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Tampa Boat Accident Injury Lawyer

Florida residents love being on the water. That's one of the reasons we have one of the highest rates of boat registration in the country. But, unfortunately, that means we also have one of the highest boat accident rates in the country. And because there's no age requirement for boating in Florida, that means many boat operators are not licensed or trained.

Who's Responsible?

Boat accidents in Tampa can range anywhere from a simple collision to a fatal crash. Whatever the situation, boat accidents are subject to a different set of rules and regulations than car accidents. For instance, if you have a crash on a public waterway, that may fall under federal admiralty jurisdiction, which means you may have to file in federal court, where the definitions of negligence claims are different.

Negligence is also decided differently on water than land. For instance, the owner of the boat may be liable even if they were not on the boat at the time. Another boat owner could be responsible if they created dangerous conditions, such as a strong wake. Your Tampa personal injury lawyer will help you figure out which companies to file claims with, and help you navigate the maritime law.

Hiring a Boat Accident Lawyer near me after Your Boating Accident

If you have been injured in a boating accident, you should retain a good personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. With all the differences between boat and car accidents, the average person is not equipped with the knowledge to properly pursue a boat accident claim. Insurance companies know this, and they will take advantage of it. Most Tampa auto accident attorneys are also familiar with boat accidents because of the popularity of boating in the Sunshine State.

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