA, Florida is home to the second-biggest number of motorcycles, and statistics prove that crashes occur quite often in St. Petersburg. It is very important to stay cautious and focused when riding a bike.

Here are the most common causes which lead to motorcycle accidents in the state:

  • Blind spots – A motorcycle is quite smaller when compared to a regular car, and drivers sometimes do not notice bike riders because of blind spots while taking sharp turns or in heavy traffic. This can also lead to head-on collisions and leave bike riders with fatal, life-threatening injuries.
  • Distractions – Drivers are sometimes distracted because they use their phone while driving, listen to music, drink, eat, etc. and can hit a motorcycle.
  • Sharp left turns – Vehicles which take sharp left-hand turns put bikers at risk because they can hit them. While turning, drivers sometimes don’t see motorcycles trying to overtake or moving straight across an intersection and collide into them. Bikers sometimes ride in the wrong lane or overspeed, which increases the risk of accidents.
  • Lane splitting – During times of rush hour or heavy traffic, bikers drive in between two traffic lanes. There is minimal space, and bikers get very close to other vehicles on the road. This can catch drivers by surprise who may hit or collide with a bike. 
  • Drunk driving – A major cause of motorcycle accidents, bikers riding while drunk or under the influence of banned drugs may be a factor in motorcycle crashes. 
  • Tailgating and rash driving – Some drivers tailgate bikes in front of them and do not leave enough space between their vehicle and the bike in front. If the biker suddenly stops, it can lead to a crash. Rash or aggressive driving is another cause of fatal accidents.
  • Bad road conditions – The presence of potholes, sewers, or bad roads can lead to bikers slipping from their bikes even if they do not collide with another vehicle.
  • Violating traffic rules – Accidents also occur when motorcycle riders or other drivers do not follow traffic rules and regulations. Breaking traffic signals, overspeeding, etc., are common violations.
  • Defective or faulty bike parts – If a motorcycle is poorly maintained or has some defective parts, this can lead to accidents or crashes. 

Common Injuries Sustained in a Motorcycle Crash

Usually, a motorcycle accident leads to fatal injuries and long-lasting health issues for the victim. Bike crash victims are around 27 times more at the risk of dying due to the crash as compared to other vehicle accidents. 

Here are the most common injuries that result due to a motorcycle crash:

  • Road rashes
  • Fatal blows to the brain 
  • Mental and physical trauma
  • Fractures to multiple bones
  • Whiplash 
  • Injured joints like ankles, wrists, shoulders, knees, etc.
  • Paralysis
  • Severe pain and tension
  • Internal bleeding and organ damage
  • Fatalities and contusions
  • Temporary or permanent disfigurement

Whether the injuries are serious or minor, as a victim, you should surely file injury compensation claims. The offender will take responsibility for his actions and you receive an ideal financial settlement. 

What To Do Immediately After a Motorcycle Accident? Motorcycle Accident Lawyer St Petersburg

If you or any of your loved one falls victim to a bike accident, there are some steps you should take quickly. This will also help you hold the offender liable for the crash and receive the maximum settlement for your injury claim.

  • Receive immediate medical treatment – First of all, you need to be examined for any minor or serious injuries and receive first aid. In any case, call for medical assistance as soon as possible. This ensures that victims can be treated fast and the extent of injuries can be reduced. National laws require people to arrange adequate medical services for those affected by the motorcycle crash. 
  • Call police and other authorities – The state of Florida statutes want people to call police officers and other authorities instantly in case of a bike accident. Police will arrive at the crash scene, and examine all circumstances and details. Police will collect evidence and interview all involved parties and bystanders for information. 
  • Gather contact details of everyone involved – Gathering contact information for all parties involved in the crash, including the victim and the offender. Details like name, phone number, vehicle registration number, insurance company details, etc., are a must. 
  • Collect all possible evidence – Try to collect as much evidence as possible from the scene of the accident. Photographs, statements from witnesses and bystanders, damage to the vehicles and motorcycle, injuries sustained, etc., are vital. They will help put forward a strong compensation claim. 
  • Consult a St. Petersburg motorcycle accident lawyer – Make sure you hire an experienced and proven attorney to handle your case and file the ideal injury compensation claim for you. Insurance companies try their best to decrease the value of your settlement. A motorcycle accident lawyer will make sure you get the money you deserve for your pain and suffering. 

Various Compensation Types You Can Receive for a motorcycle Accident

If you fall victim to a bike crash, you will surely be subject to both property damages and personal injuries. There will be a high cost for your treatment and rehabilitation. You won’t be able to work in the near future until you are totally recovered. 

An injury attorney will help you get an ideal financial compensation. 

  • Medical costs – You will get high medical expenses and bills resulting from the treatment needed to cure injuries sustained in a bike crash. Treatment costs, transportation, medicines, future appointments, rehab, etc., all contribute towards medical costs. Long-lasting injuries mean there will be future expenses for your treatment as well. You can get compensation for all these expenses through your injury claim. 
  • Suffering and pain – Make claims for the immense physical, emotional, and mental stress you go through because of the accident. Your life can also change forever, and you may not be able to do or enjoy things that you once loved. Getting compensation for all the suffering will help. 
  • Property damages – Your motorcycle or any other property can pick up severe damage in the crash. Through compensation, you can get help in covering repair costs.
  • Loss of wages – Severe or long-term injuries will leave you on a bed for several weeks or months. As a result, you won’t be able to work and mayl lose out on wages and potential earnings for the future. Injury compensation can help make up for the loss of wages and help you financially. 
  • Wrongful death – If you lose a beloved family member or friend, no amount of money can ease the pain and trauma. However, receiving compensation for wrongful death does make things better a little bit. This money can also help cover income loss in a household and funeral expenses. 

If you have fallen victim to a motorcycle accident, the Coleman Law Group has the best and highly-experienced St. Petersburg motorcycle accident lawyer to handle your case. Our lawyers handle your injury claim with a lot of compassion, keeping in mind all legal procedures and steps. 

We have a great reputation of dealing with personal injury claims in Florida and will do everything possible to ensure that our clients receive an ideal amount of settlement for their pain, suffering, and injuries. Get in touch with our law office for a free consultation and partner with us. 

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