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Sarasota Rollover Accident Lawyer

A rollover accident is among the most dangerous kind of vehicle crashes. With the highest fatality rate, over seven thousand people are killed every year in rollover accidents. Whether the accident is fatal, or not, the Coleman Law Group can act on your behalf as your rollover accident lawyer.

If your vehicle turns over onto the roof or side your accident is classified as a rollover. The vehicle does not need to make a spectacular flip over and over like in the movies. So, even if your vehicle slid onto its side, or landed on the roof without much drama, it still counts!

Rollovers are more common because of the changes in the vehicles on our nation's highways. There are more SUVs and light trucks, which are more likely to roll over because of their higher center of gravity. Typically, rollover accidents involve only one vehicle losing control:

  • in icy or snowy road conditions
  • on a soft road shoulder
  • over uneven ground
  • colliding with a curb or guardrail after losing traction
  • hitting an obstacle

The exact cause of the accident requires evidence gathering by your rollover accident lawyer, so a claim can be made under your Personal Injury Protection (PIP) policy.

Rollover Accident Lawyer Can Help with Common Injuries

Rollover accidents are more likely to cause:

Slamming into an obstacle or another vehicle, having contact with torn metal or broken glass, being tossed around in the vehicle, or being ejected all are more likely than not to cause injuries. Long-term effects can impact the rest of your life.

What to Do After a Rollover Accident

First, notify the authorities and seek appropriate medical attention. Florida law requires you contact local police if you have a car accident in Sarasota. The responding police officer produces a report to outline the facts in the case from an objective perspective.

Some physical symptoms are not always immediately apparent, so seek medical attention immediately. Plus, if you postpone getting medical attention, it could decrease your chances of discovering a significant injury and worsen your condition. See a doctor!

Contact an Experienced Sarasota Rollover Accident Lawyer for a Personal Injury Attorney Free Consultation

After you receive the medical attention you need, then it is time to discuss the accident with a Sarasota car accident attorney and Sarasota truck accident attorney here at Coleman Law Group. We are completely dedicated to helping you recover compensation for your losses.

Liability may lie with another driver, the vehicle manufacturer, or even the local municipality responsible for the road hazard. During the initial stages, an experienced rollover accident lawyer can work at determining fault and file the appropriate claims to move your case forward.

A Sarasota rollover accident lawyer at the Coleman Law Group can help evaluate the value of your case and offer experienced guidance on how to pursue the appropriate claims to cover your medical expenses, lost wages, property damage, and pain and suffering.

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