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Man Fatally Struck By Car in Tampa Intersection on May 25th

Man Struck By Car in Tampa Intersection: A man tragically died early Tuesday after being struck by a car in Hillsborough County , WFLA Tampa reported. The fatal pedestrian accident occurred at the intersection of Harney Road and Hillsborough Avenue in the  East-Lake Orient Park neighborhood early Tuesday, at around 5:08 a.m. The victim was taken to Tampa General Hospital, where he died of his injuries. Further information about the cause of the crash was not available. The  Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office is investigating. 

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Our thoughts go out to loved ones of the victim. Losing a family member unexpectedly is heartbreaking and devastating. 

Man Struck By Car in Tampa Intersection

The Cause of the May 25th Hillsborough County Accident Remains Under Investigation. 

Based on the very limited information available, it is not clear what happened or why this early morning intersection accident occurred. There are a number of unanswered questions here that law enforcement will be looking to determine. In some cases, liability can quickly be determined. In other cases, it can take an extensive investigation to determine the cause of an accident and who may be liable. 

Florida Has a High Number of Nighttime Pedestrian Accidents 

Pedestrian accidents in the early morning hours, when visibility is reduced, occurs far too often. Drivers may be fatigued, distracted, under the influence, or simply do not see a pedestrian. Or a pedestrian may simply not see a driver. In this case, we do not know what happened. During the 10-year period 2010 to 2019, the number of nighttime pedestrian fatalities increased by 54% in Florida, compared to a 16% increase in daytime pedestrian fatalities.In March, the Daytona Beach Journal  reported that despite a decrease in deaths, Florida has the second highest pedestrian death rate among all 50 states. 

Liability for Florida Pedestrian Accidents

Although pedestrians should exercise caution and traffic laws, drivers have a duty of care towards pedestrians. For example,  the driver of a vehicle shall yield the right-of-way, slowing down or stopping if need be to so yield, to a pedestrian crossing the roadway within a crosswalk. Florida Vehicle Code 316.130. When a driver is responsible for an accident, they may be liable for resulting injuries or a loved one’s death. Even if no criminal charges are filed, a driver may still be liable in a civil claim. Families of victims of pedestrian accidents caused by negligent drivers may be entitled to money for final medical care costs, lost future income, funeral and burial expenses, and loss of love, care, and companionship. 

Speak to a Lawyer About Your Potential Case

Accident victims and their families are well-advised to speak with a lawyer as soon as possible following an accident. If you have been injured or lost a loved one in a Florida pedestrian accident, you may have the legal right to seek compensation from the party responsible for the accident.  Contact the Coleman Law Group to discuss your legal rights. We will listen to your story and answer your questions. If we represent you, we will not charge any legal fees unless we recover money for you. 

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