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Tampa Bankruptcy and Debt Relief Lawyer

Almost anyone can find themselves in the position of seeking bankruptcy protection, whether because of a failed business venture, a mortgage foreclosure, medical bills, or high-interest rate credit cards.

At the Coleman Law Group, we are not only dedicated to helping clients resolve their financial difficulties and obtain debt relief, we are committed to providing all our clients with the personal attention and compassionate representation they deserve.

Most people don't know much about filing personal bankruptcy until they actually need it. But, luckily, you don't need to be an expert yourself - you just need an affordable bankruptcy lawyer in Tampa Bay and a basic understanding of the steps for filing bankruptcy.

The Types of Bankruptcy

Not all bankruptcy is created equal. There are actually 6 types of bankruptcy in the U.S.

  • Chapter 7: Liquidation of individual assets
  • Chapter 9: Municipal bankruptcy
  • Chapter 11: Bankruptcy for businesses
  • Chapter 12: Bankruptcy for family farmers
  • Chapter 13: Bankruptcy for individuals using reorganization of assets
  • Chapter 15: Used by foreign debtors

Individual Bankruptcy

Of that list, Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 are the most commonly used by individuals to get their finances back on track.

Chapter 7

When you file Chapter 7, the court will appoint a trustee to evaluate your assets and then liquidate the nonexempt assets to help pay off your creditors. A Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney in Tampa Bay will help you decide if Chapter 7 bankruptcy is your best option to get yourself out of financial trouble.

Chapter 13

With Chapter 13, instead of liquidating your assets the bankruptcy process helps you reorganize your debt into a payment structure that makes sense for your finances. At the Coleman Law Group, we are experienced Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorneys in Tampa Bay, and we will guide you each step of the way.

Chapter 11

Whether a small business or large business, Chapter 11 bankruptcy can help you continue to do business and work out debts owed to creditors. February 2020, Chapter 13, Subchapter V was created to cater to the needs of small business struggling to stay afloat.

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